Shilling Entertainment Showreel

Shilling Entertainment Showreel

Luke Lorna spends his life savings on camera equipment and says since the beginning of what he hopes will be a successful career get pumped this is gonna be the best excited in 23 year old prom team builder in the states west as he was sick of seeing the same old remakes and commercial cinemas wanting to make a movie that showcases reality you know what Utah or I'll fucking kill all fucking choice no mercy no no remorse Oh fuckin tell this fucking ma then fuckin ear bye-bye shot over two weeks in his hometown and now maybe go residents he pushed his cast and crew made the friends and family to the edge to the extreme you know like passionate doesn't describe it enough even puppies it's a fuckin is a most passionate person on the planet fuck those production and it's certainly one being loved he's already got his next project ready to go and many evil adventure is fantastic at what he does his mind is something but it's never really come across before if that's a good way of explaining it out Luke said things in a completely different way and he isn't afraid get that shit again you don't worry about Mike be back shortly for you the most important is the most important thing is I want to think my absolutely amazing dedicated cast I could not have done this movie without you you were my choirs and you want my ears when I couldn't see or hear so with that being said these guys a round of applause for that thank you so much you're amazing you're such dedicated wonderful loving caring people I've had the privilege of working with you and I'll never forget it

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  1. i don't understand. is this the same young man who posted the video about his encounter with jesus? if so, this makes no sense whatsoever. the clips of this film do nothing to promote goodness, let alone god, let alone jesus christ, in the earth. in fact, just the opposite. what is going on, luke? get real. get jesus. let him renew your heart and life. allow him to work in you to be the man you were born to be and through you to do what you were born to do. which is, to bring love, light and life into the earth, not darkness, depravity and death. with love.

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