Show Me Your Smartphone | Peter McKinnon

Show Me Your Smartphone | Peter McKinnon

Peter mccannon how's it going you're here I'm finally here you're in the house I'm in the house turns out that you're just down the street from us here literally just I got kind of one-wheeled here you got a following on YouTube I do people they like yeah yep very informative cool they send you the photo you kind of rieta tit yeah that's something I started recently I thought it would just be interesting to edit other people's photos as you probably know this channel here it's all about technology I'm aware heavy focus on smartphones because I have you here I thought this would be a good opportunity to launch a brand new segment here on unbox therapy today today I asked the guest which is you okay to show me their smartphone okay let's go right now let's go now that that could mean a couple different things I think people are gonna be interested in which smartphone you're using sure and why sure what is on it what on the homepage we're going into it let's dive in it's happening let's to it right now okay the actual just iPhone you had to check his notifications first he was like what am I about to show off I have nest notification and my friend Maddie papaya which mean yeah iPhone ten okay ten I have an upgraded since wow I haven't really found the need for it yet when I'm updating my phones like I just there needs to be a significant reason for it because I'm a photographer the camera doesn't draw me as much because I already deal with tons of DSLRs and high production value cameras on a regular basis so not being like an everyday camera user where this would be my driver like it's not a big deal and in a certain way like I would assume maybe I'm wrong you can probably do more with impulse yeah with the images that you do end up taking yeah you you you may go in there and feel like you're gonna edit it a little bit whereas a more average customer might which is they're straight out of camera snap done in which case they may benefit more from some of the software base number two happening still super thin still has like the depth sensors in it so I can still get like the depth of field out of it if I want even being a photographer I still use this as much as my regular camera I guess my go to taking pictures your kids or whatever is happening in a moment I pulled this out first so you're an iOS guy you're an Apple guy yeah have you dabbled in Android I have would you consider a shift more so recently I would because there's a lot of things that just make me go like Oh a pole come on it's just that like if you don't work once it's a comfort thing you got into it so many years ago everything like all your friends and lammeter keep on – a lot of people tell me I message is a big message and airdrop man or I can't get over that what's on the homepage what are the important apps ok I'll tell you one of my most liked used apps right here that I love because I'm like I would say like I'm addicted is the arrived app made by Shopify calls through your email and it finds all your tracking numbers and puts them all in this app has like little pictures of everything that you've bought so you can just keep a bird's eye view on everything that you have and I love I love getting mail honestly this will change your life Wow real target to change everyone's lives you didn't fill the page I didn't fill it up there's a it's a bit of an odd distribution ok yeah like you've you've left one spot I did yeah messages and Instagram are the most used that's where my thumb naturally sits so it's strategic I don't want I don't want there to be an app below and beside because I might hit it by accident and then things would start getting weird right I've got a system for this you've got nest here yes you own some nest prado nest is used a lot and the thermostat I've got the cameras and the doorbell YouTube YouTube studio YouTube's pinnacle youtuber I the YouTube studio is a stressful app it's just usually letting you know like what you should be doing better this Apple Maps not Google Maps okay I'm Paige it is can we talk about it I just like to issue a perfect no no I know you don't believe it so I'd like to issue a formal apology to everybody watching so apple carplay in my truck was only using maps from Apple but it just recently got an update and now it uses Google Maps so six phone call notification yeah 502 email notification yeah that's pretty good right now 502 like I'm in a good place I'm feeling good about that but you're saying your inbox is active and you're a happening guy it's nothing's right but yeah it's not all good stuff in the inbox but it's definitely a busy place okay do we go over lets why can we go over we need swiping over to the next page this is where things get fun oh I know what ember is Oh amber life changing again I keeps your coffee warm for like up to two hours up to like a hundred and fifty degrees around that's cool I might be you in an edit I might get in the zone and then 30 minutes later my coffees cold not anymore but it is an expensive mug oh it is not cheap at all yeah you gotta be really into coffee together it oh you got the Chemex on the lawn I told you man I like coffee Wow I took that photo like as far as the ritual is concerned of actually making coffee with the Chemex it's a very sensual experience I need you to unlock again I'm one of the most fun parts of the Chemex is like just the process of how what would you name it and you have turbo skin you have turbo skin her both scan belongs in the business folder yeah I mean I guess so what is DFB oh that's we can't talk about that we can't talk about that one that's an off camera app yeah yeah Wow what's unfold unfold is an app that's actually really cool that lets you customize Instagram stories so if you want to make them look a little more artistic with layouts and not spend a lot of time with it you can snap a bunch of photos for like a photo series or something drop them into templates that have in-app purchases and stuff like that and then when you put those stories up on Instagram it just looks like a designer made them it just complements your photography and what you're trying to showcase on stories a lot better I can't help but notice skip the dishes skip the dishes yeah they're like a go-to restaurant for you on skip dishes mucho burrito oh okay Booster Juice mm-hmm yeah I Robot it might be my new favorite thing things get messy at home and I never thought a vacuum could keep up to it this guy incredible literally has brought more joy to my life Wow yep that him there that there is yeah so he goes over Robbie goes over mounts himself and empties himself into that Tower wow I really just sit there and watch we're getting some hot recommendations here I can't have a background that's so busy that it makes the apps look disgust I agree with that it's one of the reasons I've never been on snapchat because I hate the icon it's really interesting the way people set up their devices it is this is a wide variance and people have strange methods crepper how they make those decisions you know what are we got here we'll we're just we're just looking at the Instagram right now I'm pretty hardcore at the Instagram like I even have separate accounts where I preview the photo I'm going to post beforehand so I can see if it matches with the tonality of all the colors it's very snowy yes so I usually transition through the season yeah so if you keep going you'll see it'll get a little warmer starting around here you keep going down you see slowly start introducing those winter scenes so that the transitions nice so we're in the fall now Wow so we don't need the weather report we really just blog on it a cigarette no you know what season we're in ladies and gentlemen it's it's Peter McKinnon you gotta check them out on YouTube he's doing cool things good time thanks for looking at my stuff you got it

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  1. Yes, yesyesyesyessss,!!!
    Two of my favorite youtubers yessss!!! This is Just the best😁😁😁😆😆🎉🎉🎊🎊

  2. What if he had porn apps and he is in relationship
    I am worried about this full open modern world straight lifestyle
    I like bit hiding

  3. Does not use snap chat because of the icon.
    Try Android where you get to choose apps icons + many more features IOS will never offer.

  4. Peter’s so human. If you did that to me I swear I’d freak out. The professionalism stand so upright. I envy it. Not to interfere much but… That’s a bad move. Gotcha respect privacy’s liu.

  5. I gotta say I lose a lot of respect for someone who has a newer iphone especially the 8 plus like if you're gonna buy an iPhone WHY THE HELL ARE YOU BUYING THAT ONE I mean you could buy an xr for the same price but hey whatever

  6. I love this cross over, and the discussion. You guys both rock! Can we put you both in a box for like two seconds just so we can unbox you both? Could be epic.

  7. Ugggh.. trying to choose a new cell phone and I was really relying on Peter, who I'm obsessed with as a photographer to tell me which camera was best!!.. He didnt. 😭😭😭

  8. quiet surprised by seeing views for this vdo.. this vdo is 2 months old and still it is hard to getting reach at 1M views.. very surprised…

  9. This is the ultimate most amazing collab. Two amazing Youtubers together in one video. Love seeing this. Truly inspired

  10. ohmygosh i have never seen this channel b4 only came to see Peter and I just dont know about the questions….There are SO Many Answers that i wanted to hear mckinnon explain #1 IS the Snapchat ICON….Please can you tell us more i find that so interesting bc i feel the same way! I swear i have the same (OCD Genes as Peter does!)

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