PSYCHO KILLER ANIMATIONS | Yandere Simulator (#148)

PSYCHO KILLER ANIMATIONS | Yandere Simulator (#148)

allama told me to do it the Lama told me to do it it wasn't my fault I am laid by the Lama hey everyone welcome back to yandere simulator today we're gonna be playing the brand-new 15th of August 2016 build and this build has a whole bunch more killing animations yeah welcome back here we go the killer animations have quite a few glitches so yandere death hasn't actually implemented them as default so what we have to do to get the killing animations is not going there we have to go to the light music Club and we have to talk and pray to a turtle hey this place is cool you have a piano and we can play a note okay hey mr. turtle pray I want you to enable sanity animations please thank you very much and there are some other changes as well we can now kill and fight teachers but we will do that later on first we're just gonna quickly look at the knife killing animations and we will check out the other of animations there's like circular saws and baseball bats and all kinds of crazy shit hey guys hey just walking in a row beginning of school I really need to learn better how to Barry don't mind alarm on my head oh yeah in the brain in the in the temple oh there's the second one struggling struggling we're a bit sloppy hey you Wow very cool okay so we had two normal ones two semi normal ones and now the next animation is gonna be bloody as shit so let's go upstairs and do a nice bloody one on Midori hey Midori Yonder dev sent me stop sending me stupid emails I'm doing his dirty work because you keep emailing him there you go you are in the pavement hey I'm just doing this because Jesus told me to do it because your satanic the cult members of satanic hey girl don't run away where you gonna hide so now the social butterflies they don't hide where they were they actually gonna find a hiding place somewhere where's your hiding place dammit I wish I was a social butterfly so I knew were the social butterfly hiding places you're gonna hide out by senpai no Tim Bud's gonna see hey hey hey oh she almost called the police oh she did so someone did oh wow that's so brutal I am so cool look at me okay what I'm going to do is quickly try the katana I don't know if the katana has a new animation so we just try now on crazy cyclonus let's go to the computer club hey guys whoa whoa is that it oh no that was a stealth kill there are stealth kills as well ooh super cool okay let's go to the martial arts Club oh who's that who saw it who saw it I want to kill you what what who who saw what where one when how would a wizard uh was it cooter ray cooter hey did I not kill cooter eh I know I didn't could Ray still there he could can I do us Oh what I want to pick up the katana why can't I stealth kill with a katana that's fucked up I can't sneak with a katana can I do a stealth kill from the front the Lama told me to do it the Lama told me to do it it wasn't my fault I'm laid by the Lama or alpaca whatever you are okay so I'm gonna restart the date and let's build up our skills so we can fight teachers physical rank now that you've reached physically Rank 1 you have the ability to carry corpses in your arms well Karin who while carrying them you also have the ability to fight again back against teachers yes that apprehended you I'm now strong enough to kill teachers this is gonna be fun what female victim male victim okay so we can actually conjure a victim too and pray thank you for the animations and then we will summon the victim a victim can I just change him like this no I can't change your sexual you already here oh he's getting away what I thought you were gonna stay with me so let's try the stealth kill oh yeah very cool okay let's test out these katana killings so we still have one more same killer Semyon same killing hey girls one of you is gonna get a semi insane killing and you girl are you gonna get the fucked-up one here we go I'm gonna stab you like a zillion times oh no that was that was a stealth kill very cool I like that here we go you dead enough hey teach I'm gonna fight you and I'm gonna kill you for the first time where are you oh yeah stealth shit that's so cool I don't know why you under jab doesn't actually put them just a default killing because there's so many glitches in the game anyway if he's worried about you no bodies always clipped through the through the walls and stuff anyway so it's not like hey go so it's not like bodies clipping through walls because of these new killing animations is gonna make much of a difference it's just a pain having to go and pray to a turtle each time you want them I forget where I left my body hey guys no no no no no no no no no okay I'm gonna do the circular saw now let's dude sure cure sure okay so I'm gonna get sane so I can see the actually I'll try the stealth killing on her I try to stealth killing coconuts don't look at me don't look at me and make sure I'm a hundred percent sane where you going she forgot her phone call fuck off she didn't even get her phone call what I didn't even use a circular saw I just shoved it in her neck hey guys okay so let's do some killin in the occult club now let's test out these animations Hey so that's a semi crazy one I just chopped your tits up well okay guys where are you where are you guys whoa do not get away I have a crazy circular saw animation that I need to test on you for my test subject oh they're gonna get away he's just gonna get away damn it who can I kill now what I might do is go to the drama club put on a mask so I can kill these guys in front of senpai hey girls I have a crazy psycho animation oh oh I'm so sorry you liked that didn't you oh wow to start in a vagina and your mouth guys man okay that was cool okay so now what I want to do is test out the baseball bat animation do I have enough time 49 seconds do I have enough time quick quick quick quick hey girls that's for fucking stealing my friends and family's money you stupid fucking pink panty bitch you too that's for trying to hide in the wall you stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid bitch the police arrive at school and I'm gonna restart the day cuz I don't want to see what happened cuz it was bad news for poor yawn Darren shot I am hard to blow-dry my crop I am going over have some fun okay so we'll test out the baseball bat bat animation without the psycho one so we'll be saying and then we will get psycho cuz that was only psycho before hey guys set a stealth kill whoa whoa okay so that was the semi psycho one now we have the truly psycho ones coming yes you again you with the pink panties Oh coconuts you are not getting away oh fuck the teachers gonna see me no okay so I can't teleport yeah great quit bitch she's gonna catch me and I can't fight ah damn I should have gone outside does the knife was closer there drop the baseball bat the teachers coming teachers coming I need the knife quick I need the knife I need the knife okay so we got to fight the teacher next time we need to pick up a knife hey guys oh oh that's right she loves him I forgot about that tell the teachers no gonna tell the teacher come on guys what someone see fuck you puto masturbator you are the master you beat me bitch tell the teacher someone tell the teacher I'm so sorry what psycho now okay someone go tell the teacher please that was a nice stealth kill Oh Shi that couldn't have been stealth you would have seen it so many stealth kills you shouldn't be still everyone sees what's going on hey Yuri Oh psycho I'm gonna tell the teacher I'm gonna tell the teacher oh I'm so sorry for killing you but had to do it so no one told the teacher what come on tell the teachers guys what what are you guys doing you just gonna stay there and wait your turn really I'm sorry sake I'm so sorry I just have to keep doing it just have to keep doing it keep doing it just like mashing potatoes whipping the whipped cream gotta keep doing it until the turns into butter oh no I no one told the teacher okay fine I'm just gonna go try to fight a teacher I don't think I can you dude why didn't you tell the fucking teacher why didn't you tell the teacher but you're a teacher's pet never get an erection when you look at me again little horny boy horrible no one's told the teachers why hey guys hey don't you know what's going on in school so what I'm gonna do is uh pick her up and get the teachers to see I think that's probably one way to get the teachers to chase me hey hey teachers I just gonna make sure I pull my knife out okay get my knife out bring it on I'm ready yeah fuck you hari-kari bitch hey got one minute left to have some more fun here hey teachers look at look at this bitch look she fucked with me someone else want to turn two at once what are you guys doing here we go you got to take your turns bitches come on right baby okay unfortunately I'm not gonna get away with the murder because it would have been cool to see what happens tomorrow because they actually get replacement teachers video boom they're dead mhm one more to go hey you Hey look at me look at me okay so I'm gonna test to see if I can fight kill her like this I don't think I can what's going on whoa that was a weird glitch okay I'm so not gonna get away with this which is which sucks oh now what I'm running around what my movement is fucked up I'm like in a circle now what happened to me and it's on zero and the police aren't here what okay the game has glitched this is why he didn't implement the the sanity based animations killing animations because I'm stuck in the spot I can just run around in circles and the police are here but oh well can i teleport somewhere whoa can I run no I still can't run I can teleport though because I killed all the teachers but fuck's going on okay let's just end the day what happens when we end the day kick me out of school please I'm ready to be kicked out of school I can't run anywhere I'm stuck hey you hey boy Hey can I kill yes I can kill you from here [Laughter] it's so glitch oh here we go please arrive at school and I'm so busted okay so when we kill a teacher we actually get a replacement teacher and which is randomly generated with random colored hair and random name so that would have been cool to see what would happen get a completely new group of teachers but anyway guys I am gonna end this video here thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it those are pretty much the major changes within this update very cool I really like yeah I really like it really like all the animations for different weapons I don't know if there's a actually quickly quickly I'll test the axe I'll text the axe animations I don't know if it's any different the base the baseball bat it's probably the same as the baseball bat we'll just have a quick look Thank You mr. turtle now bring the victim here for me I will summon victim thank you Hey okay summon another victim please okay now we're gonna get the semi psycho one oh no that was the stealth kill again you need to go in front of her hey hey hey look at this big axe oh oh no that was a really psycho one okay so the stealth kill counts as a kill as well okay so let's summon weapon we go weapons there nice so we've already tested them all out great well that's it guys so the baseball bat is the same as the axe but they actually match up so that you know the animations work for both well yeah there we go I'm gonna end this one here guys thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it please leave a like if you did tell me what you think of this new animations and if you think it should be the default killing animation like I think it should be because who cares about the glitches this game is debug build there are glitches already but it's paying going to have to pray pray to a turtle each time I'm not religious the turtle is my religion now the under dev turned me to turtle ISM ya and hope to see you again real soon until next time remember if you want to kill people make sure you mentally stable but if you mention the stable you probably won't want to kill people have a think about that bye bye

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