Randomly Generated Pokemon DRAWING CHALLENGE

Randomly Generated Pokemon DRAWING CHALLENGE

– [Jacob] Welcome to Drawfee, where we take your dumb ideas… – [Nathan] And make even dumber drawings. – [Jacob] I’m Jacob. – [Nathan] I’m Nathan. – [Julia] I’m Julia. – [Jacob] And guys, trainer News Day wants to fight. – [Nathan] (sings Pokemon battle theme) – [Jacob] Trainer News Day
sends out News Day-mon. What are you gonna send out? – [Nathan] I’ll send out me, to draw the thing.
– [Jacob] Oh, no, you died. – [Nathan] (laughs) Shit.
– [Jacob] You were weak to it. (laughs) – [Nathan] Dang. – [Jacob] Julia, what do you send out? – [Nathan] I’m a ghost type now. – [Jacob] What do you send out, Julia? – [Julia] I don’t. – [Jacob] You don’t?
– [Julia] I don’t. – [Jacob] That was the
right answer, you win. – [Julia] Nice! – [Jacob] Non-violence is
always the correct answer. – [Julia] My indifference has saved me. For the first time. (laughs) – [Jacob] We’re doing a Pokemon app. – [Nathan] Yay! – [Jacob] A Pokemon news
day, which might be a first. – [Nathan] Yeah, I mean, the first Pokemon From Memory episode was new in its time, but we didn’t have a name for it. – [Jacob] Yeah, then you
were just doing new things all the time.
– [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] But now.
– [Nathan] But now. – [Jacob] There’s a
special day just for that and it’s today. – [Nathan] It’s today, it’s this day. – [Jacob] We’re doing
a challenge I cooked up that I like to call the
random Pokemon challenge. – [Nathan] Ooh. – [Jacob] We’re gonna be
drawing some new Pokemon today, making ’em up whole cloth, but not totally whole cloth because I’ve set up some
nefarious traps in this PSD. – [Nathan] Ooh, this
is a soft whole cloth, is this made from Wooloo wool? – [Jacob] Ohh, the new sheep! – [Nathan] Everybody
loves that good sheep. – [Jacob] He’s very cute. – [Nathan] Yeah.
– [Jacob] Or she, whichever type you get. – [Nathan] Whatever type, whatever, yeah. – [Jacob] The way I’ve got it set up is I’ve got three folders
over there in the layers. The first one has 18 layers in it, which are all the types. – [Nathan] Wow. – [Jacob] So, you’re gonna, I’m gonna random number you from that one, and then the middle one
contains the secondary type. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] And then the
third one is an animal that you have to apply those types to to make the Pokemon.
– [Nathan] Amazing. Wonderful. – [Jacob] So, Nathan, your first type is gonna be number 13. – [Nathan] Lucky 13.
– [Jacob] Lucky 13. – [Nathan] Fighting.
– [Jacob] Fighting! – [Nathan] A fighting. – [Jacob] Your second type is gonna be number eight. – [Nathan] Ground.
– [Jacob] Oh, ground fighting, that’s the type of fighting. – [Nathan] (laughs) Yeah. – [Julia] Fighting ground, I think that’s the new battle royale. (laughs) – [Jacob] Fighting ground battle royale. – [Julia] Fighting ground battle royale. (laughs) – [Jacob] And your animal, number seven. – [Nathan] A fighting ground ferret. – [Jacob] It’s a fighting ground ferret. – [Nathan] Can I look up
what a ferret looks like? – [Jacob] I have no problem with that. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] I’m willing to allow that. – [Julia] I have a problem with that. – [Nathan] I know there’s
a Pokemon called Furret, but that’s a normal type. – [Jacob] That’s a normal type, which may as well just not exist. – [Nathan] A strong ferret what fights. – [Jacob] Yes. – [Nathan] And is ground.
– [Jacob] And is ground. It emerges from the ground to fight you. – [Nathan] Okay, so we’re gonna
do, let’s get some ground. Let’s start with some ground. – [Jacob] Ground is a good place to start. – [Nathan] Mm-hmm. – [Jacob] Do ferrets, wild ferrets, do they exist? – [Julia] Yeah. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] Do they go underground? – [Julia] They go in things. Yeah, they live in little holes. In trees. There’s ermines as well. – [Jacob] Is that a ferret? – [Julia] It’s like a ferret. – [Nathan] Yeah, and stoats. And martens. – [Jacob] Marten? – [Julia] Yeah.
– [Nathan] Yeah. Stoat and martens, ermines, and… – [Jacob] Why do you guys
know so many types of ferrets? – [Julia] I’m a Golden
Compass fan, my dude. – [Nathan] Yeah, they’re
all different daemons, all different mailer daemons. – [Jacob] Daemons.
– [Nathan] You can have. – [Jacob] Stoats. – [Julia] You can’t drink those. – [Nathan] I know them
from Wind in the Willows because all the different
weasel adjacent animals take over Toad Hall when Mr. Toad goes to jail
for being a fucking idiot. – [Jacob] For being a drunk driver. – [Nathan] (laughs) For
being a drunk asshole. – [Jacob] For being a drunk asshole who gets everyone killed. – [Nathan] Yeah, the most unrealistic thing
about Wind in the Willows is not the talking animals, it’s that a wealthy person
gets held accountable for their actions. – [Jacob] Damn, commentary.
– [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] For the modern day.
– [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] Take that, society. – [Nathan] (laughs) Take that, society. – [Jacob] Drawfee strikes another blow. We’re gonna change things around here. – [Nathan] Yeah, yep. – [Jacob] Starting with
this fighting ferret. – [Nathan] Let’s give it like, some of them fighting eyes
that Pokemon have sometimes. – [Jacob] Like, kind of
like the primate eyes? They get angry anime human eyes when they want to fight. Oh, yeah, he’s PO’d. He’s PO’d and TO’d. – [Nathan] Lets give him–
– [Jacob] And you’re about to get KO’d. – [Julia] This looks like a long Diglett. – [Jacob] (laughs) This does
look like a long Diglett. – [Nathan] This is my new
Pokemon, long Diglett. – [Jacob] Diglett’s too
short, I wanna know. – [Julia] Get Diglett up there. – [Jacob] Get Diglett up there. – [Julia] Let him reach, up to the heavens.
– [Jacob] This is so he can get up at your eye level
and stare you down now. The only thing that keeps
Diglett from being threatening is that he’s too down there. This guy looks like he’s
just come out of the ground to complain at you.
– [Nathan] Yeah. He, I mean, there are lots of
different ways you can fight. – [Jacob] Every damn day,
walking over my ground, shaking my living room! I’m gonna report you to the
neighborhood association that I started, this ground fighting ferret
fights within the system. – [Nathan] Yeah.
– [Jacob] You know. – [Julia] He looks like he has a little military haircut now. – [Jacob] (laughs) He
does kind of look like a military ferret. – [Nathan] Okay, let me, I’m gonna make a decision here. – [Julia] Make a decision. – [Nathan] Big mouth.
– [Jacob] Big mouth. – [Julia] Yes, appropriate decision. – [Jacob] All the better to be angry with. – [Nathan] Make the head big to match. – [Jacob] Big head, big mouth, big head. – [Nathan] Here we go.
– [Jacob] Long Diglett. – [Nathan] You know,
this is a design process. – [Jacob] Yeah, this is
the same process they use at Gamefreak. – [Julia] He has a huge jaw! – [Nathan] (laughs) We’re trying stuff.
– [Julia] What is this? – [Nathan] We’re trying stuff out. (laughs) I don’t know! We’re trying stuff out. – [Jacob] Right now, it just looks like
you’ve buried a grown man and his neck and head are coming out. – [Nathan] Maybe that’s what he is! – [Julia] He’s got a really long neck. – [Nathan] Yeah, here we go. A long, strong neck. – [Julia] (gruff) I served
in the military far too long for you to be shaking my house! – [Jacob] (gruff) Shaking
my house underground! I’m a general!
– [Julia] I served my country, what did you do? – [Jacob] What did you do? – [Julia] Fought some animals,
that’s what you’re doing! Putting little bow ties on animals! I didn’t serve in the
military for, oh, damn, this bow tie actually looks really nice. – [Jacob] It’s pretty cute.
– [Julia] I like it. – [Jacob] I’m not gonna
lie, it’s pretty cute. Maybe if someone put a bow tie on me, I wouldn’t be so angry, and maybe I’d come out of the ground. The ground is a metaphor for his entrenched political positions. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] He definitely has a like, a bunch of signs in his yard
of like, which, you know, councilman you should
vote for or whatever. – [Nathan] (laughs) His underground yard. – [Jacob] Yeah, his underground yard. Vote Diglett! He’ll keep the community grounded! Not like that airhead, Articuno! – [Nathan] It’s all show! – [Jacob] It’s all show and flash! – [Nathan] Legendary Pokemon? That just means he doesn’t
show up most of the time. – [Jacob] (laughs) Hard to pin down. – [Julia] What’s so legendary
about him, what did he do? Where did he serve? (Jacob laughs) You know what I’m saying? – [Jacob] He just lives in a volcano! Nothing legendary about that. Groudon. – [Julia] He’s too good to
live with the common people! Living in his volcano, no one else lives in a volcano! He’s not a fighter for the
people, is what I’m saying, for the Pokemon. – [Jacob] For the Pokes. I’m in it for the Pokes. Nathan, this is not how a ferret’s body… (Julia laughs) What’s the body like under there? – [Nathan] We don’t know! – [Julia] These are his two
son ferrets flanking him wearing boxing gloves over their heads. – [Nathan] This is where
the fan art community can really come in–
– [Jacob] They’re really shy. – [Nathan] Yeah. Did I do it? – [Jacob] I don’t know, did you? – [Julia] You did something. – [Jacob] We have to come
up with a name for him. – [Nathan] Oh, okay. So, it’s a ferret that fights. – [Jacob] A fighting ferret. – [Nathan] A fighting ground ferret. – [Jacob] An underground–
– [Nathan] An underground– – [Jacob] Resistance.
– [Nathan] Resistance ferret. His name is Undermine. – [Jacob] Undermine!
– [Julia] Ohh! Yeah! – [Jacob] That’s perfect. – [Nathan] Yeah.
– [Jacob] Nathan! He’s Undermine.
– [Nathan] He’s Undermine. – [Jacob] He’s under your feet and he’s undermining your position. – [Nathan] Yeah, and he’s an ermine. – [Jacob] He’s an ermine, he’s digging out the
supports under your house. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] ‘Cause you don’t
keep your yard clean enough and he hates it. – [Nathan] This is Undermine.
– [Jacob] This is Undermine. Great job, Nathan.
– [Nathan] Thank you. – [Jacob] You’ve made a Pokemon, for sure.
(Nathan laughs) – [Nathan] Alright. Let’s get a Pokemon for
Jacob, why don’t we? – [Julia] Let’s. – [Jacob] So, my first type is number 10. – [Nathan] Which is ghost! – [Jacob] My first type is ghost. – [Nathan] Sweet. – [Jacob] Ghost is one
of my favorite types. – [Nathan] It’s a good type. – [Jacob] My second type is
number three, not ground. Rock! – [Julia] Ghost rock. – [Jacob] Ghost rock!
– [Nathan] Ghost rock! – [Julia] My favorite musical– (Nathan laughs) – [Jacob] And finally,
let’s get my animal. Number six!
– [Nathan] Six! – [Jacob] Whale! – [Nathan] Ghost rock whale! – [Jacob] Ghost rock whale. – [Julia] Hmm. – [Nathan] Ghost rock whale. – [Jacob] I’ve got some
things to consider here. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Julia] You know what
I have to consider? – [Nathan] What? – [Julia] No one ever
talks about ghost whales. You know what I mean?
(Nathan laughs) No one ever talks about
like, the ghost animals, like ghost cows, ghost birds… – [Jacob] No one ever
talks about ghost whales, I mean, you’re right. – [Julia] Everyone always
talks about ghosts being human, but what about the ghosts–? – [Nathan] What about whales
that had unfinished business? They were gonna eat all that krill. – [Jacob] They assume that whales, animals’ business is usually finished because they don’t like, have things they want to do, per se. – [Julia] Oh, animals
definitely have things that they want to do. Like take revenge on shitty humans. – [Nathan] You know,
there are killer whales, but what about all the killed whales? – [Julia] That’s what I’m saying. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Julia] What about?
– [Jacob] I’m gonna make a circle. – [Julia] You do that, you’ve done it.
– [Nathan] Show off. – [Jacob] (laughs) I don’t mean to show off. – [Nathan] Mmm. That looks like a tasty piece of mochi. – [Jacob] Yeah, you wanna
take a bite out of this. – [Nathan] You wanna take a
bit out of those Jacob circles, little dumplings. – [Jacob] A ghost rock whale, I think– – [Julia] (sings) Ghost rock whale. – [Nathan] (sings) He’s
got stars in his eyes. – [Jacob] Perhaps like,
a little ghosty tail. – [Julia] Yep.
– [Nathan] Sure. – [Jacob] This looks like a sperm. – [Julia] It does. That’s okay, keep going. – [Nathan] That’s all
ghost Pokemon at the start. – [Jacob] But I’m, it’s gonna get better. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] It’s gonna get
better as we move on. – [Nathan] Wait, is it a sperm whale? (Jacob laughs)
– [Julia] Hey. – [Jacob] It’s the ghost
of a whale that was never, that was never reached the egg. A whale sperm that never reached the egg. – [Nathan] A sperm whale sperm. – [Jacob] A sperm whale sperm. (laughs) My god. No, not that. – [Nathan] This is the, this is now a map of the digestive tract, I think.
– [Julia] Yeah. We’re gonna see how things
get digested in the stomach. – [Jacob] Well, I think, yeah, we’re gonna whale tail it up here. – [Nathan] Jacob, I do have to say that I’ve noticed in a lot of the recent videos your strategy with the drawings is just to make an interesting
shape and go from there and I really like it.
– [Jacob] Thank you. – [Nathan] It’s a fun way
of visual problem solving because you end up with
something interesting looking. – [Jacob] At the very least.
– [Nathan] At the very least. It doesn’t need to necessarily represent anything that exists in life but I’m like, oh, this is a fun shape. That’s a unique silhouette. – [Jacob] Yeah, that’s something. – [Nathan] Mine looks like a Dugtrio that got separated a little bit,
if you were to silhouette it. Oh, that’s cool, this is like a kelp kind of. – [Jacob] Yeah, like sort of–
– [Nathan] Sort of kelpy, sort of a kelp vibe. – [Jacob] A ghost whale with unfinished business.
– [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] Maybe the ghost, I’m trying to figure out
how to get rock in here, I was thinking like, what if the rock, like the ghost is around a rock. – [Nathan] Okay. – [Jacob] Isn’t there a
Pokemon that does that, though, already? – [Nathan] That has a ghost around a rock? – [Jacob] It’s like a
rock with like, goop, like ghost goop around it. – [Nathan] Are you thinking of Renucleus? – [Jacob] I might be. – [Julia] He could be one of
them underwater volcanoes. You know? All the underwater lava rock. – [Jacob] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– [Nathan] Oh! Like, one of them, one of them vents, one of them deep sea vents? – [Julia] So like, little
bits could be like, floating in him that’s lava rock and then he can shoot them out of his… – [Nathan] It’s tricky because the typing, the fact that it has to be a whale that doesn’t have the
water typing is tricky. – [Jacob] Yeah. So, maybe this guy is not
even underwater at all. – [Nathan] Yeah. Like, it’s in the ghostly
ectoplasm, it swims through, maybe, is this the
ghost of a living whale, or is it just sort of like,
a spirit creature that exists in the spirit world
and resembles a whale? – [Jacob] I mean, it could also be that. – [Nathan] Right? – [Julia] I’d like to think that it’s the ghost of a whale that
really wanted to see land. “I’m gonna explore!” – [Jacob] Oh, yeah. (laughs) – [Nathan] This whale didn’t
wanna be a water whale. – [Julia] Yeah, no. – [Nathan] It wanted to be back on land. – [Julia] It’s like
little mermaid, you know, she wanted to be where people were. – [Nathan] Yeah! – [Jacob] Maybe this whale wanted to be where the people are. – [Nathan] I love how
wiggly this whale is. – [Jacob] This is a wiggly whale, a wiggly ghost whale.
– [Nathan] Yeah. It needs rock stuff, though. – [Jacob] Yeah, I’m gonna get there. I’m starting with ghost whale. – [Nathan] We’re starting
with ghost whale, we’re gonna get some rocks. ‘Cause rocks can also be like, gem stones. You know? Like, they don’t have to be jagged rocks, they could be elegant, beautiful rocks. Oh, is that the, that’s
where the other eye goes? (laughs)
– [Julia] Oh, good. – [Nathan] This is, this is Trapinch, but a whale. – [Jacob] It kind of
does look like Trapinch, doesn’t it? – [Nathan] Yeah. The thing about Pokemon is
they already made them all, and then they kept going. – [Jacob] Okay, I’ve got an idea. – [Nathan] Great. – [Julia] He’s really into rock music. – [Nathan] Oh, that’s fun. – [Jacob] Oh, no, he hates rock music. – [Julia] Oh. – [Jacob] And he hates
when people make that comparison.
(Nathan laughs) – [Nathan] I can’t imagine
this whale hating anything. – [Jacob] The only thing
he hates is rock music. – [Nathan] He just looks, he looks so amicable.
– [Jacob] I think like, clam style. He’s got a precious gem. – [Nathan] Got a little
precious gem in there. – [Jacob] Inside, and maybe this is a Pokemon that like… – [Nathan] Does the gem have a face? Does it have a second face? – [Jacob] Oh, I do love second face. I was gonna say the gem
like, represents the typing. Like, the ghost whales
can be a variety of types. – [Nathan] Oh, that’s cool. – [Jacob] If it’s like a rock, you know, a brown gem, it’s like a rock type, and something like that. How do you draw a gem? – [Nathan] You did it, that’s good. You just sort of, then you
have to sort of facet it. – [Jacob] Yeah, it needs
to have more facets. – [Nathan] Draw like,
Steven Universe’s tummy. – [Jacob] Oh, of course. Steven Universe’s tummy. – [Nathan] There’s a gem in there. – [Jacob] The answer to all problems. It is a gem in there. So, yeah, this is like, gonna be in here and I think like, when I color this, like this’ll be all dark back behind it and then it’ll be glowing out so that the light’s kind of like,
leaking out from the mouth. Like, when he opens the mouth,
the light all leaks out. And that’s the weak spot, also. – [Julia] Does gem have second face? – [Jacob] Gem does not have
second face, I’ve decided. I’ve decided. – [Nathan] That was just an idea, you don’t have to take all my ideas. – [Jacob] And then I
want some of those like, whale-y, what is it, the baleen? – [Nathan] Yeah, the baleen. – [Jacob] That’s like,
this shit that whales have instead of teeth.
– [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] They have
like, just like, drippies that catch fish? – [Nathan] They catch the brine shrimp. If you watch the episode of
Cartoon Hell with Adam Conover, he talks extensively about
baleen and filter feeders and how they use them to
catch brine shrimp and if you ever want to be delighted, I think Adam Conover
saying brine shrimp is… – [Jacob] (laughs) That’ll do it. – [Nathan] That’ll do it. It did it for me. – [Jacob] That’ll do the trick for you. – [Nathan] Brine shrimp! That’s my impression. – [Jacob] That’s pretty good.
– [Nathan] It’s pretty good, but you gotta see the real thing. – [Jacob] Yeah, it’s not,
it’s nothing like the actual– – [Nathan] Sign up for Dropout and watch the whole episode. – [Jacob] We’re getting there. We’re getting there in
this design process. Nathan, as you said,
it’s a design process. – [Nathan] Yes. – [Jacob] Let me get his other little, little flipper. I can’t remember what any words are today. Can’t remember words for ferrets, can’t remember what a flipper is or a fin. I remembered baleen of all things. – [Nathan] Baleen’s great. – [Jacob] (sings) Baleen, Baleen, baleen.
– [Nathan] (sings) Baleen, baleen. – [Jacob] (sings) I’m begging of you, please catch little brown shrimp. (Nathan laughs) – [Jacob] What could
make this more Pokemon? Oh, he needs a blow hole. – [Nathan] He needs a blow hole. – [Jacob] And he needs
to be shooting rocks. – [Nathan] And he needs
to be shooting rocks. – [Jacob] It’s gonna be kind of like a little volcano hole. – [Nathan] Oh, that’s great! – [Julia] That looks like
he’s wearing a little hat. – [Jacob] His blow hole is his hat. Oh, I like this guy! Okay, now I just need a name, something that’s ghostly and whale-y, and rocky. – [Nathan] Whale-O-Whisp? – [Jacob] Oh, that’s cute. – [Nathan] It doesn’t have
anything to do with rock, but… – [Jacob] I like Whale-O-Whisp. I’m gonna go with Whale-O-Whisp. I think that’s very cute. – [Nathan] The other
option I was thinking of was Bal-Boo-Ga, because– – [Jacob] No, I don’t, no, I’m not taking that one. I already took one, you didn’t need to give me another one. – [Nathan] I wanted to give you options. – [Jacob] I don’t want options. – [Nathan] Because I’m your friend. – [Jacob] I want Whale-O-Whisp. – [Nathan] Whale-O-Whisp. – [Jacob] My new favorite Pokemon, he’s hiding a gem in his
mouth, please don’t take it. Julia, are you ready to hop in and do one? – [Julia] Me! It’s me time. – [Nathan] Hello, it’s me–
– [Julia] Jacob, it’s me time! – [Nathan] It’s me now. – [Jacob] It’s Julia’s time.
– [Julia] It’s me time. – [Jacob] Nathan, it’s Julia’s time, please be respectful. – [Nathan] Okay, sorry.
– [Julia] It’s me time. Give me numbers. – [Jacob] Julia, on your time, for your time on this earth. – [Julia] For my time. – [Jacob] I’d like to
spend some of it drawing– – [Julia] My time to shiny Pokemon. – [Jacob] Hey, that was a good reference. – [Julia] Yay.
– [Jacob] Way to go. 15. – [Julia] Okay. Electric.
– [Jacob] Electric. Boogie woogie woogie.
– [Nathan] Nice. – [Jacob] Your second type.
– [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Five. Electric poison! Wow. Another very good genre of music. – [Nathan] Yeah!
– [Jacob] That sounds dope. Ghost rock and electric poison. – [Nathan] Electric poison is
my favorite ghost rock band. (laughs) – [Jacob] And for your
animal, it’s number four, sloth! – [Nathan] (laughs) Electric poison sloth! Amazing! – [Jacob] That’s a good combination. – [Nathan] What a gift. – [Jacob] That’s a treasure and a gift. – [Julia] Alright. – [Jacob] You can pull up
what a sloth looks like, if you want to.
– [Julia] Nope! Not gonna. – [Julia] Please don’t draw a man. That’s my only request. – [Nathan] Julia’s going to draw the deadly sin embodied. (laughs) Julia’s gonna draw Sloth
from Fullmetal Alchemist with electric poison powers. – [Jacob] Are there any
electric poison Pokemon? – [Nathan] I don’t know. – [Jacob] Not that I can think of. But there’s a lot of things I don’t know. – [Nathan] Yeah. Electric and poison, that’s a fun combo. It’d be super weak to ground. – [Jacob] Yeah. What would like, an electric poison be? – [Nathan] I feel like it would have to be sort of a paralysis thing, ’cause when you get
electrocuted, it paralyzes you. – [Jacob] Yeah, paralysis is basically electricity poisoning.
– [Nathan] Yes. – [Jacob] When you have too much of it. Well, you’ve drawn a very cute face. – [Nathan] Aww, look at this friend! – [Jacob] But he doesn’t, at present, look like he wants to
electrocute or poison. – [Julia] Do sloths look
like they wanna do anything? – [Jacob] I suppose they don’t, and there’s some pretty
good sloth Pokemon already. – [Julia] Are there?
– [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] There’s one that’s my favorite, I don’t remember the names of anything, but Nathan, you’ll know. What’s the sloth Pokemon,
he’s the first evolution and he just lays there on his stomach? – [Nathan] It’s Slakoth? – [Jacob] Slakoth. – [Nathan] Which evolves into Vigoroth, which evolves into Slaking. – [Jacob] Yes, Slaking. – [Nathan] Or Slaking.
– [Jacob] Slaking, really chillin’, but that first one, Slakoth… – [Nathan] Yeah, he’s cute. – [Julia] What do sloth’s back legs do? – [Jacob] This sloth is fucking curvy. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] That’s a thick ass sloth! – [Nathan] Absolute unit. – [Julia] Sloths are units, man! – [Nathan] Slakoth. – [Julia] I have to look up
what sloth back legs look like. – [Jacob] I like what you’ve done. I like what you’ve done here. – [Nathan] This is… – [Julia] Oh, he’s cute. – [Jacob] He’s just laying
there scratching his dumb head. (Nathan laughs) He’s like I don’t know,
are we doing a battle? What are we doing? We don’t have to. – [Nathan] We don’t have to. – [Jacob] It’s really up to you, man. – [Julia] I forgot that
they have like, these… – [Jacob] Mm-hmm. (Nathan laughs)
These frowns. – [Julia] And they’re not connected, huh? These little eyes. – [Jacob] They have the,
yeah, sort of like that. (laughs) – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Jacob] This sloth is
so thick, I can’t take it. Look at the booty on this sloth! – [Julia] (laughs) Yeah. – [Jacob] Look at those haunches. – [Julia] Yeah.
– [Nathan] It’s pretty great. (seductive) You want a
taste of my electric poison? (laughs) – [Julia] My poison. – [Jacob] And you’re
like, you’re so enticed. – [Nathan] Yeah, like, I kinda do. It sounds bad, electric poison sounds bad, but look at you. – [Jacob] Yeah, look at you, it can’t be that bad.
– [Nathan] Yeah. Look at this treat. – [Julia] I’m looking at
a reference of a sloth now and I still can’t tell what
their back legs are doing, so– – [Jacob] They’re just little. They have big, long arms
and little back legs. – [Nathan] They’re sort of curved around some sort of a branch. – [Julia] Little legs. – [Jacob] They got little kickers. Wow, it’s so fat! (laughs) – [Nathan] Look at these tubbies. – [Jacob] I just wanna take
a bit out of this sloth. – [Nathan] I just wanna nibble on them. But you shouldn’t because it’s poison. – [Jacob] Maybe that’s what its move is, you wanna get a nibble in… – [Nathan] Yeah, it entices you. – [Jacob] And then you get shocked by the electrical liquids it secretes. – [Julia] Mm-hmm. – [Jacob] It doesn’t even fight at all. It’s gonna drool in its own eye. – [Julia] Yeah, probably. It doesn’t care. – [Jacob] Is it holding on to anything? – [Julia] Yeah, probably. – [Jacob] (laughs) Maybe a power line. – [Julia] Well, here’s what I’m thinking. – [Jacob] Yeah, I’d love to
know what you’re thinking, but you’re not telling–
– [Nathan] Oh, he’s sticking his finger in an outlet? (laughs) – [Jacob] Is the outlet on the ceiling? – [Nathan] Or is this just the perspective that we’re looking at? – [Julia] It’ll all be made clear in time. – [Nathan] Well, we must trust in Julia. – [Jacob] I do trust in Julia, but we’re also doing an internet program. – [Nathan] No, we just sit here silently and wait for Julia to… I mean, we could start brainstorming names for this friend. – [Jacob] Yeah, we could do that. Something like three-toed or two-toed. – [Nathan] Hmm. – [Jacob] What is that? (laughs) Why does he have a buzz cut? – [Nathan] Oh, he’s shocked himself. – [Julia] He shocked himself. – [Jacob] He looks like he
just like, joined the military. – [Julia] (laughs) We got two military Pokemon. – [Jacob] He’s got a military tattoo. – [Julia] He’s just, his
fur’s sticking out, you know? – [Jacob] Is he just laying on the ground, holding a cord? – [Julia] Yeah. (Jacob laughs) You don’t know if this
Pokemon is dead or alive when it comes out of the Pokeball, but you’re like (hisses) I super don’t wanna touch it ’cause it’s probably
poisonous at this point and also like– – [Jacob] But also I have to touch it. – [Julia] I think it’s still connected to some sort of electrical current. I’m not really sure what’s going on. – [Jacob] So, they’re all
plugged into an outlet that they’re carrying with them. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] And the wire
just kind of stretches off. – [Julia] Well, maybe it’s like– – [Jacob] That’s where they were born. (all laugh) – [Julia] Maybe it’s connected
to like, a little generator. You know? They didn’t want to separate
it from its generator. – [Nathan] Uh huh. – [Julia] That it loves so much. You know? – [Jacob] This is just a
sloth being electrocuted. – [Julia] Yeah, and someone
looked at it and was like– – [Nathan] That’s a Pokemon. – [Julia] “I need a Pokemon, uh, this one! “This is my Pokemon.” – [Jacob] And Professor Oak’s just like, you picked the one thing in this world that’s actually not a Pokemon. – [Nathan] I don’t know how
you managed to do this thing, but you did it. Congrats, I guess. Julia knows how to draw a generator. – [Jacob] It’s a box
– [Julia] I super do not. with a lightning bolt on it.
– [Julia] Okay. – [Jacob] That’s basically what they are. – [Nathan] Yeah!
– [Julia] Yeah, whatever. Yeah. Anyway. – [Jacob] His name is Slock. – [Nathan] What?
– [Jacob] Sloth plus shock. – [Nathan] Is Slock.
– [Jacob] Slock. – [Nathan] Slock. Slooock, that’s what it says. – [Jacob] Slooock.
– [Nathan] Slooock. Slooock, Slooock. (laughs) Is that its name, or is it hurting? – [Julia] I think his Pokemon name is actually just a
series of question marks. And like, is it a Pokemon, do we name it? – [Jacob] Slooock.
– [Nathan] Slooock. – [Julia] I guess? (Jacob and Nathan laugh) They got teeth, right? – [Jacob] I mean, probably, but… – [Julia] It’s fine. – [Jacob] They don’t use them for anything other than munching leaves. – [Nathan] And what’s the poison? – [Julia] Because he’s super dead and you probably shouldn’t touch him. – [Jacob] Oh, it’s like,
for the same reason you shouldn’t touch like, road kill. – [Julia] Yeah.
– [Nathan] I see, it just, okay. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] This is just a
dead electrified sloth. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] And the sound of like, the air escaping his body
makes a sound like Sloooth. Sloooth. – [Nathan] What a bummer of a Pokemon. – [Jacob] Yeah, this
Pokemon is a real downer. – [Julia] I’m not the one who
picked electric poison sloth. – [Jacob] I feel like you
didn’t have to go this– – [Nathan] You didn’t have
to murder this animal. – [Jacob] You didn’t have to kill a sloth. (laughs) – [Nathan] You could
have embraced the poison. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Julia] Don’t embrace the poison! Children, if there’s one
thing Drawfee has to tell you, it’s don’t embrace the poison.
– [Nathan] Yeah, I guess, this is more of a cautionary tale. – [Julia] Yeah! – [Jacob] Don’t stick your
fingers in outlets, kids, or else you’ll end up like the Slock. (all laugh) The electro-poison sloth.
– [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Everyone’s favorite Pokemon, now more popular than Pikachu. (Julia laughs) – [Nathan] Can you imagine if this was what Ash started
with instead of Pikachu? Just, ahh, I guess I’m
gonna go back to school. – [Jacob] Slooock. It stinks.
– [Nathan] Professor, I’m sad now, and I don’t want
to go on an adventure anymore. – [Jacob] I’m really not in the mood. – [Nathan] I’m thinking
about mortality and yeah, I think I’m just
gonna go back to school. I don’t know, maybe become an accountant. – [Jacob] I’ll get a degree in something. Something other than this.
– [Nathan] Yeah, something where I get to be as far away from this as possible. – [Julia] There you go. – [Jacob] Great job, Julia, I guess.
– [Nathan] Slooock. – [Jacob] You did a job.
– [Julia] I did a job. – [Jacob] Thanks for playing my fun Pokemon adventure game with me. – [Julia] Mm-hmm. – [Nathan] (laughs) Just thinking about the
arc of Julia’s drawing, where she’s starting
with this adorable face and slowly murdered this thing. (Jacob laughs) She brought this thing into existence only to murder it.
– [Jacob] Only to kill it, yeah.
– [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] As soon as it came in, we were all excited about the thick sloth, everyone was having a great time. – [Nathan] The whole
internet loved thick sloth. (Jacob laughs) And you killed it before their very eyes. – [Jacob] You killed it
before anyone could stop you. – [Julia] Yeah. – [Jacob] Before anyone
knew what was happening. (Nathan laughs) You’re truly a monster, and not of the pocket variety. – [Julia] Yep. – [Jacob] Thanks for watching, everybody. This has been News Day
random Pokemon challenge, the thick sloth is dead, we’re sorry.
– [Nathan] We’re sorry. Oh, I’m so sorry. – [Julia] Sorry.

100 thoughts on “Randomly Generated Pokemon DRAWING CHALLENGE”

  1. — How To Draw A Gem In Three Simple Steps —

    1. Draw Stephen Universe
    2. Erase everything except his tummy
    3. Congrats, you've completed your task ahead of schedule!

  2. The whale was a rock type and so are fossil Pokémon so it could’ve been the fossil of the whale ancestor that was mainly land-dwelling

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    How dare you say bad stuff about good long boy furret!

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    Let me talk to you about the Bakekujira (lit. 'Ghost Whale'), a little known Yokai that takes the form of a skeletal whale accompanied by strange birds and fish, and it curses whole ass whaling villages with plagues, famines, wildfires, etc.

    It's one of my favorite Yokai's

  5. Pretty please can Julia get in on that drawing collective nouns of animals action. I think different bird species are a deep vein for Julia to mine some great subjects that she would do really well, especially corvids which I know she loves. But also don't forget owls, they have a lot of potential too! I’m going to keep saying this in the comments until it becomes real because I know that’s how it gets on Drawfee. 🙂

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  7. Electric Poison is one fucking hell of a moveset combo. stun them and poison them to death

    Also Ghost Rock and Electric Poison are both my new band names

  8. A story about a ghost animal taking revenge on shitty humans? The White Wolf, from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz. (Yes I’ve been rereading my copy to prep for the movie because I like scary stuff and childhood nostalgia, so what?)

  9. I have an idea for the ghost rock whale like that team rocket and other bad humans keep trying to kill the Pokémon to get his gem so people have to protect them

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    the sloth gets intoxicated by electricuting itself which triggers a poison to secrete from it. because he's drunk all of his movements are slow and he's blurry. sloxtins. sloth + toxin.

  13. Based on what Julia said at 23:00 about the sloth either being dead or alive, it would’ve been cool to name it Slöwdinger and have it be electric if it’s alive and poison if it’s dead. Like it’s a 50/50 chance every time you throw the pokeball. And it’s not electric AND poison, it’s electric OR poison

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    He's already a fighting weasel, and since weasels and ferrets are pretty much the same thing, that's 2 out of 3 checkboxes filled.

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    Who knows maybe in sword and shield we will see some of them.. poison electric sounds cool. I'm shocked that ground fighting and ghost rock doesn't exist yet

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