37 thoughts on “Responsive Web Design Tutorial – 1 – Why My Website Sucks”

  1. Even responsive mobile sites need to adapt to force enable zoom. When pinched in it should act like a sort-of normal webpage. In some Mobile sites, the top static bar will cover the whole screen. Aren't the static navbar responsive?

  2. I've come to say that Daniele's said 😀
    He's so funny. I 'm from Turkey and I can barely speak and understand english but I can understand what he says and makes me laugh a lot. Thank you so much Bucky. I love the way your fucking teaching. 🙂

  3. Don't get me wrong, but lately I'm seeing every website is becoming responsive and what I really don't like about it is that for me every responsive site look almost the same, like a clone of another, specially when you srhink the window, or device and every site is a 1 collums stie that feels empty of content with almost nothing to see and a bunch of vertical scrolling chaos… I miss old school sites.
    I honestly prefer to have to zoom in in a mobile device to read the text and scroll to sides in order to click on sidebar content.
    I still don't understand how people prefer to visit websites from mobile phones instead of using a pc or a laptop which are more powerfull devices than a mobile.
    Why can't it be like having 2 versions of a webpage, one for desktop and other one for mobiles tablests? I saw on a mobile today the option for activating the desktop mode of the page but apparently there are pages that force you to use the responsive mobile site.

  4. jaja i got to say… i was worry about the comment "this guy is an idiot" then you commented that the site was yours… made me laugh!!

    tanx for this! greetings form México!

  5. ahh this is the culprit for the new layouts since 2012, so they try to make it usable for all platforms.. damn the internet browsing experiences on a pc or laptop is fuked

  6. Wow, I have been waiting for you to make responsive web design videos. You have the best tutorials and I am glad you were born.

  7. Is this like the flexible box model Bucky taught us in the HTML5 playlist? or is this still using the traditional box model but making it flexible?

  8. Thanks, but could you maybe include things like the proper alignment, spacing and these things like how to place call-to-action buttons – you know, "normal" web design stuff, design rules? That would be great. Otherwise, thanks for this tutorial series.

  9. This method is for lazy people. it will not work so many thing on mobile if you use this method.for example direct call when you click a phone number on mobile site…

  10. hmmm I wonder if there is a program that could take old HTML and CSS and make it responsive, and if there isn't I might start working on one  

    Edit – Not sure if this works but this is what I found 

  11. Awesome tuts from Buckys Room, Please focus on images (less images more css) and cross-browser compatibility. Hope you can. you are the master and you make game looks easy. Thanks for your videos.

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