Pro Video Editing on your iPad?? An awesome NEW app!

Pro Video Editing on your iPad?? An awesome NEW app!

what's up guys James Drake here I'm gonna show you something really fantastic about editing like a pro on the iPad in 2017 so if you've ever done any makeshift editing on the iPad like I have an iMovie it's always been kind of janky but as far as professional editing goes you know you don't think of an iPad for that but this new app is really starting to change my thought process on that it's called luma fusion if we pop that open let's explore what we get here let's create a project I'm going to call it something highly original like first project and pop that in there and you'll notice right away that at the bottom there you've got a green audio channel in a blue video channel now standard stuff right what editing software doesn't have a timeline but what really makes this program stand out is the multitrack video so if I shamelessly put my logo down here on track 1 I can again shamelessly put my logo on track 2 and again shamelessly put my logo on track 3 for a total of 3 video tracks working simultaneously like you would in your favorite NLE I love that I love the fact that you can work with these files you can move your video tracks around as an editor that's how I work I kind of you know shuffle stuff in there and get it all right and tight and this allows that functionality which I love I've never seen an iPad app do that so I'm really big about that feature one of the barriers to entry at least on editing on the iPad is how do I get my footage on there well currently this app supports a wide variety of frame rates and resolutions and that MOV in h.264 formats and I love the fact they've gone to the link to allow you to connect your various types of cloud services so if we click on this little three ellipses dot button icon and we click import media I've already connected myself to Dropbox so you're going to see I've got a great selection of my mp4s on Dropbox ready to go which I love I mean it's so easy now here's the other cool thing let's say I want to import I don't know three or four of these videos what's going to happen is hit the import button here downloading media so it's actually going to pull those off Dropbox put them in the iPad and then you're off to the races and you're editing that to me is a really excellent workflow as far as being able to work on the fly if you ever stuff in the cloud I mean all day long this is a pretty easy thing to do okay so let's say you've downloaded your media and you're good to go let me take these shameless promotions over here and we want to add this really interesting aerial shots that was captured with some horses in the West what I really enjoy about this app that I wasn't expecting to is the speed you know I was expecting it to maybe lag a little bit here and there but let's say we add a transition like a zoom blur or something like that alright so we pop open this folder button here and hit transitions what about this bursts that might be really interesting transition between our first and second shot here when I hit play I'm amazed no rendering I mean that's pretty lightweight right you're kind of like oh no big deal well here's another cool thing about the program if I double tap on this shot it opens up an effects panel you can do all kinds of things like adjust rotation there's a slow up speed down effect you can mess with your audio settings and then they even add in some pretty cool color type filters and they even mention they're going to be expanding these but I mean even with the tools that are in it now it's kind of like where the Adobe lumetri panel was when I first came out I mean it's pretty pretty great for for being in had up and having this amount of functionality you can adjust your red green blue your gamma your tint check your white balance you can add a vignette and on top of that you can do some really interesting stuff like mirroring so as you can see I tap the mirroring deal here and I can kind of choose my point at which I want it to mirror and the green is the angle if you will so let's just keep it around a ninety degree or so and I can use this little jog wheel here to kind of move around my shot we hit play what's really cool is that's real time that is not dropping frames that's multiple effects I've got a vignette I've adjusted the color I've got a strange mirroring effect all happening in real time on this clip and I think that's really stellar I mean they did just a really fantastic job and if you're seeing it slow down at all that's probably because I'm recording it onto a computer through the iPad interface and it might drop frames that way but as I'm seeing on here it is smooth as butter I mean no stuttering whatsoever and when you're editing that's a big deal you don't want to be poking around again this is an iPad air version one so if you're at a 12.9 pro or 9.7 inch pro I mean you're probably going to be screaming in 4k another thing I really like about this app that isn't generally found on an iOS type app is the ability to export quite easily and with you know a good amount of flexibility so if we tap this top screen video window up here and you hit the little export button you can first choose where which is always great you know if we're just going to give a Photos app here for now and you can check what you want your quality to be now this actually mimics what filmic Pro can do as far as bit rates and on my device it's 1080 so the max is 50 megabit per second on the newer devices it'll do to 100 megabit per second 4k so you can choose your quality you can choose your framerate your resolution all that and it even gives you an estimated size all of that is just an awesome way to wrap out your project kind of gives you of where you're going which on other apps it just doesn't give you it's just like hey here's a file it's going to go somewhere and you might see it in the Photos app I like how definite and how much flexibility there is here that really feels like a great professional ad to me lastly there's just a couple little things that really polish this app that make it stand out to me there's a little screenshot button you can hit this little camera icon up here it'll send it to your Photos app immediately and faster than I can even get there and it'll give you a high quality export of what you're working on right then and there which is great you know if you're trying to mock-up something and send ideas across I mean having an export function that simple is nice nicer than standard screen shot type of thing the other thing that's really cool is this app allows you to modify your frame aspect so let's say you don't want to be in 16:9 you want to be in a crazy VistaVision or you know CinemaScope 2.4 to 1 you can just pop in there into your settings change your frame aspect and then you know you're double tapping on your image and then you can actually really quickly hit fit fill focus all these different kinds of functions that allow you to manipulate your image and now you're editing CinemaScope aspect in your iPad app yet another really awesome feature that I love about this so overall pretty cool right it also works on your iPhone the interface is a little bit different as it has to be because there's less screen real estate also works great on the iPhone I think all the features are all there I haven't gone through every single menu but I don't know I just I really like this app I like being able to zoom in quick and you know just add transitions it just feels so fluid so fast and reliable I mean for those reasons I really see this being professional all the tools are there to do some stuff on the fly and keep in mind the iPad weighs like what 800 grams so if you're backpacking or fear out in the woods and you have a weight limit if you're in space you got to go to NASA I mean probably of computers up there but you could totally condense your kit if you will and do some pretty hefty editing on this in addition to everything we've already seen there's a whole slew of professional features coming down the line which i think is fantastic it's been developed by the pinnacle team this a pluma fusion and I think that's great because pinnacle studio has been around for a long time they've developed the app they kind of get you know developing software what does that look like so there's going to be great support behind this they've talked about adding things like the color LUT import ability which is huge advanced color control curve editing for keyframes you know get those Bezier slow down speed up kind of things and a whole host of other things so I'm excited and you should definitely go check this out it's on iTunes there's a link below this video either on the blog or on YouTube and check it out it's really sweet I highly recommend it I think iPad editing is here to stay in 2017 oh and one more thing this whole video was edited using luma fusion you

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  1. Great tutorial James! I will look for more of your work. You sold me when, at the end, you said this video was edited with Lumafusion.

  2. I love Lumafusion….4k is the only problem I've had…. I was able to edit but it would lag. I used an ipad mini and mov file…trying to fix this problem because i really am enjoying luma

  3. Fantastic video, literally the best video of its kind on YouTube!! Also great to see how well it works on an iPad Air!! Thanks for creating

  4. Great advice! Gonna try it right away! Thank you for the video, very specific, helpful and to the point. Im excited to play with it already…

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