hey what's going on dudes it's Patton welcome back to another video my god so today we are finally judging the animation content I've been waiting for this forever I'm so excited so guys I am so sorry it took so long we got over a hundred submissions for this is so amazing thank you guys thank you to every single what do you do that I will throughout my heart for ya give them a case that is for you dude so thank you so much honestly I couldn't include every single one because the video would have been over two hours long and then when you guys vote the list I already won also would say it'd be like be like so long no one say know what I did because I want to do a reaction video for this and I didn't want to actually watch the end look how there's a car coming out of your pants right now it's like how you start a video right so what I did is I quickly like skipped through them just to see what it looked like if it was animating it didn't actually watch them I don't know what happened in them I don't know how good it was but I was able to judge which ones were like really amazing and which ones looks like I drove so I pick the best ones thank you every single person you see has won and don't worry if you're not in this video I did watch those videos after and thank you for those vote for your favorite the top side will be featured on my channels and the top number one will get two hundred and fifty dollars this is our way of showing appreciation to you guys you're amazing it's not a channel so basically there will be a link down below all you do is go down there at the end of the video last time we did this I put the video up within 20 seconds so we're already voted watch the whole video first I'd be awesome and dudes if you are new to the channel we have a great community here definitely hit that subscribe button to know what we're going to do is we're to watch this it's about 27 minutes longer and I will pause after each one to just you know say what we thought of that but we won't say which one we liked the most okay you don't want to look at them oh yeah so the first one is by your hobby dog love that name I put all the names in the right hand course you know who to vote for we're just gonna watch this way to enjoy and have some fun okay so I hope you do is enjoy let's get this car to my parents last time then Big John stopping in your face you surprised why did it happen when did you stop a car in your pants is it was the common ask you remember this video good vlog remember this is all vlogs all these by the way whether you're drawn if your normal self and I'm just with my my caption yeah beautiful dress okay absolute last time we talked in the middle of alright it's gonna be like at our video cuz I talk so much it was the vlog where we chased clad with the car oh that's my asset of a car we have a surprise for you oh yes we do whole control car cloud is going to absolutely know this I look at cloud taxes savagely below or if you're going to run away a million miles an hour we actually have it for Christmas and we're going to try to interact with cloud with it he has not interacted with it yet yeah yeah yeah sure that for me this is the first interaction he's getting fine he's an Indian he wasn't scared of the cucumber but he's scared of this little talk she will do anything for to see an hour they offer wait around you look scared this car so scared it so easy you're going to crazy see me day really good you know I need to know it's like really good for the first animation okay you look scared this car so scared of it we're going to crazy today oh yeah today's movie Kings are you bad there's no way you pull your vehicle traction oh you smell the G you should hold it well that was a bad idea he not smelled it alright that was not really good anything I was so good no the first one the drawings are really nice yeah so I really liked it I loved how Jen was dressed as her minecraft character but the second one extreme animation this person was in the first contest okay I think I'm pretty sure this might have been one of your favorite ones alright so here we go by the way it's a reverse order this time I did reverse alphabetical order last time I didn't alphabetical order so I figured that was fair to people to have names that start with X this time so here we go so today we have a surprise for you oh yes we need control car cloud is the same animation understand it's the same it's the same exact video any blog on our channel – ok how the cars John and I like you awesome s away I look very broken again alright there we see this is real life here that's why I'm finna show you five cab – hi darling look like you're you get it tacitly – or you're gonna run away a million miles an hour so we actually got this for Christmas and we're going to try to interact Cloudy with a piano it was it yeah so mommy's okay this is the first interaction this is a moment to remember everything I promise okay do it I think you're right if you keeping seen at the top of it I mean how is my favorite part of it you smell yeah oh man wait wouldn't it then are you I am beautiful man I'm going I'm going man I was good well I like that Wow all right all right here we go um sue let me pour this perfectly from that moment that he's caused more than anything about you all right so we're onto the next one hi you expected something good quality for me well look at me I am gorgeous alright so this one is by white yeah I think they were in the first contest – oh here we go and there's you now here it is but it's not good okay I did this in two days well you for oh hello this is from animal Valley today we are Oh mister voices they're very surprising voice or is it like one of those like animated you really looks like clown okay we will talk to Adam MA hello this is Paul from Panama MANET today we are examining the species known as cloud or also commonly referred to as the ferocious beasts there is only one of these animals left the evolution allowed it to live on let's see how there's a lie on to the earth by the gods meant to serve only one purpose to protect its owners are also known as prey there comes one day that a mysterious being will come and attack these prey and it is the ferocious beasts job to save them on that one day lucky for us today is that they as we see here the canal has spotted the beam it is ready to attack it jumps to the Cygnet decides the first toy with the creature clever yet risky move then when the creature isn't aware the cloud gives a mighty blow the creature being defeated dies as the cloud comes to his prey holding its price the day was saved all thanks to cloud thank you for watching and make short of healing some other time on Animal Planet good that was like so well drawn and I really hope it was their voice that was the most amazing voice ever alright so next they're under Vince tries to animate last time he was in the continents as well we had so many people coming back your thought was amazing guys so limited your baby for life oh and you notice look at the plane now the jobs are so on point well I think that might have been cropped right I didn't think so area oh yeah that's gonna make shorter challenge some other time on Animal Planet there's a sushi place right yeah we did and I'll the second we got there who is this oldie and I love old ladies okay once again it was completely like packed together we were on a date with six people oh I'm already change juice next to a template doing weird high-five the cancer like anyone have a handshake it was fickle like I was like waiting there and it's very good you all doing yeah yeah Vinay Todd I do oh yeah all right there I think I did only work in some sushi something like that you plan when I said now you're in a cocktail all right there must be 20 han jisang boy different I like to know cool we shooting that yeah and I say shooting so anyways it old lady John there's something out there like okay so the people get over to work there and they were like are you down with you know when your sushi man are you wrong with your sushi no you want to lie and celebrate it oh and then ten minutes later and the thing is there was only a half a piece of sushi on the plate yes he was going at for a good half out I never saw actually any of it the taste on here no more going to be there so I have to be fair and a different guy here over the right hands like are you doing she like wouldn't even give him the time with dad this was the man hey man I'm here talking like deer food me can I take that away he's tipping less lucky that she was mad she does have a profession I know they actually came over around five times saying are you dodging I don't think those would actually never got like another they using also pick it happening yeah I love like theirs they made it really fun I love it you're the waiter and I love the grumpy old lady's face so they took that one from Jen's channel from our vlog in New York so that was an interesting choice because most of them are from my channel on next up we are onto the MC master 132 also was in the first competition amazing and by the way all these people really had bad luck in the first competition because I did it in alphabetical order and they were at the end I loved every single one I don't like I told you I could only use the best ones and it was 27 minutes a tough competition I know you guys are gonna have trouble voting on this hopefully you haven't voted already although it's probably tough not to eyes here after here alright so they use the actual characters last time you try to look in the back let me sell it so poor cloud at the car again rock-paper-scissors – okay rock-paper-scissors – so it's all little clips rock-paper-scissors – you know come on I was so drunk you didn't know there's a hurricane going down in the only safe place right a big welcome so applause I am NOT okay that's the funniest one of everybody Thank You panjang you for making them okay that was pretty cool because they actually used like minecraft they use a bunch of clips and they also use our minecraft characters for all of it and actually I mean the into my thought it would feel our steal it was your la réalité blog which was really cool like just everyone has been so good oh alright we have 18 and a half minutes left is watching all day we're going to me let's see what what is next to you okay so this one is the 51st doctor are you ready there any a doctor maybe a doctor maybe I remember that do you remember that you know I remember that so this is right after we got married this is probably the oldest long someone pack okay and this one is not genteel it's a little bit quieter than other ones you really have to try everything yeah listen really okay this is ah wait for last night booty very high look she called me a diva I remember that oh alright so that we love your hairdo I have just nothing how beautiful we are that is me you see me that was me as such a diva and I hear it a lot here a lot and you know I take pride in my diva-ness so this one I really like that little characters about yeah they're adorable all right okay okay so what if you made this this one is sugar that's all like seven right here we go so completely different animation style so I love the hairdo it looks just like my hair very strange really really weird my idea I'm trying to sleep overnight and I'm sitting I can turn on the under body back how do you ain't no diamond oh man you wear to bed I'm confused you know honey I feel stocked at this point no violet let's see a little bit violated yeah let's see where this goes I want to see myself in a bath you're dreaming about a bath and chocolate milk that is just life we've talked of it we're dreaming of it just care cloud what's happening I've got this one and then oh my god you guys you go we have it in the frigerator goodness is huge all right so I'm gonna draw a face are you really going here I think it's gonna be more scary okay okay I'm gonna cook here all right do you see it that's fair that is beautiful I do look pretty happy to me terrifying sure what I'm gonna do is I've got my three fries I'm gonna trick him he's gonna go for the tree brother Chinese behind what do you think you can't attack me – I'm so excited right now what are you doing so they use actually two different videos for their joy I love the one of clouds okay so next up your Legos we have a unique one but it actually looked like it was pretty good when I went through it so I like how we have like a different style you know so you can see the camera actually recording I didn't even know is that you so I guess bad to me and I guess that must be you recording me okay so let me just make sure we get this right at the beginning because this is totally different than the other ones we've seen so far okay right now what are you doing right now quieter gaming one be surprised I don't have enough pocket I'm sorry Mackay grant what's up and welcome back to another video so today we have a surprise for you hold on your face control Cal cloud and going to absolutely love it or get out over the net you're you get it catholics or if you're going to run away a billion miles an hour so we actually got this for Christmas and we're going to try to interact cloud with Nikki has a girl alerted with it yet is the first interaction is a moment to remember no biggie to control this thing what's another boy controller yes doctor oh okay Claude coming back soon to me I have like no controller in the car I can't believe you shared it thank you for watching hey look there's you mean you a cloud I'm so good alright you have to give credit for just being completely unique and actually hating like this is our actual like house out of Legos and they moved it around and mendel out the door the TV they have the whole thing I think the craziest part is that they built cloud it is amazing I said that what was really interesting so got even points for that ensued what is next this is scanner candy I hear I guess it is you me and there's cloud of your hands ahead look at that Oh homie can I get one of those two big weigh you down are there we go twins alright well I didn't imagine I didn't know the volume wasn't good on it when I'm gonna add it because the Reverend I didn't watch them so let me let's watch that one more time yeah oh my god as we definitely missed something right at the beginning okay we'll go right from here okay hold up twin I love a little face of end alright so that was a short one next to me you're on to quality lemony and you can see love 10 million subscribers a little drawing for us is that awesome dragons except that it looks pretty cool all right to quality revenues let's get you and pull my car back so carmine so we can't tell what baby comes around your pocket already you stopped me on the cloud yeah what's up guys boy Bonjour okay so it's kind of cool how like some of them are super long and other ones are like short little clips from our video and everyone is a completely different drawing style tool would you fall oh this one this yeah I just look cool you know it sounds like my pale looks rain your body building sure alright so this one is by piggy and cloud the savageness to cumber but piggy on YouTube and I will have YouTube channels down below of course guys so I think I get it perfectly I just about done what's up guys right now we are back to scare cloud the cucumber containing me I looked it up cats are terrified of two hungry I don't think I'm gonna bother though you super smart this is almost like cucumber seeds right here here apparently the snakes yang cucumber we have it in the fridge ready oh my goodness is huge I'm gonna draw a face Mitch are you really going to do you see it that's terrifying ah still looks pretty happy to me I bet he was terrified trick him he's gonna go over the tree I'm gonna sweep these behind if you think you get attacked by snakes he's fucking loud complete fail three no no I got an idea cloud your ass is it me or are you like this baby like this is Caroline cloud you see the face no baby she's didn't working and visited it we tried now we're you know I requested this video and hearing his class versus snakes slice cucumber that he is the true winner of the day daddy oh oh here we go they just went right into another one in there alright so that was pretty cool too I love how a lot of people use the cucumber one so they have use a lot from your channel actually for the blog I'm through now something's by mouth to you alright so we can see armor hammer in the kitchen alright so this is the true wasn't watching what David and welcome back to another video so today we are playing watch your mom although I found this at Walmart and it looks like a good time so basically I've already be doing is we're and be wearing this really weird-looking mouth guard extremely attractive like really sexy look at me just to show you guys all right let me see how do you do this again Laura Anderson cards here what we do is we take up the colors and then we have to say a phrase while waiting right now and this one says pumpernickel and pickle sandwiches is both random things ever so other person has to guess what they are actually saying we're gonna actually make it so you guys can get to we're not going to show you the card until after yes we have 60 seconds we will turn this upside down and the time would go if you do get it you get one point where we don't get any place then we're in trouble we really don't over in a place where you didn't play no fibers and you don't know how good we're going to be we hadn't played it before yeah I'm sorry to find out with that and honestly I changed the rule slightly because they're supposed to be teams and we have no friends Oh better than we are oh by the way looking at the rules and everything over here it says that there's actually a person that supposed to go first oh okay which is the rear that has gone the walnuts without brushing his or her Chico's first inning that yeah oh so every what does that mean I'm just playing it in your mouth um are you guessing sir I'm reading off the car so I must be putting in my mouth sir okay all right that was gonna happen dude we have some really fun stuff planned for like quads now video really don't tell no wrong there's something really cool yawning really strange all they do is if you're nervous you know definitely subscribe leave a comment down below saying you subscribe to beat the hundred you can have an increasing amazing supporting you here we do the search applause hey guys seriously thank you for the amazing support on the channel it has been awesome and I have his paper I seen so much this what you do because when people make those songs about me where it says at a paper mill of paper so we're going to put down a point on this paper apparently and I some of this in my house first okay and then we can all slip this over let me up I'm sure that someone must have animated that really help really ten minutes left the house Oh last time loose movers was in the competition too so it's another person there was in it last time let's get it right in the beginning that was good I love the look of you in real life no I love game see I really like how to use the real you instead of your character and you look epic yes down but I was hoping for my fair part right here we go Bruce move on to the next I am loaded on us already I'm loving it I think this is the frustration is room I really watch the keyboard I love this what is up with your socks alright you don't like my son I don't wear my socks that high I didn't mess up the socks other than that I was pretty brilliant you do I like how they do your muscles alright so yeah it's some of these I'm really skinny made me a lot skinnier than I am this one I look fabulous alright let me I like this one put this on my wall you can't be my bosses but they're there I am so sure oh my god that was one of my favorite one it was so short but it was like so oh oh my god I'm watching it again that's how much I like her here we begin today all right so now is anybody Kenny so I'm quite sure this was the longest animation of all but I'd like people put so much work into this I didn't want to like cut it short you know what are looking at okay this is a big mouth challenge again okay this one was very long but I did not want to cut anyone the animation half they were so worn on it this one was a little over three minutes long from what I remember being the longest animation in the contest so if you want to hear all they had to include they had to have because over three minutes long all right so here we go and when I like skip because I skim through these to make sure you know I could choose the right ones you know the best one yeah and there were some hilarious looking faces I saw in this run right here we go kind of scary [Applause] oh there's the puffer I can't even understand myself I have no idea what I said your video okay is taken you King was a harbor puing basement eat it maybe vomiting or mommy's was every on that no one got that no one is absolutely no we're playing a five by three okay thank you my god totally ridiculous Oh something your teeth up to be there okay here we go for me go the hattingh oh hi the berry girl baton fuck you remember what the saying is if you go remember the face adding glory of the Big Mac and Friday the captain boy yeah we're now to get no points no point oh that was amazing why did you have minecraft character it was so adorable with the mustache of the beard you know they're in trouble the viewers are in so much trouble is gonna be so hard to vote on their I mean so it's gonna be impossible to pick a winner on this so remember guys we're going to showcase a bunch of these on Jen channel so if you don't win first place in the $250 you still can get your channel advertised plus they're going to all the channels down below and they spot specifically advertising videos on Jen's channel to which there's so many good ones are at least top five any good one rabbit top 10 I love them all so much it's all been so good alright actually 0 IX let's get it right the beginning Oh points no point what's up dude pan welcome back to another video so today we're playing watch um well garan alright I'll make it how do you do this again alright shit oh my god it made me sound like I said I gotta push it oh wait there ya go makes it how do you do this again will go if you do you get one point where we don't get any good then we're in trouble and we are oh by the way I was looking at some rules and everything over here it says that there's actually a person that's supposed to go first oh okay it says the reader that has gone the longest without brushing his or her Kiko its first anything that here yeah we do this blows alright so that was another really good one I love how people use that intervention different clips from the videos alright so next up we have hat Sumi bamboo alright so let's see if we get this right at the beginning here but another really good one they're all so good it's amazing Oh again good okay doc we have listened watch your mouth was a popular one because I think it was one of the funniest videos you ever made I never yeah and I guess I'm gonna behind forget I'm sure everyone but another amazing one I love how these are drawings are like more like you know they cartoony yeah so it's me and Jen in Minecraft or in real life you know like cartoony fashion in this one your head is so big that's my like Matt you know clearly my mask right there okay so next job I think we'll get to it don't everybody Taylor I'm sorry alright okay I got this perfect and I heard this one is girl cat love this was the winner so she won the competition last summer on the second competition can she went again oh that's fine now all right so this is what I got Jen the giant teddy bear which is actually bigger than this it's so big but here we go no time I'm gonna be high in this okay i watch by the way good this thing could be shipping you do you room that way I knew he's ever know I just got back from the dining room yeah don't mind you to me oh good we're married I'm bringing her over the threshold oh this is just beautiful it's a beautiful moment right here ready or not here I come wait go grab a camera are you ready all right so now on it was so good – oh my god they're just it's tough competition this guy really is oh I love how she used on that one where there's like Superbad videos oh man the bear is so crazy this one I saw like they even you know they mentioned to me this system a very long time to make because they drew everything and then tried to get onto the computer and it's like it's like drawers like a pencil or something it looks like so this one is my game the mercenary it I just I love the look of it so far oh here we go patient area is it was released on tour this is my house one more over I belong in a while [Applause] [Applause] I look ultra gigantic in that one I love it something like so wide there so they I love it alright so that was another good one in once again what I'm loving about this is there's so many unique ones that are drawn differently yeah everything is so unique and creative alright so crazy skateboard was in the last competition as well what's the difference I think they were in the top three or top five at least this person so this could be an interesting one so that's your an asset all right all right so I think this is when we start doing punishments on our channel and it might have been remember one there was one where we tied the other person up in port I sound yeah this is my toes I'm thinking that's what it seems like so far scuzz I don't remember getting tied up many times wait check out we were blond that's when your hair was growing alright here we go alright looks like okay we're equals what's the N again I don't know them outro music pursue because we're talking a little bit here we go check out my body okay we're gonna need a lot of bad jokes right now okay maybe that was the end yeah I was kind of hoping cool oh this one looks cool doesn't it I was kind of hoping the ice is gonna get pour it down alright so next up when I was going through these guys another one it looks super unique but look out Q Andres cut these out of paper today dude I don't know how they did this but looks amazing pretty sure that's hot sauce right there there's get another hot sauce one put that animation another really good one yeah I mean if I had to choose like I'm gonna have trouble voting myself as I actually do like to vote can I love her everyone no you can only vote for one person over what I don't know it's gonna be hard so make sure you make the right bolt guys alright so next up that you made it over here we go ahead citikitty three that's more now ready alright Rock Paper Scissors shoot pretty happy or ugly we should go to that one okay they're really not that easy to over after all I go away too much – how come I show you oh it's Griffin I don't know if you can see it here yeah so I'll just you know pour this donor ahead know her even bipasha smelly smelly t-shirt yeah don't let it drip on your dress Oh baby smell it oh boy here we go what am i okay what is happening oh yeah area she shot a lot out okay another bad huh okay that was really cool I know they definitely went with a different style where they actually moved around but also it was like cut out clips of paper and I bugged how like how they did that but it was a maze let me drank like our face with like changed it would be like smiling on everyone Oh Chrissy soda is next this was in the top three last time you did put their video on the channel I believe so there's gonna be another amazing one and based on how it looks at the beginning I think it's gonna be pretty awesome looks so good [Laughter] [Laughter] you can remember doing babies made in vomiting mommy's little dinosaurs coming out my mom they didn't want to put babies even maybe I didn't want to draw action or any mantra actual Bobby so I really got a feeling I didn't mess it up I heard Ida cook since an amine is vomiting mommy's the end of that one I love did the drawings are so good I'd say those are probably some of the best drawings in the entire convocation right there all right so the next one at present how to husband's be a good husband on down on day this one is guy step one walking back yeah wait is this the same person Oh maybe needed to oh because it looks to see you my thing yeah they look similar okay so I think this was this the same person so keep keep judging keep judging them I think last time they meet your animation Superman I remember oh here we go through the top with pink some animals nor your wife in there Oh rats you and our good husband I think I love that one more than the other one it was so adorable you like that one even met in the first one is everything about it I said that was absolutely beautiful I don't know where the music came from so if I had cut out the music from the video I am super sorry for that guys but wow this looks amazing the drawings were so good in the last person you got over just you're amazing you're all amazing you do these things all right is we are on to the next one that I totally didn't forget to put in the video yeah many hours later ready big kids not wearing different clothes so this one is like Andy Jewell and this was one of the winners from last time Jules found their animation let's watch it I'm gonna grab a camera and we're going to go all right where are we going we're going to sign well we probably should mention what we're eating first oh no we got a new boy and she's a little Persian King for Twitter friendly what where we go no walk that were you wearing on a video I have not seen that outfit remember oh I remember it a little bit more I want to see the full outfit I don't think he showed the flaw [Laughter] I don't think you're ready for the next part are you yeah are you ok 3 2 1 oh my god see I can't believe I miss how did you forget that one is so good is one of the best of all no don't worry guys I believe I'm an every single amazing one into the contest now alright so it looks like the next one is twister you can see even though the tools over there things that didn't clean up our legs right there Oh in the chairs everything is going perfectly even like the spot this was anything as we get ready to be getting this one is what it is Azul dot we'll go with that that was horrible hey man one where they got the best part of the video very good they got the best part when I fell on the ground seriously that was the best part of the whole video all right so next up we got captain Maria and there is Jan and there is me but only 23 seconds left so I imagine this is very very short this is probably the last one then all right let's see unless it's like – like really short one what's up dudes it's pat and welcome back to another video so today we are playing pi i go to surgery we've got this contraption set on my head is so big you ain't gonna look good eyes don't beat my eyes Fitness oh here's another one so I'm glad that someone actually did the PI face with you I'm surprised there were more Pisces I don't I know there was like so many of the watch involved order one time face alright so the last one guys only seven seconds long Alex a movie star planet that's really good alright so what I'm more like feminine than usual I kind of like got the anime look teeny I got like I got a little blush on the cheek something I'm seeing it good alright let's get right in the beginning here we go one welcome back to another video miniature toilet alright so that was the end of it that is the final one guys where we got the little toy late actually likes how all of a sudden I was like dressed and tired but for me I was ridiculous altitude that was it that was every single one like how Rosanna wasn't no so don't dis compare the last time crazy crazy good like seriously remember I'm telling you there was at least two hours or the videos I had to cut it down to the best ones and watching this every single one was amazing thank you guys very much we love each and every one of you yeah we love you dudes thank you so much what you want to do now because you didn't do it yet go for your favorite go vote for your favorite that person will win $250 then the people in the next places will get their channel sign on Jen's channel so that way you know they can grow their channels you want to do this to help people out in seriously guys thank you so much I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did subscribe to our YouTube channel also leave a comment down below saying you subscribed and I will try to comment to as many of you guys I can thank you for watching and we will see you next time you


  1. So sorry for the delay guys!! We missed one person and had to re-edit and reupload the vid but it is here!!!!! Thanks everyone who made us an animation! You are all amazing 🙂

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