roblox youtuber corl scared everyone by returning with...interesting images

roblox youtuber corl scared everyone by returning with…interesting images

oh boy today we get to talk about a legendary and infamous individual in the roblox community that you probably have not heard been discussed about in several months other than just for clickbait Dana I'm not making this video to start controversy and I am not making this video to cause speculation or three start drama but I'm making this video out of genuine concern because of the fact of the context of the images that the individual posted I would like to know more and the person was really irresponsible with this one also please make sure to LIKE and subscribe my channel is passing a waste we need more subscribers so the individual that we are going to be discussing today in this roblox video is a none other than coral now I'm pretty certain a large majority of the roblox community remembers all of the coral drama that happened way back at the beginning of the year where he basically got expelled from roblox YouTube entirely because of the way that he treated a fan giving a small recap on that situation just to jog your memory a little bit coral told a fan that had made like some fan art for him or a fan t-shirt that it was cringy and basically every single content creator even content creators not in the roblox queue YouTube community saw it and started grabbing him for that like I saw people from the Fortnite community like shadek oh its verb and other people getting involved and they don't even make roblox videos so after all of this happened coral got pretty much expelled from the community all of his videos were masked disliked and he really went kie he hasn't done anything on social media for several months at this point and we really thought that after the whole drama situation that this would be the last though we see of coral and also I'm gonna put another disclaimer please do not go hate on coral for this drama that happened several months ago we all have pretty much gotten over it the roblox community has moved on from this at is pointless to continue to hate him for that but ladies and gentlemen today I have a very interesting announcement to give you today coral has returned shortly on social media and on their Twitter account on YouTube but they made some tweets that were very turning to me and that's pretty much why I wanted to make this video so I can try to find out any information I can about this like I would have stayed away from this I wouldn't have discussed this or talked about this but once again considering of the nature of the images that you are about to see and how random and how these have no context whatsoever in them now you will understand why I'm going to be discussing this today whorls first post after a five-month inactivity hiatus was this image I kid you not this is coal right here the guy that got expelled from roblox YouTube his hair grown out laying on like a futon right here with a shotgun a actual shotgun now there were a lot of my friends that thought that this was just like an airsoft shotgun and that like you know who maybe he's just showing it off or something but my friend John roblox he got investigated into this because I asked him cuz he knows a little bit about guns and I don't and he said that it is a Mossberg shotgun and he recognized it immediately from the features on the shotgun and that's not all with the posts from coral he then posted two other images of him posing with the shotgun one with him pointing it his finger is not on the trigger by the way so thankfully he knows a little bit about gun safety but regardless he is still holding that this shotgun in these next two images with his hair growing out and what looks like to be an empty room no context no captions to the images and very randomly after five months of inactivity now at first I joked about this on Twitter I thought that this was just like an edgy meme like you know oh he just came back and posted a shotgun and then they had to double take on this and then I was like this isn't really suspicious like as soon as this happened some of my friends like Darlene who is a Fox's wife and Jane G they both DM to me and got super worried about this because of the fact that there's no context to these images whatsoever and they're just I don't know like I really don't know an important thing to keep in context is that on July 20th that is when Quarles birthday is so maybe that is why he posted these I'm not sure but like I feel like that's incredibly immature of a thing to do is when you have a following on social me is to post pictures of you holding a gun with no context at all it's scaring a lot of the roblox community at this point because I've posted my entire thread of talking about the situation and how it really makes me kind of concerned for the PALS like you know Elijah Alex Denis and other people I'm worried for their safety because this student knows where they live this guy knows their locations and if he's posting a picture of himself threatening looking but shotgun I'm not particularly sure that gives me the best image in my mind of what could possibly happen not that I am saying directly that coral is going to go out of his way directly to commit a crime like I'm a very broad thing to assume right off the bat from this situation but there's always the possibility especially with the lack of context coming from Carl let's take an example of taking a look at people that have posted images with guns and to see how suspicious these two look side-by-side one that has nothing to do with this situation 200 C you can understand an instance like this of someone holding a gun and not being creepy and one of them being a little bit unsettling and worrying like here's an image that John shedletsky former admin of roblox posted saying ready if the British come back for from July and he posted this image of him holding a certain guy I don't know the specifics I'm sorry and he posted this in the form of July if I'm doing this and even Albert found this funny it had context to it it had an effect people knew that this wasn't serious at all and that's what I mean here those differences between the situation whereas if you look at Coral he has no context he was post and he just randomly decided to post these images of him holding a Mossberg shotgun after five months of inactivity and uh I don't know man it's suspicious for sure this even got to the point where sub his old manager said can someone send me the coral thinks he blocked me on everything and then once he got the information about this subset at Yanks I feel like maybe he did it as a joke but that is still pretty dark I'm not gonna speak for him though as I have no idea what is going on inside of his head and at the end of the day even with the dark possibilities that come from this I still really do think that this probably was just a joke from corals and like trying to be edgy or something I'm not particularly sure why ice once again feel like that's incredibly immature for him to do especially after a long hiatus on social media maybe he could come back maybe he could come back and be like you know oh hey guys I've changed a little bit and they've grown and I've been doing things as my life that would be a nice life update for somebody that got expelled from the roblox community right but instead of doing the mature thing he decided to use this opportunity to scare the living heck out of his audience and many other members of the roblox community by posting gun images with no context and the possibility of scaring people with this I'm not really sure what to think about this man this popped up randomly like last night or so and I really wanted to take my time to formulate this situation and get this out there I'm not saying that coral is like a criminal and he's gonna commit some horrific act but like it just it feels so unsettling to have him post these just after like several months of inactivity and also another thing to keep in mind I believe that the rest of the PALS other than subah are aware of this it's just he has them blocked on every part of social media I don't think they think they are in real danger or anything but I don't know man I still would be careful because he does have all of their addresses it's definitely a weird situation that I did not personally expect to pop up on a Friday nights but uh here we are I guess now while we're at it and while we're in the middle of all of this let's go ahead and read off some of the community people's reactions to this entire thing a lot of people on these threads including myself before I took this a bit more seriously I've been making a lot of jokes about it but then there's people like Creek Croft that are like you okay dude cuz he also shares the exact same concern that I – he actually DM me about this trying to get more information and I really didn't have that much to give him unfortunately my friend and Jake's girlfriend Allie said honestly I don't care if coral is doing just some XD epic bait or anything it's always best to make sure you take these things seriously or else face the consequences later you never know what might happen is all that I'm saying but do leave social media from months without a word and suddenly comes back posting pictures with actual shotguns without any context that does not sit well with me and joke or not he is adults and I know he knows those images may come across the people and then there's other people that repeat it basically the same thing that Ali was trying to get across is that people should be taking this a lot more seriously considering the context of the situation and the fact that this came pretty much out of nowhere I don't know man I personally am not really fearing much because it is his birthday on the 20th and this probably does have some correlation to that but it's once again it's hard because you have to you can only speculate in this situation because he's blocked pretty much anyone that can get into real contact with him and it makes it really difficult to figure it out which I think that probably was his intention so if that is the case this dude is really grossed in that regard but I will end this video off here with a question are you worried about the same images that I'm talking about in this video cuz like for all I know coral has been afk from social media for several months and comes back and post images like that it really does not settle well with me and I think other people should probably feel the same way anyway folks thanks for checking out this video if you enjoyed it make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and check out my other roblox vids cuz I make videos like this every single day till next time folks okay now base

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  1. so corl deleted the tweets of him but it's still pretty low taste to come back with images of him holding a shotgun. he's not really a threat so don't worry

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