Pumpkins, Ghosts & Rare Candies, Oh My! Art Addicts Alliance Halloween

Pumpkins, Ghosts & Rare Candies, Oh My! Art Addicts Alliance Halloween

Hello, and welcome back to Jenna Gets Creative!
Today’s video is a very special bonus video. I was originally planning to do this exact
piece a little later in the month for Halloween and actually upload it on the 31st, but then
I got this opportunity, so I bumped my Linktober Quest walkthrough to the 31st, and we’re uploading
this today. I am now officially a member of a YouTube artist collaboration group known
as the Art Addicts Alliance! I’ll leave the Facebook page link down below. My friend Weblight
dreams who likes to do the No-Box Art Box videos with me is also a member and the reason
I checked the Alliance out again and asked to join. I actually came across AAA way back
in the spring of 2018, last year, when I was still under 100 subscribers, and that subscriber
count is the threshold to be considered for membership. I discovered AAA because I watch
H.I.T. Art, and that channel used to be part of it. I was really excited when I heard of
the group because it’s similar to the YouTube Artists Collective (YTAC), and I had already
started doing their prompts and I was dreaming of the day when I hit 1K and I could maybe,
possibly guest with them some time. Then I hit 100 subscribers… and forgot about AAA.
H.I.T. Art left the group, so I wasn’t watching anyone in the group anymore, and it wasn’t
really something I was thinking about. Then Weblight Dreams and I discovered eachother,
and as I was watching her new uploads as they came out last month, she put out an AAA video.
I had an “oh yeah! Those guys!” moment, ran off to the Facebook page, sent a message to
apply, and voila! Here we are. I am now officially a member. So you’ll be guaranteed a bonus
video upload on the third Friday of every month for the foreseeable future, since that’s
when AAA uploads, and this month we’re all doing Halloween themed pieces.
I’ll link all the other current members’ channels in the description box below, so check them
out as well. Subscribe to all of us! If you’re new here, welcome! Especially welcome if you’re
coming here from another AAA member’s channel. So great to be part of the community! Don’t
forget to subscribe and ring the bell for notifications. YouTube has changed the notification
system again, by the way. If you notice the notification bell is just an outline after
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get all notifications, click the bell again for options and make sure the bell is filled
in. I’m an art channel, as you probably figured out by now. I upload a minimum of twice a
week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I do often have bonus third or sometimes even fourth
videos some weeks. I mostly do timelapse art footage like this with voiceover, be it simple
commentary, a focussed tutorial, or a product review. Sometimes I’ll switch it up and do
a craft. I’m also the originator of the No-Box Art Box challenge, which is starting to take
off, so check that out if you’re interested. It’s an art or craft challenge where you replicate
past subscription boxes using supplies you already own, and it’s a lot of fun! I’ve got
a master playlist featuring all the different artists who are doing the challenge here on
YouTube. If you like this video, don’t forget to hit
the like button, and leave a comment down below. I love reading your comments, and I
do reply to everyone. This piece is, coincidentally, inspired by
my last YouTube Artists Collective prompt piece. Like I said, I’m not a member or even
an official guest of that group, but I do their prompts anyway. Last time they were
doing phobias, and I chose Porphyrophobia, which is the fear of the colour purple. To
illustrate that, I did a small marker illustration of three ghost type Pokémon in shades of
purple. It had Gengar, Ghastly, and Shuppet. As soon as I started doing that one I knew
I wanted to revisit the idea for a bigger Halloween piece. Like I said in the beginning,
I was already planning to do this piece before I joined AAA, and I was planning to do it
on Halloween itself, but it seemed fitting to make it my premier AAA upload. Rather than
just purple Pokémon, since this is now a Halloween piece and not a porphyrophobia piece,
I expanded it to just ghost type Pokémon. I compiled a list of all the ghost-type Pokémon
on Bulbapedia that I thought I might like to draw, and then I started working on the
collage. I sketched Gengar first, because he’s one of my all-time favourite Pokémon,
and I knew I wanted him to be in the centre of the piece. I’ve intentionally made him
the largest, and I’m not worrying about scale compared to all the other Pokémon I included.
From there I just added in the other Pokémon from the list until I filled up my page. My
list had 28 different Pokémon on it, but I only ended up being able to fit 8 of them
in. 6 of them do happen to be the first 6 on the list, and they are the first 6 that
came to mind even before I looked up ghost types on Bulbapedia, but the other 2 are not
numbers 7 and 8 on my list. I didn’t go in order. I just picked the ones that appealed
to me most until I was done. The rest of the included Pokémon are Ghastly
and Haunter, naturally, Shuppet and Banette, Duskull, Lampent, and Pumpkaboo. I’m least
pleased with how Banette came out, and I blame that on the fact that I picked him based on
his Mega evolution colours and appeal, but then I drew his regular form, and I didn’t
have an ideal dull pink for his eyes. Shuppet also ended up being rather difficult
to render this time around. I made her more blue than I originally planned, because I
was trying to shade and blend with too many different brands of markers at first and not
all of them were playing well together, so I was forced to darken it up. I wanted to
keep her a paler periwinkle blue like the lighter parts of ghastly’s vapour cloud, but
alas, she came out a much darker, more definite blue.
Lampent was a lot of fun to colour, but I ran into a bit of trouble with the Ohuhu markers
creeping out of the line art without me noticing until it was too late. I’ve noticed those
markers do bleed slowly like that when you layer and blend vigorously. Overall I think
I was able to save it with the colourless blenders and just by virtue of this being
the first Pokémon I coloured which meant I could layer over the bleed spots.
Pumpkaboo turned out adorable as ever! That’s definitely one of my favourites in this piece.
Ghastly looks just a tiny bit off to me, but I’m not sure why. He’s definitely not perfectly
round, but I don’t think that’s the problem. Haunter’s colouring job is what I’m most proud
of in this piece. I used only the Ohuhu purples on him, and the clean lines between the layers
of colour I was able to achieve are so good! I’m so happy with it! This really looks like
the art style for Haunter in the Kanto region Anime, rather than the more painterly or computer-rendered
artwork on the cards, and that’s what I was going for.
What do you guys think? Which one turned out best in your opinion? What’s your favourite
Pokémon? Are you more familiar with the newer generations, or are you an original-151 forever
kind of fan like myself? I was born in the 80s, so I watched the original anime and collected
the cards during the first and second generation, and then I didn’t come back to the Pokémon
fandom until Pokémon Go was released in 2016, but of course they’ve been adding the generations
slowly. It was when I got Sun & Moon that I really had to catch up and figure out what
all these newer Pokémon since Gen 2 actually are.
I did this piece on cardstock, by the way. Nothing special, not coated or anything, just
plain old 110lb cardstock from the scrapbooking section at Michaels. This is what I default
to for larger marker pieces, and I like that foggy, uneven finish I get over large areas
that I’m playing up and encouraging in the background. I also used it to my advantage
in my recent Joker collage piece, but I first noticed it did this when I did the 4 panel
pop art portrait of Matthew Santoro back in the beginning of the year. Just in case anyone
was wondering about the materials or how I was achieving that effect. Comes with the
territory when you combine alcohol ink with uncoated cardstock.
Thanks so much for watching, and a huge thank you to the other members of Art Addicts Alliance
for welcoming me into the group. I can’t wait to see what everyone else did for this month,
and I’m looking forward to doing this again next month. I doubt I’ll spontaneously decide
to edit something else in time for a 4th bonus of the weekend at this point, so I’ll see
you all again on Tuesday. Bye guys!

9 thoughts on “Pumpkins, Ghosts & Rare Candies, Oh My! Art Addicts Alliance Halloween”

  1. Sorry it flips so much at points! My editing software doesn't preview sped-up stuff smoothly, so I didn't know. It's playing at 60x speed. Woops!

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  2. Super cute piece! Haunter does look especially fantastic!
    I got a little dizzy watching the piece spin round and round as you worked on it, though. Is there any way you could minimize the spinning in the future? (I think most people tape them down to minimize the temptation to rotate their work.)

  3. I am so happy you joined. 🙂 Your piece is just awesome. Love Pokemon and I know Ghastly and Hunter are very popular. Love how you colored this piece. Would love to see more of other groups and types. 🙂 Maybe my favorite Charizard??? One can hope. 🙂

  4. This piece came out so great my kids live Pokemon I have always been a fan of Pokemon myself so it's great

  5. I watched your full video. Thanks for sharing it with us. I have subscribed to your Channel… Check out my channel when time permits and support back.

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