Snake-skin and Marble Nail Art!

Snake-skin and Marble Nail Art!

Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. Yes, I’ve still got this fluffy top on. We’ve done a fair amount of videos with my fluffy Tu Tu top on. And yes, I have no hair extensions and I’m sure everybody’s been moaning, “What’s happened to Kirsty’s hair?” “Oh my God! Did she chop it all off?” No, I didn’t. This is my natural hair. That long ass hair isn’t mine, it is bought and paid for and I put it in my hair. So anyway, just so I get that out because I know we’re gonna have million comments about it. Kim: “Where’s your hair gone?” Kirsty: You know like, “Kirsty, what the hell have you done to your hair?” “You cut all your hair off?” I’ve had loads of comment like that already on Instagram. I know. Anyway, we’re doing yet another bubble nail. I know, slightly obsessed but there are so many ways that you can use this technique and I wanna show you two in this video. Oh yes, it’s a two-for-one video. Now, I don’t normally do like designs where you go straight across. However, on a stiletto, because it’s super skinny, it is allowed. The law of Kirsty Meakin allows it. So… First of all, what we’re gonna do is, we’re going to… *. We’re gonna apply Serious Black around the top section of this nail. I’m gonna come close. You wanna get this line as neat as you can. If you need help, you can take a little brush and you can just go across and neaten it up. And I’m gonna use this little brush to get nice and tight around the cuticle area. And I only want one coat of colour because I’m gonna put Chrome onto that section. So, it doesn’t need to be completely opaque, which I mean, it pretty much is but… Pop me that in the lamp. Alright! So now, I’m gonna topcoat this. Not worrying about the bottom half of the nail just yet. And I’m gonna make sure I get super tight to that cuticle with my little brush. I’m gonna make sure that I’ve completely topcoated this edge here as well. Pop me that in the lamp. Then we have the Copper Chrome Pigment. I like doing it with my fingers. I know we’ve got the little… Kim: I always do it with my fingers.
Kirsty: I just… Kim: It comes up better doesn’t it?
Kirsty: I just like doing it with my fingers. So, I’m gonna take the Chrome and rub that in over the top of the black, so we get that nice sort of bronzy copper colour. You can take a dry lint free pad. Hmm! Think we need more. Just taking off a little bit of the excess with a Lint-Free Pad. We now have a bronze finger as well, but that will come off. Don’t you worry about that. Adam: Ginger finger. Kirsty: Ginger finger. Before we topcoat, I’m going to put Snow White onto that very tip. Pop me that in the lamp. So, I’ve topcoated the white first, but then I’m gonna go to the top and pull down to topcoat the entire thing. Pop me that in the lamp. We have inks in the form of Permanent Markers. All these pretty colours, which are I think very autumnal colours. So, what we’re gonna do is, add a little bit of this to the end of the nails, which looks really weird at the moment, but once we start to work them, they’ll look very pretty. just a little bit more of an orange. Oh yes! Oh yes! Now we’re talking. And little bit of black for good measure, there. There we are. Kim: Today nail art.
Kirsty: Yeah. Kirsty: Now, we’re going to dip a brush into Gel Residue Wipe-off solution and we’re gonna start to touch the inks, and they will start to move and blend. You’re gonna do this until you’re happy, and you can keep adding. I’m gonna add a little bit of this brown. I fancy a little bit more of this orange and a little bit of this. Kim: This isn’t working.
Kirsty: A little bit of black. Kirsty: And you’ll just keep going until you are happy. We get a cool marble effect. I really like it already *. I just wanna…I really wanna wipe that off. It’s affecting me. Kim: Can’t look at it.
Kirsty: I can’t look at it, it’s affecting me. Kirsty: Oh, I feel better. Right! What we’re gonna do now is, I’m gonna do a bubble effect, but I’m just gonna do it on this part for now. So, we’re gonna put top coat. Then we’re gonna take our bubbles. Put the bubbles onto the tip of the nail, make sure it’s covering. And pop that into the lamp. Little bubble nail in the lamp. If you wanna ask me what’s inside this bottle again, I may… Kim: I won’t give you the answer this time. Kirsty: I’ve told people many times what’s in this bottle, but I will tell you again so you don’t have to keep messaging me on Instagram and asking what’s inside the bottle. There is one part dish soap, one part water and a tablespoon of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. Kim: Now, you have to explain to people what one part is. Kirsty: Okay! So, one part could be…it could be… Kim: Well, you know, that don’t be…
Kirsty: …ten mil of water and ten mil of dish soap. Kirsty: Or it could be…
Adam: What if I put a bucket of water and a bucket of dish soap… Adam: …do I put more than one spoon of the other thing in? Kirsty: You only really want it this big. You don’t want it any bigger than this really because that’s just a bit berserk, ain’t it? Alright! So, Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on to a Lint-free Pad, we’re gonna burst the bubbles and give it a wipe, and you get this really cool effect. Just gonna soften those little bits. A little smidger.

00:08:42,968 –>00:08:46,120
Now, there are some little tall peaks. Can you see there? Adam: Mmm! Kirsty: We can just. Buff over and I think you get quite a cool effect when you do this because you’re kind of matting off the… Kim: I love the Chrome with that. I think they look so good together. Kirsty: It’s a lovely combination, the colour with the sharpies. So, it’s still textured but it’s a bit smoother. So, can you see now we have none of those spiky bits. I like it! And obviously, I’m wearing bubbles on my nails because of my love for bubbles. What we’re gonna do on this nail is, we’re gonna do a reverse of this but I want to show you a full nail. Now, this…we’re gonna do on this one because I’ve chose this one for you. Pop me that in the lamp. Kirsty: This is a little bit easy because it’s not as precise and I have covered myself in…
Kim: Chrome. Kirsty: So, then on the other sections, you’re gonna take the black. It’s important to do the white first because black will cover the white, the white will not to cover the black. And this does not have to be neat. That’s why I’m saying this is like easy version. Whereas that one, we’ve got a hard line and you know, it needs to be straight. This one doesn’t need to be as quiet as neat. Gonna take a little bit off the stem and we can use that to do a little bit of swoosher, and get nice and neat and here. Pop me that in the lamp. So, I’ve only put top coat onto the black area. Just pop me that in the lamp. So, I’m gonna rub the Chrome onto the black. It will touch the white. You can just take off the sticky layer of the white. That’s what will help a bit… but it will stick a little bit. Like…but I wouldn’t worry too much about that right now. Then we’re gonna top coat the Chromed area. Bit of top coat on my Detail Brush. This is just to seal the Chrome. Pop that in. Let’s wipe it. So, you see when we wipe it, it comes off the white section, and it’s also going to clean the finger. Now, we’re gonna do the sharpie. Don’t worry that I haven’t topcoated this middle section, it will go straight on top of that white. So again, we’re gonna marble this with some Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution on the brush, Very cool pattern. And then, we’re gonna put the lid on that chrome because I’m going to knock it everywhere. I am going to now topcoat the entire thing. Get rid of that bit of fluff. So, we’re gonna topcoat the entire nail and we’re gonna bubble the entire nail. Make sure it cover. Pop me that in the lamp. So, a little bit of Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution onto the Lint-free Pad, burst the bubble. Kirsty: Let’s get rid of this.
Kim: That looks like snake-skin doesn’t it? Kirsty: It does. It so cool. I am gonna slightly buff a little bit, just so it’s like quite smooth. Give it a clean. Look at it on top of that Chrome. It looks insane. It is very sexy. So, even separate like that, you know, it looks cool on its own, and then, that looks cool. And we’ve also got it completely over. It’s beautiful and it does look like snake skin, you’re right. So, I’m gonna carry on with this technique all over those nails. Kim: Oh, look at that. That looks amazing. I don’t know what but that reminds me of something else. Kim: Like a reptiles back or something.
Kirsty: Yeah. Kim: Do you get what I mean?
Kirsty: Yeah. Kim: It’s not really a snake effect no more now, is it? Because I think it’s so much better than a gel marble because you can literally just draw some lines on, get a brush and it’s done. Kirsty: Yeah, keep playing till you’re happy.
Kim: Rather than be here all night if we wait for you to be happy won’t me? Kirsty: She knows me so well.
Adam: Until she goes, let’s just smack some bling on it. Kim: No! Every time she doesn’t know, she’s like, “Yeah, that’s that. No, it’s not.” Kim: …and she goes back…
Adam: It needs bling on all the time. Kim: …no, and she goes back to it and she fixes something. Kirsty: Pop that in. Right! So, I’m gonna use a little bit of Acrygel to put some stones on. So, I’m gonna neaten that up and my brush has some Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. That’s how I’m gonna move it around. We’re gonna put a little bit of Acrygel here. Only on the top half We don’t wanna put that over the bubble effect because it will get rid of the bubble effect and we don’t wanna do that. I think they’re so beautiful. Kim: Yes!
Kirsty: Absolutely beautiful darling! Kirsty: I think they are perfect for the autumn season. Kim: Yes.
Kirsty: Yes! Kirsty: That’s my best my most British accent I can do. And now, just need a cup of tea and some biscuits and maybe a slice of cake. Kim: I’d love some cake. Kirsty: I love cake. Can’t have any cake, on a diet. Let’s have a look at these. Just put some oil on them now. Let’s give them a rubba-dub-dub. I absolutely love them. Look at that one. Kim: I love that one.
Kirsty: That is my favourite. Kim: And it looks like a reptile.
Kirsty: Yeah, it’s a reptile. Kirsty: Look at them. And I even like just the marble. I think these colours with the Copper Chrome, beautiful. I hope you enjoyed that video. Yet another Bubble video but done with a difference. Everything I’ve used to day will be listed below and don’t forget to check me out in the next video. Bye! So, first of all… I’m excited, little bit excited, little bit. Okay, calm down now, Kirsty. Calm down! And breathe. Adam: Dummer like? Kirsty: There you are, guys. I hope you enjoyed that video. Yet another…

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