27 thoughts on “Self Portrait: Eyes [Drawing Time Lapse]”

  1. 0:27 Ok, I can do this
    1:27 Ok, I can definitely not do this
    1:47 Ok, I can definitely not and I will never be able to do this
    2:15 Ok, I… I don’t know what I should say, it’s just impossible, you are impossible.

    Take it as a compliment.

  2. Real printer

    You have been so much better than back in 2013 haha
    It makes me so happy
    Keep up the good work

  3. Can you do a video about your art progress throughout the years pls. Thank you for wasting about 6 seconds of your life to this comment have a good day.

  4. i remember this as my favourite drawing video from when i was like 12. I tried to copy it and was freaking proud. Thanks for making Videos Mark!

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