Protis Multimedia DVD Recorder with 15 Blank Discs

Protis Multimedia DVD Recorder with 15 Blank Discs

so Amon we got 15 blank DVDs as well with yes you do okay this is that we're liking a look of this today good afternoon hope your Tuesday went well we are live and having fun on HSN actually this is the final 30 minutes of electronics certainly for this afternoon we have a new product on HSN it's actually a showstopper we just launched it it's called the protis multimedia DVD recorder with those playing blank DVD discs one 59.95 free shipping and five flex pay there is a common problem in this country yes there is around the world yes how do i digitize all those VHS tapes how do I transfer because I've got to do it oh my gosh how indeed and here's the problem they wear out they start to degrade over time they start to break they start to fade and think about everything you have on VHS do you have your baby's first steps do you have those Thanksgiving with the family all gathering together do you have weddings we had my grandparents wedding on a VHS tape it had been transferred from something many many years before that but it's about to degrade and fade and fall apart these are not meant to last if you have VHS tapes older than 15 years they are in danger of not making it so what you need to do is digitize but the problem is it's really difficult to find someone to do it for you you have to pay a fortune $25 $40 for each and every tape that you want to have ours it ties and you have to send them off to somebody that makes me really uncomfortable because they're out of your hands look at what we're doing here what we are doing with the protis and this is actually made in the largest manufacturing facility in the world that handles this type of technology this is a private label brand so this has a they have a 16 year history and it's brand new to the market so one of the features that we're going to get into it a little bit more detail that you're seeing here on your screen is there's a playback feature so once you've digitized from your VHS your VCR tape onto a DVD you can plug this into any television now and use it as your DVD player look at this and this is 1080p high-definition output which is absolutely amazing I did a little editing and made that old videotape that I found with my husband from 38 into something that now our entire family can watch on our big-screen TV this is how cool it is so think about this we have these old tapes that degrade that fade what do we do here's how easy it is you get home the protists all you do is plug it in so anything with an AV out this is going to work with your DVR too if you have some of your favorite TV shows that you have saved on your DVR you can actually burn those to disk Y by box that's anymore you simply don't need to so take a look at that I have this protis to check it out let me just increase it here pop it up so you can see it a little bit better this is actually hooked up to my VCR and without a monitor without a TV I am watching the VCR tape on my 2.8 inch color screen so when I get to the part that I want to record all I do is touch the big red button here at the bottom you simply touch it right there it automatically goes to work to start to record for you it says right there hi I'm recording it'll even do chapters for you if you want to do chapters every few minutes so that your your little clips are easier to find I'm recording right now when you get done with that all you do with that tape you just push the stop button right here this is going to burn it on to a disk we're including 15 of the disks to get you started and then it's going to pop right out you can take this to virtually any computer virtually any of your DVD players out there and play back that clip think about this if all you have are old aging VCR tapes is anyone enjoying them when is the last time you popped in a tape into your VCR to be able to play it when you digitize with the protis not only are you stopping the aging process on this old footage now you can do fun things like we're doing here you can share it with the family on TV I actually took that same clip of baby Kenny as he's sitting there waving to the camera looking very much like our little tiny baby who's 18 months old and now I'm watching it back on my iPad now you have the ability to get all of that old footage share it instantly put it on YouTube share it on Facebook this is footage that hadn't seen the light of day in many many decades and our family is enjoying it all the time it's a job that's got to be done isn't it yeah we have we have all these monumental occasions the birthdays the reunions the anniversaries the weddings you know baby Kenny's first steps all these wonderful moments that we have that we obviously have to preserve them but a lot of us look I mean the truth is we just we haven't got around to it because it's not easy to get around to because how do we do it you know Laurie said we could hire somebody to do it we could send off our VHS tapes and we can do that without certainly pricing if you want to do more than a couple of them it's gonna get crazy so we're looking for a tool we're looking for a device that we can bring into our homes that will allow us to transfer those VHS tapes easily and simply so with our big launch right now of this protis what this brand what this products is doing is truly solving the problem is teeny it's tiny and it's easy do you know and l'oréal vouch me on this one the biggest hurdles and obstacles for any company to get on HSN is if they don't have a product that is easy for our customers to use that's true because let's be honest you and me and every one of us if we ever get something that's not easy what do we do we send it straight back we don't want you to send things back obviously so we need to make sure right out of the gate that it's simple to use we found this to be one of the easiest yes Syria it really is so you could be burning any of your VHS tapes right onto a DVD disc this is a media that was meant to last this can last upwards of a hundred years for you whereas your little VHS tapes well you know what happens when they're exposed to air when they're exposed to moisture if you're storing these in your attic not good because look this media it definitely falls apart and it doesn't take long to do so when you have all of your family movies on disk not only is this going to be preserved for a lifetime it also lasts longer and takes up less space in your home so instead of having all of these VHS tapes now all of that information can be on one sleek slim little disc you can pop this into your computer you can now share with family and friends the other thing you can do with protists and I think this is so amazing the way this works you can literally walk up to this with any of your old cameras and camcorders this is going to mimic all the video clips just like you have on your screen so that you can burn all of that video off of an old camcorder immediately onto a disc you don't need a computer you don't have to have a monitor it just plugs directly right in as a matter of fact I just plugged in one of my favorite Sony cameras right into the protest now all of the pictures that I'm seeing here my beautiful friend Robin right here that gorgeous picture that we did in black and white of the sky like having the screen that is it very easy so look at this I'm going to be able to digitize simply by pushing that big red button all of the pictures so this works with pictures it works with music it works with video this is going to digitize everything for you and it gets even better come with me because we're doing even more here it's going to record the video the music the photos as I just mentioned it will record from VCRs DVD players camcorders digital cameras your DVR I happen to like that that show about the throne in the game yes I heard of that love that and I always DVR them but I don't want to buy the box sets because it's expensive you're going to be able to burn your own discs with this record and view in full 1080p high-definition resolution you have that built-in 2.8 inch screen HDMI output so check this out you just saw me a minute ago I had my protists connected to my VCR this was my screen so I could see my video back right I was able to burn all of those clips now what I've done is I walked up and I put in a memory card an SD card right over here on the side out of one of my favorite cameras it had tons of pictures and tons of video on it I pop it right in here my protists automatically reads all of the content on my memory card now I touch the big red button and this is going to burn all of that information off of the memory card onto a DVD disc it tells me when it's done see it gives me a little nice little message here it says burning yep it'll tell me what percent I'm at when I'm done the disc with the tray pops right out at the bottom and you can just pop it right back in and keep recording until it's totally full so you could have all kinds of video clips and music and photographs from all of your favorite to Isis throughout your home and now burn all of that content see it's done right onto a disk it is that simple and that easy we're burning so it's brilliant idea and the nice thing is with this offer because it's the launch offer you get 15 of your blank DVDs so right out of the box you're going to be good to go there is nothing else you need all you need is that VHS library that we spent so many years collecting building up all those wonderful moments and memories now we have a teeny tiny device and let's be honest friends are gonna want to borrow this you bet fan and we're gonna want you to share this with them because this is a great solution to that problem and you can take it bit by bit you know but it's a job that's got to be done in terms of easy this obviously delivers there's no doubt I love what you said now I can burn all my favorite shows to DVD I can have the collections my own box set my own box set without paying $70 per season whatever they're charging these days you could do it yourself we all want to preserve our family memories we don't want to let these get away I would have never forgiven myself if I had let baby Kenny eating cheese this is my husband 38 years ago if I had let this go he can't eat cheese I had to do a little Idol for him because I'm now sharing this with our 18 month old son he watched that video clip because I digitized it off of this on to my and it was on to my iPad he was able to watch it back and I have notice how much can looks like our little baby son it's so much fun to be able to pass on those memories to future generations that's what this technology is all about let me show you something else because the protis really does transfer anything from anything so here's what else it can do you might have a friend that handed you a USB Drive a little thumb drive just like this you can pop it right in maybe it's got music in it photos videos whatever it happens to have you're going to be able to touch one button right here and instantly record everything that's on this onto a disc as well so it's that simple I'm going to just do it this is the same disc I'm burning all of these other little clips and all of this other content on so it is going to be able to burn that instantly in seconds for me right onto a disc so here's the other thing whatever you need this can do if you want all of your pictures from a USB Drive onto an SD card you can use this to transfer from here to here no computer needed it's very intuitive menu as you saw me going through that menu right on the screen very easy to use the other thing that you're going to absolutely love about this is that it's going to make everything usable useful information once it's in that digital format you can just now take that disc put it into your computer if you want to edit it you can but you can now put that video clip on Facebook share it on YouTube it really opens up the whole world of sharing instead of these who watches these anymore now you have all of this information saved and preserved for your future generation we have about 400 left or 300 maybe with everyone right now ordering of course if you want to beat the rush you can go online if you have a cell phone a smartphone a tablet download the HSN app and you can get in first before everybody else does it's funny our producer was just commenting as well it is like a media hub because everything's going to go into this you can transfer virtually anything onto this it's simple small and perfect right we looked we compared I found one product that was similar but quite frankly Laurie it was a lot more money so I'm not sure how we managed to do this at 1:59 this is a launch to is the first time we're seeing it here this is a brand new unit to market it's only been out a couple of months we have the best price going the other thing I love about this instead of paying twenty five thirty five forty dollars to transfer each individual videotape they're out of your hands that makes me very nervous you can do it yourself the other thing put an ad on Craigslist that you digitize for other people this could be a home-based business oh boy you can actually make up the cost that you're spending here today by charging other people to digitize their videos and you can do it while you're in your pajamas it's so easy I like the sound of value to Rama's room because when I look away folks stay right there let us know what you think when you get it home when you've done a few connect with us on Facebook of course just leave a message on the way after this Laurie and myself

5 thoughts on “Protis Multimedia DVD Recorder with 15 Blank Discs”

  1. I've been trying to set this up for my Grandparents, they have a Toshiba VHS/DVD player. All the connections are properly set up with the compatible DVD in the disc drive. It says it's recording then it burns and I wait for the disc drive to pop open, but when we go to watch it it's just 20 seconds of a blue screen even after an hour of recording. It's frustrating and not worth the trouble. Plus there's no website or physical phone number to contact the makers, only an email address and I haven't gotten a reply back from it.

  2. lecteur DVD record model 2016 USB record not DVD direk film yes DVD camera play not Record samsumg thank you so much good weekend what about

  3. Made in China…that says it all for me. Also, had a dozen okd VHS tapes professionally transferred by two different companies. Both were well thought of according to reviews. Very happy with result (about 15 bucks a tape). About 4 or 5 years later, DVDs stopped working in DVD player. Apparently they delaminate over time…this despite claim of 50 year life span.

  4. It does not have a place for the VCR tape to insert. i was looking at the size of it and thought that it had a place to play the Tape but it does not. y ou have to have a VCR to play while you use the product to record. i was disappointed because i already have a VCR to DVD player but it is hard to use also
    i am going to refrain from sending this back. i am going to keep it because i have a vcr player .

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