PUBG Lite : TPP Ultra Graphics | GTX 1050 Ti 4GB (Erangel Map)

PUBG Lite : TPP Ultra Graphics | GTX 1050 Ti 4GB (Erangel Map)

32 thoughts on “PUBG Lite : TPP Ultra Graphics | GTX 1050 Ti 4GB (Erangel Map)”

  1. Any solution guys my PUBG Lite automatically closes in the middle of the game?
    Plzz reply show some humanity plzz

  2. Hey bro, yesterday I killed u over the roof of c building in millitary with sks….and it was the same name firefly-sl…is that really you?

  3. Can anyone please tell me how to make hold right mouse button to ADS…Just like all other FPS games not tap.

  4. GTA SA with DX 2.0 with insanity texture mod gameplay test in 1050TI. please i want to know how much fps will it got.

  5. Installed pubg lite yesterday but after clicking start on launcher nothing happens. I've tried everything from using repair button thousands of times to uninstalling and reinstalling launcher, restarting windows, closing the game and related processes from task manager then restarting etc.
    So far I've been able to play 3 games in the morning because it somehow opened but then I tried in the evening again for 2 and a half hours just to be dissappointed as it won't open.
    I have an MSI GL63 8RC laptop with GTX1050 4gb, 8gb ram, i5 8th gen.

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