So i LEAKED My 10 Year Old Little Brothers Phone Number... *BAD IDEA* I DID NOT EXPECT THIS!!!!!

So i LEAKED My 10 Year Old Little Brothers Phone Number… *BAD IDEA* I DID NOT EXPECT THIS!!!!!

guys so this is Kalin's phone before i leaked it man I'm about to post this video right now man exposing Kalin's number bro it's about to be crazy it's about to be lit man so basically right oh my gosh man if you lose for a night I'll eat your phone number Chan that video from yesterday you guys do not want to miss it then it will all make sense man Kaitlyn's phone numbers are leagues bro and yeah man I'm about to post a video this before and watch the after let's see Kim's reaction bros about to be late let's get E my gosh everyone's calling bro answer it's a FaceTime bro FaceTime with some fans bro oh my god what I don't even let you pick up oh my god they're blowing up his phone it is a lamp it is bro bro oh my god oh my gosh hoorah bro this is for what oh hello what's up bro I can't even see please oh you're on the blog right now man we can't see your face with so many people are calling well anything you want to say to the vlog bro no is there anything you want to say to the vlog go huh oh my god crazy bro everyone is calling bro bro yo Kalyan hello yo once this is crazy man oh my gosh literally you can't pick up anything bro because your number that leaked bro bro what bro don't blame it on me bro you're the one that accepted the challenge this challenge was insane man oh my gosh we literally can't do nothing on your phone bro oh wait bro we got a spammer over here oh my god what is going on there buddy he won you why oh my gosh blood there's a lot of hold on hello hello I'm about to read what they're saying bro what are they saying cuz we literally can't answer the phone you're trash what oh my goodness bro oh my gosh I saw a lot of people they said um hi to Jane into my morass bro oh my goodness bro okay bad well anyone you can accept wrote this notifications came in I don't think this challenge I don't think this challenge was a good idea bro that some of wonder Pearson hi Kailin oh it isn't even brah look what happens when we try to respawn it says connect bad controller player oh my gosh guys this is crazy what please answer that's my Pearson what's up Caitlyn huge fan of you hi Kailin oh my gosh brought this doesn't let us do anything like relax dude it's just notification hang oh my god it says FaceTime ending Oh Mike how long does it take to well what oh my gosh bro what is going on bro the kite man man oh my gosh man we just want to speak to one fan brother we spoke to one already but oh my goodness you want to speak to my right yeah yeah this was a bad idea bro oh my gosh man maybe we should make it up by doing like all or joining people's parties or something like that oh my gosh bro cuz this this is out of hand bro we got to turn off the phone it's gonna break bro oh my getting overheated oh my god the road you guys oh my gosh guys this board is frozen man literally it doesn't let us reset the phone bro oh my god because Oh bro because of me what do you mean brother because of you oh my gosh is my phone I didn't win the game but is your fault hey do you want to do this bro exactly next time you think you so get r49 next time win the game party okay buddy but coming up we love you my hip because if you want him there number one day a game no I'm gonna lose that game a purpose oh my gosh no it's if you win then my number gets leaked bro that would be so easy you will lose on purpose they'll be cheating bro what do you mean bro oh my goodness man but anyways this was a bad idea this yeah this phone is broken man we can't do anything oh my gosh how do you feel about this bro oh my gosh oh my gosh that is unfortunate man guys now look at this man the phone is frozen and it's loaded by itself guys look at this boat we can't do anything you can't turn it on you can't do anything bro so we gotta go to the Apple Store and we got to change the number guys this is ridiculous guys oh my gosh man I don't know if you guys can see that bro but 3363 messages man and look how many FaceTime cows man over 170 bro this is just insane guys oh my god bro like what I thought spawn was gonna break bro this is insane man yo Caitlyn what's good you gotta be quicker than that exactly you know bro oh my gosh let's see these other messages they got bro they are hilarious what do you say hey I like it bitch you're good came in and Munda rez you're at bar can I please don't be one of Caitlyn please what you're bossy see I was gonna let him won't be one you buddy called me a paw patrol come on Don five bodies simple no hey tie your big brother nights 90s oh my god is he trying to roast my nineties broadcast I don't play man he should know that bro oh my gosh bro are you know real Kaylin why are people coming at me so badly bro come on man movie one box whoa do you want me you bye oh my did really wanna 1v1 Kaylin man I don't know bro maybe a lucky winner that leaves a PSN name right down below man or epic name too maybe they'll get a chance to welcome you Caleb Road you're one of the most insane places I have seen on controller keep up the good work yeah we ain't coming at all he capping at all oh my goodness bro okay well excuse me you did get better tailor but you're still not better than me bro what's up bro I watch your videos all the time I just wanted to say Jerry go after Warner and toe red mind the Reds I said it with soap oh my goodness what's up man what's up bro my hair's a mess right now but what's up bro oh my goodness I am a big fan I love the vids hightailin hi Kailin the amount of support is just ridiculous man I love you guys so much man this is just crazy bro I cannot believe that you got but I am I am kala gang oh my god oh my gosh coming up with all our you came in a gang or are you – rez gang man res gang or caving and coming down below bro oh my god 30,000 likes enter drop another one b1 me versus Caitlyn Caitlyn gang versus rest gas is the only way we were able to read the text messages man after 3,000 messages was able by changing the numbers man and I'm glad we changed the number right Kanan oh my gosh because bro we wouldn't be able to read the messages at all someone said yo Jay Lynn Kaelin I mean you ain't got a fortnight oh my goodness a lot of people actually think you're good bro this is crazy but guess what deep down in your heart you still don't know muscle running stick Kanan Bravo guys oh my gosh man as you guys can see I took off my braids man and I had to wash my hair and I put treatment on it why did I put treatment on my hair guys take a look at this man oh my gosh this is not fake this is my actual hair guys my hair is literally falling apart from the product that they put in my hair from braiding my hair man oh my gosh guys so if I end up cutting my hair man this might be the reason why guys oh my goodness bro I'm so sad right now I cannot believe it keep matching my the present on a man bun oh my goodness man that would be insane bro I'm so sad guys what do you guys think about this down in the comments section man will mind if res be the same when I was man but bro this is crazy one light equals one prayer for your boy my depressed man smash that like button bro for good luck for your boy minor breast man Wow what oh my gosh bro are you kidding me man are you mad fun to me right now bro why are you making fun of me man my gosh bro what this is not fair man oh my gosh bro my literally my head is looking thinner bro oh my gosh man in your did sitting here making fun of me bro while you sitting there trying to grow your hair watch the happiest your hair on my lap at you – oh my god bro whatever bro just like you fall off your builds and take damage I like that bro I like that give that same energy Kalin you think your savage will excuse me whoa bad bad okay they like reply oh that's my Christmas Oh light on the eyes ya gotta see this

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