15 thoughts on “Purdue researchers create model city animation”

  1. It's an interesting video to see, coming from the article I just read which links to it. The square plots here for residential, hotel and commercial districts and so on do remind me a little bit of SimCity's simplicity, though. I've no experience to stand on, but I'd only hope that such a layout could avoid stagnating the city's culture. On the positive side, the sectioned sites lend this idea very well to construction trials in Second Life.

  2. Anladigim kadariyla bunlar İStanbul'u Karadenize tasimaya kalkismislar. Hangi akla hizmet? Bu ülkenin sehir plancilari ve mimarlarini hice sayip amerika ve avrupanin her dedigini bir halt sanip yapmaya kalkarlarsa kimbilir daha nelerle karsilasacagiz???

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