Sasha Banks heads to SmackDown and more in WWE Draft Second Round: SmackDown, Oct. 11, 2019

Sasha Banks heads to SmackDown and more in WWE Draft Second Round: SmackDown, Oct. 11, 2019

100 thoughts on “Sasha Banks heads to SmackDown and more in WWE Draft Second Round: SmackDown, Oct. 11, 2019”


  2. the only reason they drafted Sasha to Smackdown is because Michael Cole still wants to say IT'S BOSS TIME Same for Roman Reigns THE BIG DOG

  3. I see a Baley and Sasha feud coming. Baley is the new Smackdown Champion and Sasha wants a title. I think the new Baley won't care about their friendship and we'll have a great feud to watch if WWE doesn't screw it up like they did last time the Boss and Hug connection we're fighting. Instead of rolling with Baley snapping on Sasha and beating her up. They could of made that a great storyline and feud. Instead they sent them to therapy.

  4. Glad to see Sasha on Smackdown.. with Becky staying on Raw. Good luck Becky trying to get good matches out of Alexa Bliss.

  5. Sasha going to Smackdown was the right move and justified her loss to Becky. I think the idea would've been for her to eventually challenge Charlotte for the title, but she got hurt so they changed plans and went with Bayley instead.

  6. Smackdown getting Braun Strowman that was a surprise pick indeed maybe they want to use him either to make a survivor series triple threat match with Brock Lesnar and Cain Velasquez or a storyline with Bray at the Firefly Fun House ohhh this is gonna be sweet!!!!

  7. I like the old draft pick way. Who ever win the match get the pick, and it randomly generate their pick. You get more of the feels with the random generated compare to just saying it on a card

  8. Sasha Banks to Smackdown was really the only surprising move in the draft, other than that the rest of the picks were obvious. Entire show was boring tbh. Hope Smackdown gets even better picks at the conclusion on RAW.

  9. pathetic how wwe is just about feminism now ever since vince's daughter took more control… instead of a far bigger star randy orton the heading is about sasha banks..what a joke.. no wonder why the ratings are continuously dropping

  10. Braun vs bray Wyatt Book it! The fiend does not need to be restricted by championship storylines just give him meaningful fueds!

  11. I'm happy to see Sasha Banks coming to Smackdown. I think she would've been wasted on Raw. Her and Charlotte Flair have had some of the best and most brutal matches ever so this outta be really good. Eric Bischoff is really getting some great stars for Smackdown. Great job,Eric!

  12. (Cole moves to Smackdown, BEFORE Sasha comes to Smackdown)
    Fans: THANK GAWD, we don’t have to hear Michael Cole say “IT’S BOSS TIME!!!”

    WWE: Hold my beer…

  13. All the big superstars r going to smackdown then what about raw
    Orton lashley ricochet realy
    Wwe is not booking them like they diserve

  14. Imagine if Sasha made her blue just to be different, then because of it she's drafted to the B show to me that's a real shame.

  15. I stopped watching see because Sasha banks left and I COME BACK TO SEE THIS! yea I'm mad and her hair is blue?? WHAT? CAN'T BELIEVE THIS

  16. Who thinks that because Sasha is on smack she will help smackdown win survivor series or even beat Becky if she has the title

  17. Great more " Boss Time" from Cole. I bet He really wanted her on SmackDown so he could continue to say that line 😤

  18. I dont want women raw so many then women Smackdown you must discuss about women draft again you must repeat the draft for women WWE i really dont want if women raw so many then women smackdown all must draw women raw and women smackdown

  19. I thing i know why you make womem so many then women smackdowm because you always win and you selfish stephenie i want you to make again wwe draft for women and you make all must draw women raw and women smackdown

  20. Randy Orton being drafted to RAW is a big loss to Smackdown. If he, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre are all on RAW; then who is going to be next in line to Brock Lesnar's WWE title.

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