PUBG Lite vs PUBG STEAM (Graphics & FPS Comparison)

PUBG Lite vs PUBG STEAM (Graphics & FPS Comparison)

46 thoughts on “PUBG Lite vs PUBG STEAM (Graphics & FPS Comparison)”

  1. Igual gente no podemos comprar mucho el pubg de steam contra el pubg lite recuerden que el pubg de steam tiene mas cosad y muchas mas actualizaciones y menos fallas que el pubg lite que todavia le falta mucho

  2. I am using Msi afterburner to monitor for over 1 year. But i dont have any idea how you guys get that average Fps to monitor . i managed to monitor evrything but average fps and 1 percent low fps Etc. Do you have to use some other software with afterburner to monitor that ?

  3. I will play pubg lite i prefer performance cuz thd graphics dont matter or im wrong? Minecraft was a good game and it has lego graphics

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