100 thoughts on “Saturn on Sunset -SPRAY PAINT Art by Skech”

  1. I've actually started spray paint art two weeks ago and I never knew I could do this. But I love how to make the simplest things into something amazing.

  2. Two questions.
    1. What brand of paint do you use?
    2. what do you do to blend your colors? When I try to blend you can almost see lines.
    You are an amazing artist!!!
    Thanks for sharing your videos.

  3. bro this is one of the best I've seen thus far…. do you use a regular poster board or a cotton poster board.

  4. What kind of Paper/Board do you use? I've tried a poster board and it kept getting bubbles. Thank you! Also nice work!

  5. man! your technique is amazing. I learn something new every time I watch. how do you figure out what colors to use?

  6. what is the tool that you are using when you are "scratching" in the details or signing your name (sorry if that's not the right term… but best description I could come up with)????

  7. I love it, soo much! But how long do you do this spray paint? I mean real time, you know, without speed it up. It is just 10 minutes (or more) or maybe until 1 hours?

  8. From min: 5:43 ist this a Star wars Song … I think so ?! But i dont know the Name … Or when im wrong pls. correct me 🤙🤔😉

  9. Hey, I absolutely love your work man. Youve actually inspired me to start myself. I'm 3 paintings deep now actually. The outcomes have been less than desirable. I keep having a problem when using the glossy magazines to make textures on plantes and mountains. When I pull the magazine up I get these like Strings that come off the paint and magazine and IDK how to fix. Idk if I'm pushing to hard or what. I use clear to help but still. I use glossy paint, posterboard, and magizines. Only thing I can think to do is use shopping bag next time instead of magazine. Think you could help me with this problem?

  10. Question! new fan and just messing around flexing my creative muscle (its small at the moment) but i've enjoyed your videos and the few spray paints that i've done! Couple things. 1 What type of paper or board do you paint on? 2. What do you use to create the ring of saturn? 3. what do you use for that last clear/coat/flame part. Thanks!

  11. I'm very inspired by your work so I started doing it myself and it's turning out pretty good I was wondering how do you keep the paint from going on the campus when drying it are used hairspray and maybe hold it further from the canvas

  12. Nice one bro I just wanna ask you about the stencils when it comes to making a boat or camels <3 help out bro I really like how you paint

  13. What would you class as the easiest Spray paint project that you have ever completed on youtube? Please let us know. I'm sure we would all love to know

  14. Your work is very impressive. Are you a member of the IAAA ( International Association of Astronomical Artists)? If not, you should seriously consider joining. Most members are space artists…some already famous, some just getting started, but all doing their own style of art. Your art is unique and you would be a valuable addition to the IAAA. The artists all support each other and provide suggestions to each other, and post their works on the IAAA website. I am an Associate Member, not an artist myself, but a space art enthusiast. FYI…I do Space Engine videos on You Tube at Hap N Stance. Check out the IAAA if you haven't already. They would be pleased to hear from you. Excuse me if you are already a member.

  15. i like how the camera is over your head so we all can see your masterful skills as you do your thang…love this piece..

  16. What kind of paint did you use to make the trees, and what did you use for the white on the water? I really wanna try this

  17. you should improve your painting mate, do not create a circle object on your video. try to create another one. it would be amazing

  18. Sketch, Thank You for teaching people how to do this. You have helped me to create graphics that I'll be using in my videos and I really appreciate it. If you get a minute, check out this link. https://youtu.be/IPpsJiSSUPs I would not have been able to make this video without your teaching. Thanks again!

  19. I sold some of my paintings today for $100!!!!!! I’m pretty new to this so this made my day!! The buyer even said he would bring me more supplies!

  20. Hey man, is there a platform that you sell your art on?
    Just got my own place and I dont like much artwork besides abstract spray.

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