Smartphone Scope Camera Mount PVC/Rubber Build $5 DIY

Smartphone Scope Camera Mount PVC/Rubber Build $5 DIY

hey everybody as you see in front of you you got a rifle scope and a smarter phone well most people nowadays not everybody has a smartphone and if you're a hunter or a rifle shooter or whatever you might mind will have a scope too so if you're thinking what I'm thinking here how do you record a video or take photos through a scope well there's really no way to do that I mean basically you'd have to have the phone right behind the scope and you can't you know you wouldn't be able to hold it there to make a decent shot and keep the camera still so what we're doing today is or what I'm going to show you today is something that you can make that's really inexpensive and it'll just basically do whatever you want with your camera and your video 3 cope so here's what I have I made this from any phone case that this is a Samsung s4 it's my older phone so I'm using that for my actual video and camera stuff now I use my s6 which that's what I'm recording this with now but for the scope purpose I'm using the s4 and as you can see here I created a connector and there's two screws that screw into the phone case to the PVC this is a one and a quarter connector I believe or one inch connector that slides inside a one and a quarter by one and a quarter rubber hose connector you can pick all this stuff up at your local hardware store even the phone case in some cases but the phone case is really cheap and that's the main thing you need if you already have a phone I already had this phone case so total estimated money spent on this project yet my s4 to shoot video make a scope cam through my scope was basically five dollars on this rubber hose connector like I said one quarter inch by one quarter inch on each end cost around three dollars or so and the PVC fitting was about $1 plus tax so about $5 and and usually see these in the hardware store with the actual hose clamps I took them off because it fits on my Center Point scopes perfectly so let me go ahead and put the phone in the case and line the phone up with the reticle and you'll see what I've talked about okay so I have the scope and the camera lined up with the phone and basically you could just record from your phone all you do is click the record button but if you can't really see a clear picture like this is right now don't get discouraged all you do is just zoom in and then you can straighten out your lens and there you go this is a homemade scope cam and you see a lot of people do this style of scope cam with an iPhone but you really never see it what the galaxy whether it's s4 three five six it doesn't matter this is how you do it you just got to make sure your radicals get focused in the in the actual phone there and as you can see perfect works awesome so I just wanted to share this with everybody like I said most people have smartphones and if you don't you know you're in the dinosaur age still but it is what it is like I said though so easy to make all I have to really do is drill two holes put the screws in the line everything up and make sure this was Center because this piece this rubber hose is always going to be Center with the actual adapter here cuz I used a PVC like I said it was a one-inch piece that actually went inside the pipe and you can see the inside there or actually was the end of the pipe I'm sorry and the one-inch goes inside so this is a one-inch piece that has a half-inch hole in the center so all I had to do is line up the camera with the half-inch hole and I was good to go and I you can see in the I made my markings to drill my holes and stuff for my screws but it works perfect I have no problem with it you might have lies that the heretical is a little bit to the left which like I said that's no big deal to me and long as I can record with my scope Kim I have no you know I have no complaints about it five dollars and you got a scope Kim guys like I said I took my host Kent clamps off so this this piece right here will come with host clamps so you can adjust it to fit over scopes that don't have a gnarled focus ring like this one does most scopes are smooth so you might have to use a actual hose clamp and tighten it down and get it the way you fit and adjust it the way you need to to get it to work but other than that guys I hope you liked it it was easy to make all you really needed was a drill and some screws and you know everything else that was mentioned in this video I used to drywall screws just to be safe because it they drill it all the way through the PVC and then out the end here because that's some thick plastic so they'll get a good grab but other than that I want to say thanks for watching guys and I hope everyone enjoyed the video we'll see you on the next one

25 thoughts on “Smartphone Scope Camera Mount PVC/Rubber Build $5 DIY”

  1. This is really cool. Great job. I don't own any guns or rifles but imma go buy a scope now lol

  2. Just did this for my Vortex with the 1-1/4” rubber adapter. I hot glued the fitting to the case then used small rivets instead of screws, but it worked perfectly! The friction fit onto the scope is more then enough.
    Thanks for the idea!

  3. So if you mount a decent IR torch you got night vision…. For almost no cost….!!!!!!!!…. AWESOME….

  4. My scope came with a rubber eye piece extender and I attached my phone and it was free (other than buying the scope) but I got inspiration from your build thanks

  5. So far nobody manufactured a scope that records videos and audio for these occasions and download files via micro usb and charge battery as well, well theres it is, a concept and money to be made. if any of you makes money out of this please send me some. 😀

  6. So far nobody manufactured a scope that records videos and audio for these ocassions, well theres it is, a concept and money to be made. if any of you makes money out of this please send me some. 😀

  7. I'm going to add this to my spotting scope for the target range i'm tired of squinting into the scope to see the target hits.Thanks for the idea .Jim

  8. Nice video .. i wanna know the type of the cellphone case.. its ok to have soft rubber case or i must get a hard case ?

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