Samsung Galaxy A20 On Metro By T-mobile Huge Phone

Samsung Galaxy A20 On Metro By T-mobile Huge Phone

hello I will come if we want to avoid a stick and we back again for another video and another form from the Samsung Samsung just announced that they're going to release the Samsung Galaxy 820 through Metro by t-mobile and this phone seems to me is very promising device we're gonna be talking about everything you guys need to know about the phone the launch time the price the specification so bear with me and let's find out let me begin with a mosque popular questions I'll be asked about when the form of be available through Metro by t-mobile and what the price of the phone so the phone will be available through Metro on Monday July the 22nd I might get the fonder earlier or on the same date or maybe a few days after I'm not quite sure but once I have my hands on you guys gonna be the first to see other video so make sure to subscribe and if you have not subscribed yet subscribe hit the bell for notification so that way you're going to be notified once I upload the video now for the pricing the pricing may change in the future depends on what metro pcs offer deals on the phone but the current price as the meantime right now the phone is two hundred and thirty nine ninety nine and metro offer you a special price discount for being a customer now if you start a new number with Metro on the current time I'm talking about the meantime the phone has hundred-dollar instant rebate so this will bring the price to one hundred and thirty nine ninety nine now if you decide to go bring your number over from a different carrier like booze brand Verizon and t-mobile brands the phone also gonna be eligible for another $50 discount to bring the price down to 89 and 99 now moving to the main specifications in the feature for the phone starting with the display we have edge to edge display with a new ratio infinity display from Samsung with 19 by 9 ratio it seemed to me very beautiful display the size is a huge 6.4 high-definition 720 by 1560 we don't have full high-definition something little disappointing for this device because the size the screen is big now I'm very excited about the camera on the phone because we have dual camera 13 megapixel and five megapixel for the back and it megapixel or selfie flash on the front I'm very excited because normally we see two Camera 3 camera only if you buy the flagship phones through Metro by t-mobile but this time around formed with affordable price with two camera from Samsung and very excited about this and seems to me this time around Samson they're not using snapdragon also they're using their own external surprises of 7904 1.8 octa-core processor for the speed of the CPU and the internal memory is 32 gigabyte and around 3 gigabyte of RAM and I know a lot of you guys complaining about low ram in samsung devices but you guys need to know that samsung image were they trying to offer you the phone with very affordable price you have the option to add as become up to 512 gigabytes very nice the good news here for the size of the barrel Samsung has decided to go with four thousand milliamp hour battery thank you so much we've been waiting for a phone with affordable price with four thousand milliamp hours for a long time we have 15 watt for fast charging with USB C in addition to this we have fingerprint ID and facial recognition we have also the latest a metro by t-mobile ban 600 band supported and for the Wi-Fi we have the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz and I believe that was very much it for that video you guys don't want to miss see me doing unboxing a review for this phone subscribers you haven't hit the bell for notification and give this video a thumbs up if you this video helpful for you as hours we'll see you in the next video

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  1. Metro and boost are just never going to release a phone with a good price straight talk is just the way to go for pre paid got the galaxy s8 for 300 outright that's not cheap but compared to other companies it is and the service runs off Verizon at&t and T mobile towers never even lost LTE+ anywhere while metro and boost are still releasing 2gb ram phones in 2019

  2. Hard pass for me. Again Metro shafts its current customers so they can get their new customers and shine them up nice. For the price of getting a new activation I can get the BLU Vivo XL4 which has the same features as this phone for a lot less, good quality and minus bloatware.

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