37 thoughts on “Skyrim – Ultra Graphics and Path Tracing Graphics Mod Comparison”

  1. This is a first try to mod Skyrim Special Edition with a few graphics mods and add Path Tracing to it. This isn't the optimal way to mod it yet, I have to try a few more weather and lighting mods that work well with the Path Tracing Shader. Still it's a start. Path Tracing is injected via ReShade, the Path Tracing Shader has been created by Pascal Gilcher. How would you mod Skyrim? Post your ideas here, I need some inspiration 😀 <<< btw I used Vortex. You can support him by joining his Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/mcflypg

  2. Really nice but there's still a long road to achieve the most visual quintessence of Skyrim. Feel free to check my last video you will understand 😉

  3. First rule of modding a game: If ur PC still run and didn't crashed. Then u don't have enough mods installed.

  4. There are more mods that make old games look better and include ray tracing than there are new games that release with ray tracing.

  5. For some reason, in the modding comunity, they see the depth of field and the desaturation that the air creates beetwen a distant object and the viewer as something to remove =/

  6. Impressive, but it's just Screen space? So not real Full Scene Path Tracing?

    PS: Could this be done for Oblivion with Reshade? It's not quite the real deal, but it sure does get you close.

  7. Nice. It's been too long since I last bought Skyrim. I'm going to ask my friends at the chess club to do the same.

  8. 0:55 I didn't know that path tracing also enables buildings that you can't see without Path Tracing 😂😂

  9. Can anyone explain what is actually different about it, it looks like a re-skin that can be done with a graphics swap?

  10. We desperately need games built with ray/path-tracing in mind. Skyrim's PT mod gives brilliant results…but SO much of the atmosphere is lost in the process. We need games that build their atmosphere AROUND path-tracing, rather than having it added in after the fact. This comparison is absolute proof of that, but it's also a good sign of things to come. We're probably just a few years away from having this level of fidelity in mainstream games. I, for one, can't wait!

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