SML Movie: Drawing Jeffy!

SML Movie: Drawing Jeffy!

hey Jesse what are you doing Oh Junior look I'm just touring a picture of me killing green beans big I ain't green beans wow that's such a cool drug Jeffy you're really good at drawing this is doing here I'm not kissing just like with that artistic don't you mean artistic yeah Yahoo I said artistic my diamond well and Rhett drawing and painting you're an artist he was an artist huh that's so cool do you think you could draw me I'm sorry Junior let me get some paper okay are we so cool there's a really feeling Junior okay dawn why you think about that Junior whoa Jesse that looks just like me yeah doing I told y'all is on a stick I really wish I was good at drawing like you are what are you wrong you're trying to on me what charge on you I mean I guess I could try it's not the trials get as yours do what this Troy you and you're kidding me down man okay um where's a pencil I got to draw it first and then color it what your depends on it Oh Junior I don't work on toys where in your nose oh you'll make you that one yeah you and your font let me get out for you okay I mean I get I guess I'll use it hey go Junior what hell with that green stuff on it mothers oh okay I guess I'll you it's so gross oh all right um I need a piece of paper good dad all right um what pose are you gonna be in mmm that one huh are you sure okay oh really still oh yeah oh yeah uh-huh okay almost done and done all right Jesse what you think about death Wow doing your that's really cool are you sure you're not autistic because don't really awesome I mean I don't think I'm on stage thinking I could be I don't think it looks that good well jr. I know I'm good is and yes good Junior it wasn't good when I say it don't don't pixel art drawing those of a baby that's my drawing I don't know you said you don't picked apart and he came off the face of paper he's not even on the paper anymore oh hey drawing can you can you talk yeah thanks wait where you go I don't know but wait why would the drive come to wive it was did you have something to do with the Penta that within your nose I'm going Junior wait – I'm gonna try drawing something else if it comes to life after you say doodle doodle pens apart you will know that we can make our drawings come to life okay do your let's try something else you understand Mario what are we ever going to do anything besides watch TV whenever you take your clothes off right wait wasn't baby I'm trying to watch TV stop bothering me yes mmm just let me stop following me I'm trying to watch TV we're doing Debbie I said I'm trying to watch TV do not bother me her many tearful overhead Debbie Debbie that's that's really nice but I'm trying to watch TV Debbie if you keep bothering me I'm gonna put you in timeout okay why because your beard back you're bothering me so if you keep bothering me I would put your timeout to leave late yeah keeps bothering me I don't anyone bald Ahmed's wanna watch TV your what – oh it's my old imaginary friends gumbo he died I wanted to come back to life well don't do don't go far gumball don't go you're back alive doing your way – ghosted me I don't know it's just one guy maximum but it's not only bad gumbo I make nice cool do you already draw something so I can come back to life okay here here's a piece of paper I use your pencil gumbo I think you're on the pencil yeah yeah there's a guy get a pigeon all right now start your icons wrong ah gumbo I missed you so much woah cheffy like that close to be mr. pity I know I didn't expect ya come by at the piggy huh get me make your drawing come to life I want to see the piggy don't do a facial for a big eagle eyes Thank You bacon was doing no no get to stay here you just stay here play with me Oh for games you want to play gumbo okay let's just not go anywhere near water okay I don't want to lose you again yeah hey daddy I'm sure paid you run around here somewhere that's it yeah I said you can't bother me you're going to timeout so now you're going to timeout let's go you're a bitch like five minutes ago when you came in here I said do not bother me again as you bother me again you go to timeout today go to find out are you fucking high do it over Thursday shit to me Jesse Mario said if you bothered him one more time you would go into timeout so now you're going in a time off a bothering me you two both must be fucking high because always in my fucking room drawing a picture of a piggy and then he jumped up and off the fucking page they're not happy jumpy and now you go to time off a five minutes oh fuck you and your five minutes is next day this is horseshit look I wish your look at the quarter for 5 min to get it did you get to play brother fucking look at the corner they seem to be oh look at the corner right now fuck it's ready to get bitch but there is no piggy jumping little fucker you gonna tell me my job and goddamn fucking look at the quarter just got to my face a fucking whore whore I just don't know what's wrong with him I don't know why you won't listen well Mario you did warn him that if he bothers you again you would put him in timeout and he bothered me again mm-hmm I just don't know where he gets his language from I know he always has the custom I think you're running from his mother's Wilma yeah she was pretty trashy yeah wasn't a good environment at all fucking asshole is not believing me about the goddamn pig yeah I saw the fucking bitch oh don't be what do you breathe oh my guess you're bringing Johnny I don't stay in the corner what Dan your pain was right no biggie Debbie now you're going to your room Debbie yester you're going to your room laughing yeah you'll have to go to bed just easy to pass a McRib all night cuz now you're grounded grounded you know why you're grounded yep you know exactly what you did fuck I don't get back in America well better you're gonna stay in that crib all night Debbie your brownie you know exactly what you did don't bury your buddy the bank is yours oh shit Kevi shut up and just be quiet okay you know it shut up Jimmy fuck you alright gumbo you ready for some cookies and milk no cookies ever come on and then you like cooking huh what drawing Jesse huh um you want the cookie Oh gumbo you don't want to have a cookie man but gobo you have to share Nana banana gumbo don't be like that okay can you have your milk no no milk yeah come on gumbo he can have your milk you can have this I'll get you some more bill McKay Oh grab you some milk all right no but we did how many know what Oh why'd you do that no you get back yeah you killed my friend bring it back you should go my breakup oh you killed double our kill you right I always accept new a gun I'm gonna kill you bother you I'm gonna find your way chill I'm gonna fly the rate of killer do you think I was too harsh on Jeffy well you did yell at him a lot Mario yeah I guess I did I mean I might ungrounded Java apparently not harsh enough oh you're a chubby I can't say your room what the fuck are you talking about a day can we go why to me what the fuck are your fuckin eyes don't you watch your phone at your double ground bar why did you let the room get a oh gosh let me go act like you didn't walk past the room and say mayonnaise to me yeah you got your double brownness and also no more TV you are fucking to lose on coq10 get the fuck back here whatever crack your fuckin smokin I want some joy shut up and you're gonna be in your room forever right now fuck you yo stay in your room do not leave your room again I'm gonna get to the bar you day I'm not in the roof of this stuff today Maria why is Jesse acting so bad today I don't know he's acting worse than normal it all started with that stupid pig you're right the pig I don't know why you brought him take this there is no Pig got a pig that's a pig Mario jesse was telling the truth that's what he was getting so mad when I said there was no pig but what Oh Edgar talk to him I had to talk him so why do you assholes 1 well um we we wanted to apologize you want your bad guy I'm dying to know for what um we saw that we saw the pig oh you're Georgia piggy ding-ding-ding it got me what you ride right yeah you're right yeah we want to say we're sorry we're sorry definitely for grounding you well shit I need at least 20 bucks before I get out bullshit apology um can you go in my wallet me see if I have $20 I'm sorry Jess I really am what all you had was $100 bill Mario no we're not afraid of the soup you know like I forgive you oh okay okay Jeff you were even I'm sorry for doubting you oh and one more thing day what there's a little job before the Rodian for your trouble what way does suck on it daddy what I mean I wasn't the wrong I did I did ground her for no reason both their goals chef EU I got something for you it's a piece of paper Jimmy see all that you see right is where you came from the paper not tell you what he's stuck in a favor now there's only one thing to do with this oh yes you're never coming to life ever again oh god what is it two million subscribers looking down I see it Jesse I see it where do we take two million subscribers two million two million Wow so million are you kidding me god oh my god celebratory big dick guys guys we just hit two million subscribers on May 14th 2017 I'm sorry the whole crews night here we couldn't everyone together but it's me unless we just hit two million subscribers I wanted to do a cool video showing you guys that we hit two million thank you guys so much I can't believe we just hit another million it took me nine years to hit a million and then it only took seven months to ticket to get another million and went to a million lands we see that great absolutely phenomenal I don't his voice is gone because of you last night yeah the video you just watched the screaming but guys I cannot believe that two million subscribers I know the whole XML crew wants to thank you guys I'll try to do a second video on my super Luigi love an account thanking you guys but thank you guys so much for 2 million subscribers it's still going up you guys are amazing I never thought this channel was going to get this big and 2 million subscribers guys you guys are amazing I love all you guys I'm sorry this video wasn't as big as the first million but still 2 million oh my god guys you guys are amazing absolutely i 100% agree yeah you guys are amazing I love you so much I don't know what to say right now two million on the super my Logan movie is coming out real soon a big surprise for you god images all sneak peek a little bit next week but guys to 2 million subscribers it's unbelievable thank you guys so much thank you guys so much go for Tinsley we tell you to get 10 million 10 million we much more content by tomorrow bye don't but guys thank you so much uh you guys are really the most amazing fans I appreciate every single one of you guys to keep watching every week no matter what no matter what type of stupid things we do you guys keep watching and I love you guys so much I know I've said this a million times but hmm yes so see you guys later I'll see you guys in the next video I'll try to do a bigger video on my second account but thank you guys so much for 2 million subscribers I still can't believe it we just watched it live with you guys but you guys are amazing I love every single one

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  1. Jeffy's hit song "Why?" is on iTunes right now!! Buy it if you lit!

  2. My dad i never saw him and i always wanted to see him but he died before i was born and only know him in picture but i have a stepdad but still i want my dad

  3. I would like to draw jeffy and mario because jeffy would cuss at mario all the time and i would laugh sooo hard. Well have a good day 🙂

  4. 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999$

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