Snowflake Nail Art Stickers! | Compilation with Winter Nail Decals! | The Polish Queen

Snowflake Nail Art Stickers! | Compilation with Winter Nail Decals! | The Polish Queen

In this video, I’m going to use snowflake
nail art stickers and other winter nail decals in a compilation of Christmas
designs. Let’s get started. Hey guys, it’s Clarice. Welcome back to my
channel. So I’m starting out by removing my old gel mani, and gel seems to peel
off very well so that’s great. So now I’m applying a fresh new coat of my peel off
base coat to all my other nails. I’m sure you’ve all seen this before.
So the first design you’re going to need a light blue and just paint the whole
nail light blue. Perfect. Now we’re going to grab a darker blue nail polish and
just put some down onto a notepad or your nail art mat, whatever you want.
And then with a thin brush I’m just going to make some little thin branches
coming out of the side of the nail like that. You don’t need to worry about being
too detailed here, because some of it will get covered up and you’ll see that.
So this is the sheet of decals that I got from She Modern. It is a mix of all
these different styles. So I’m just cutting out two snowflakes, a bigger red
one and then a small silver one. And I’m just soaking them in a little bowl of
water and then when you take them out, they should separate from the backing
and then you can place them on. So I’m just placing one in the corner and then
I’m carefully going in with some scissors and just chopping away a little
bit of the corner there, so it can fit neatly right there at the cuticle. And
then I’m placing the silver one near the tip. You really can put it anywhere you
want and I think even smaller snowflakes would work well for this design too. So
that’s what it looks like so far. We’ll add the topcoat and file away the edges
later. And for the next design, you’re going to need a light pink. And this is
Minimalistic by Essie. And I’m just applying that to the nail and just simply
painting the whole nail pink. Is pink a Christmas color? I don’t know but I
thought I’d try out pink in one of these designs. So now you’ll need some green
acrylic paint and a little brush, and sorry it’s blurry here guys, but I’m just
using the brush to just make kind of a wreath shape like that, and you want to
make sure that it’s around the same size as the decal.
So what you’re going to do is cut out a decal, and you’ll use a red one in this
case instead of a silver one, it would probably look better and show up better.
So I’m just soaking that and then you can see I can easily peel it, off I’m
just going to lay it right on top of that green there, and you can see that
it’s now a red and green wreath. I thought it would be cool to try this technique
out. I was really happy how it turned out. And it’s super glittery too. Okay so for
the next design, paint the nail light blue. And you just need to protect around the
nail with some latex because we’re going to do a simple gradient. So you’re just
going to paint a little bit of white onto the edge of a makeup sponge and
just sponge that on the tip and then gradually move upwards. And what’s cool
about this, is that if you go too far up the nail, you can actually adjust it by
sponging on some blue over that, so that’s what I’m doing here. So I can just
get the gradient just where I want it to be. So about half way is good. And now I
want to take the white nail polish and you’re just going to make like a little
hill of snow okay, right in that gradient at the top. A little bit subtle but it’s
there, then I’m taking this cute red snowman decal, after I soaked that in
the water for about 20 seconds, I can take it out, and I’m just going to put
him right on top of that pile of snow. There we go, perfect. Isn’t that cool? I
was happy how that one turned out. Okay so for this one, you’re also going to
paint it pink.Now we have two pink nails, wow!
So you’re going to protect around the skin with latex, another gradient, okay if
you don’t like gradients, don’t watch this. I’m just kidding.
Okay so we’re just going to sponge some white on at the tip also, just like in
the other nail, and to be about halfway. And for this one, I’m going to cut out my
little red holly berry decal here. And soaked that,
so that’s what it looks like. And I’m just going to place that right in the
middle of the gradient. So cute. Okay for this nail, also sponge some white on to
nail, but this time it does not have a base color, it’s just on to the bare nail.
So I’m just covering up all the free edge showing, and it should look
something like this. Now for this one I’m going to use the little hat decals over
here, I think they’re hats, they just look a little bit funny. Yep, there they are. Okay
so I’m just using a silver one and I’m placing it right in the middle of the
nail as well. Yeah isn’t that pretty? That silver is so pretty. I think I could have standed to use a red one too, to show it better. But now it’s time for a
topcoat, and I heard that if you use a regular top coat over the nail foils
then they will kind of crinkle up and that won’t be too good for them, it will
kind of affect them. And it did happen for me, and now looking back I probably
should have done a peel off base coat over it, and then a regular topcoat but
this was what I did. So I’m just applying that to all the nails. Now actually what
I found that worked for me was after the topcoat dried after about five minutes,
then I went in with my file and just buffed away any remaining decal sticking
out from the edges. That worked pretty well for me. So here are how all the
nails turned out, they are also cute, I’m not sure which one’s my favorite, I
really like them all, but you guys tell me which one is your favorite in the
comments. And thank you so much everyone for watching, next time I’ll create a
winter nail art look using free-handing, without any of these fancy decals, so you
could try it even if you don’t have these, because they are kind of expensive.
So hit the notification bell so you won’t miss that next video. And here are
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are also links below for my other videos, resources, and links to some products
I use. Remember that smile is the prettiest
thing you can wear, so I hope to see you in my next video, thank you so much for
watching all the way to the end, you are really amazing, and have a magical day.

26 thoughts on “Snowflake Nail Art Stickers! | Compilation with Winter Nail Decals! | The Polish Queen”

  1. I love them all!! But the wreath is my favorite!! Love the Green beneath!! I think I will try it.
    Tfs💜💖💜a tip…high % alcohol will dissolve and blend them into your nail. I use 99%.

  2. Hey everyone! Comment which design you like best 🥰
    Here's my other video using these decals!

  3. Happy Holiday Nail Art Theme. Just Beautiful. Our favorite are the middle and ring finger nails. Love the high contrast snow white and the red foil arts. Thank you for having fun playing and sharing your She Modern ‘s Foil Nail Arts. 👍😊

  4. Cute! I tried water decals once and had such a horrible experience that I never tried again. The decals I was using were so delicate that when they separated from the backing they basically fell apart, and if they didn’t fall apart and I was actually able to get it on my nail, they literally broke up as soon as I applied top coat. Like, they broke into pieces 😭 But I have a billion of them and this video made me want to bust them out and try again!

  5. Love them All! They turned out so great. I love the stickers they are very bright ✨✨💕🥰✨✨✨✨✨🥰🥰🥰

  6. Wow, this is so beautiful. May I ask how often you do the nails? You have so many beautiful design. Thank You so much for sharing darling ❤️

  7. I really enjoyed watching your video hun, you are so funny too! You're really good at your voice overs too, good for you girl! Merry Christmas and beautiful beautiful mani design for the holidays, tfs doll!😘😘😘

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