check out this unbelievable for dead animation called fortnight adventures what's your reading it's a god I bought on the internet on how to improve howdy howdy for God just true maybe you could just google the matter we need to get good get the good boy get the lady with her groceries this morning I mean good at the game we haven't won a single match this entire time oh that's that's pretty bad but that's because you left me alone drop from the blue because you were too busy talking to the bus driver oh you're carlos has such good stories the bus driver is the best this book is saying we need to practice on these five steps oh okay what are the sips let's check it out step number one number one is aiming aiming okay didn't prove are aiming through some target shoot sounds good buddy step one mm oh nice oh you sure shoot it shoot it you got it Oh careful he bites it back a bit dangerous let's just throw it to the sky and I'll shoot it on its way down just put it on the floor oh no oh it's gone it's gone down are you kidding me he just threw it all the way to space a little slower this time that way oh no oh shoot it I think he miss I know the bottom Oh step to positioning okay here that you should always try to get an advantageous position all right sounds good especially the high ground yeah so let's make an exercise let's say you fighting me alright sounds like a great exercise oh he's in the best position right now you underestimate my power in those cases you should just build something to get on top of ya just build it three that's how you do for nailing oh that's step three building legs sep 3 will be here that building is actually one of if not the most important thing in the game so we're really just building is by far the most important thing and shooting one build later build a house nice that's a beautiful cube it's a fort it's it's a beautiful force sure it is why does it have my face oh well next step is that we gotta edit fast and effective okay like this check it out whoa I just made a window that's a super fast edit and shoot enemy through it see nice oh it's a to building and editing yes okay seven four focus final step we gotta name is 570 focused no matter what we must pay attention to the things that will bring us closer to victory yes nor everything else think about victory visualize the victory victory round let's go yes I can taste the victory nice ice cream victory is sweet and refreshing oh look at these news what what a pathetic bunch they don't even have skins in a world obsessed with shallow outer appearances why should we in a virtual world that is supposed to exist at the Mars gay we are not noobs we have plenty of experience yeah they just doesn't mean anything here it does she's a default Bella Paz skin victory royale and we got plenty of those check this out oh my goodness okay they actually have a lot of victory or else look at that that's actually a lot of them give me that oh you want some advice kid quit Oh always snap big chance we never quit right said don't quit guys come on quit don't never give up well yeah but how do you how could you go against that odds were not in our favor yeah faster yes exactly time to lose like this time I see you guys let's meat it retail ro oh then we can have our duel to the death oh sure to bring some good weapons so we can take them away from you oh snap oh is that and refill row back in the day that refill row was still a theme all right they're ready and they are it everybody seems to be ready pull that guy and start to deal with wait hey he just disappeared oh you seized a burger what are you doing delicious burger in the middle of something here is your friend gonna fight us whoa just give us a second come on sip you're making us look bad come on fight him you got it we just you know at the fort night first please oh I promise we're all gonna fight better if we're well fed that's a good one everybody get a nice burger you know for medium fries oh yes for ice cream oh that's delicious yeah no what do you guys want oh wait that's just for him so where are you guys from oh we're both from Philly we met it wait wait this is starting to look like a double date this is more a double date right we finish don't worry yeah that's a four-day date every behind it dating yeah me too I get all nervous and start laughing no for a reason oh look at this should we fight nah I don't feel like killing after me don't do your puppet show me too so what are you doing later I'm going to a puppet show yay yes look at me – what's your favorite fighting meanwhile this is what happened in the battle bus the bus driver he was just casually you know driving the bus John wick is there rift is there default is there elf is there you know everybody's their rides left alright it's the it's a big and there you know everybody jumps out the bus driver it's just having a good time rides left 999 alright that's a lot of bus drivers buses driver you gotta drive a lot of buses alright everybody having a good time jumping out of the bus but you fell asleep a few times this is pretty bad that is pretty bad the bus driver rights left just one men just one open oh but you can always take your day off the day the rest of the day off I mean oh all right so the bus driver he seems to be falling asleep wait John wait hasn't jumped yet I think he's done for polar peak or something oh no oh no the bus the bus is crashing the bus driver fell asleep this is this is really really bad hello bus driver bus rider hello Oh No bus driver you touch the water that was way too close Oh up nope they fell out well and that sucks oh well bus driver why don't you just keep on going man you enjoyed these amazing fortnight animation may click on the screen right now to check out this author amazingly awesome fortnight animation


  1. Why did this turn in to a reacting channel? Not that I don't love the vids, it's great content. But what happened?

  2. Just to tell you youve been yajing other people ideas and not shouting thim out so all those vids that are like this one can get taking of of youtube

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