SO VIBRANT! SO CUTE AND TINY! | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Mystery Art Box

SO VIBRANT! SO CUTE AND TINY! | Paletteful Packs Unboxing | Mystery Art Box

today we’re going to be opening up the
May ‘Premier’ Paletteful Packs box it seems a little darker than normal. is it always this color? let’s open it up see what’s inside and then hopefully make a fun illustration
with it!! ♪ are these inks? oh I really want to draw
like squid-maid? or Mer-squid..? I don’t know whattyacallit? Aqua ink – that’s perfect for mermaids mermaids are in the water
aqua is …water so we have magenta, lemon, cyan, vermilion, carmine red, they’re in cute
little glass bottles too dark brown, I thought it’s a Doc Brown for a second – (Dr Emmett Brown Impersonation)
“MARTY!” Black oh there’s another one Mint! – I love mint. usually you eat them but says
it’s a watercolour ink so I’m curious as to how those work if they’re more like
water color or if they’re more like ink because those don’t necessarily work the
same way some inks you can add water too and
then once it dries there’s no you can’t use water to like remove it whereas
watercolor you can like add water on top and sometimes it you know can smudge
about — okay looks like we have two paintbrushes (they’re overly packaged) this is a number six flat shader brush and this one is the number three round
brush if you ever having trouble telling the difference a flat one just looks
like someone sat on the end and a round one is round looks like we’ve got a few
pens in here it looks like there are three fine
liners and one brush pen so there’s the 0.2, 0.4, 0.8 and then you have a brush pen which gives you a little bit more
variety in one pen and you can’t forget the paper this is the Strathmore
mixed-media 400 series paper it’s pretty thick – holy cow wonder what the
difference between like the 400 series and the 500 series is because apparently
the 400 series means it’s the ‘best’ [scientifically paper testing] shake vigorously before use [shakes vigorously before use] oh and even when
they’re dry you can dissolve them with water so yeah they work a little bit
more like watercolor all right let me clean this up and then we can start
drawing! so here we have all the art supplies that came in the Premier May
Paletteful pack – now I’ve been told that you don’t want to like dip your brushes
directly into containers like this because you can transfer bacteria into
the ink from the brush and then you never know if one of those times
you open this up you’re gonna be greeted by a whole new life-form so… I’m gonna
attempt (these don’t have like the little squeegees) but I thought I’d attempt to
transfer it to this pallet I have over here I don’t know about this anymore
look at me shaking thinking about it just go for it oo! I did it! Although these are water-soluble so if I get them on my desk it’s gonna be
very easy to clean so-oh! that one I spilled – it’s alright – it wasn’t only one mistake
that brought down the Titanic seriously have you seen a documentary on
that thing? pshh it’s amazing it floated in the
first place okay well we’re still not at Titanic proportions of mistakes here –
maybe I just got lucky with the mint see what they meant about ultra vibrant
like like this so pretty isn’t it? I like that [silent intense swatching] all right
I’m not the best at that I’m still learning but you can see in some of
these that you can get you know dark tones and light tones which something I
obviously need to practice and that is the blunt of your art supplies when you
just like give them a little swatch right but then of course you can also
use them together and mix them and see what happens which is when things get a
little crazy you know know? I kind of want to stick with that original idea I had I’m
going to use another art supply that I already own a pencil I’m gonna start
sketching out some ideas and then throwing color on them but I really just
want to draw like a squid maybe oh that’s a good question
just for the basis of now without looking at a reference of a squid I’m pretty
sure yeah they live in the deep dark depths of the ocean and they have like
those tentacles and I think they look like big long ones with the funny ends
on the bits I don’t know what does that even mean? and then it can be like really dark maybe her
hair could be made out of ink that’s kind of an interesting idea but then I
can’t go with like the really dark backdrop should I make a blub squid? okay
I think it’s about time to look up a reference of a squid I obviously don’t
really know looks like a splatoon character or maybe
even Adi Galia how many people get that reference? she
was my favorite, man! did you ever play Star Wars Jedi Starfighter? maybe I want
to go more of the ink hair route would be like really swooshy and maybe like
bubbles of the hair maybe she’s more kind of normal mermaid shape or like
kind of like Ursula with like tentacles the hair would be that solid
black inky color so I can just kind of see how this will look do I want it to
be kind of shiny or just solid that’s a good question kind of afraid the shines
make it almost look a little too much like hair and I want it to be much more
inky and liquid the background can be a dark color as well maybe even add
a little blue to it – we could probably add some green too actually forgot to
give her arms but maybe this is more of a color test rather then I character design maybe some green there we go a bigger brush would
probably do this a little bit more justice would be kind of cool if she’s
like a very light color like she kind of is translucent and bio—lecent? no.. is it
bio-loocent? buy-a-lesson? bio……loo bioluminescent??
whoo that sounds like no that’s probably it whew I forgot
those are still transferable even after they dry whoo yep yeah that’s kinda
gross glad I have this little thumbnail for me do that hair bit last.. got it. so it looked like she’s down in the depths of the sea? I like the white
really contrasts well with it too I think the scariest thing about these
inks in particular is just how well they seem to like reactivate see if I can
just add just the slightest hint of pink I think that’ll make it look I don’t
know if fleshy is the word but like transparent just give it some color that
way it makes it look look even more pale whereas when it was just white it
kind of looked like an artistic choice I’m actually really digging
this, I feel like it’s a little bit it veers a little way from like what I
usually do she can have pink eyeballs!! all right I think I’m loving
this idea didn’t take too long really find something that I’m happy with I
think it’s just the way the colors are working together and I think that’s kind
of the way these are meant to be used as kind of like splotchy and blending them
together like that so that is what I want to do I did make a mistake by
drawing in the pad because now I have to wait for that to dry but I’m going to just
take it out anyway so the goal is have very dark colors in the background at
the bottom lighter colors on the background at the top with that darker
squid ink hair and then the lighter body as it goes down into the darker
background — I’m gonna try and make it even more dramatic though by putting
the head maybe over here and the body going even more diagonal-i-er then
the hair can like take up even more space like that done! [laughs] head, shoulders,
she doesn’t have knees or toes now we want those tentacles being kind of
artistic in some way – not sure what to do with the arms I kind of liked
it next to her body but I also kind of want to play around with it a bit –
eyes always bring the character together for me like I don’t have to finish the
rest the drawing but if the eyes look alright
I don’t know I find my happy place don’t like the hair I’ll come back need to reevaluate the layout here is it giving me everything it could? let’s see nope
don’t love those arms come here Beluga (the eraser) I should probably have
this pointing more at the character maybe – I kind of like the way it
was all pointing out which gave it that negative space that pointed at the
character in its own way I don’t know if that’s how you’re supposed to go about
that but I thought it was more visually pleasing yeah I kind of prefer that
– see though if I fill this space with blubfish
kind of takes away from that negative space I was talking about before maybe I
should just stick to a normal Blubfish hmm what if I hide them down here hmm
so many uncertainties what if we pull this arm off the screen a little like
that these are things that I should have ironed-out in maybe the thumbnail stage no, no , no I mean
it gives it a sort of floaty look but it’s a lot less regal like it’s a little
bit more less disciplined that’s nice maybe the word I’m looking for so that’s all gonna be black so I don’t need to do any shading there just play around
with these arms a little bit okay that feels a little bit more organic
like the other one was like really stiffen up and now it’s kind of like
flowing with the breeze a bit more (the water breeze) okay I’ll make Blubfish a
lot smaller does he look happy I’m trying to make him look happy I don’t
want him to look too upset you know I’m gonna cut down the number of tentacles
as an artistic choice so he’s like maybe further in the distance
so he’ll be colored a little bit more atmospheric and I’m also going to try tapeing down this paper which I should have done before I started drawing I want to
take a little precaution I’d rather have a weird white border
than super bendy piece of art I don’t know drawing quite a few mermaids what
are we like halfway or a little more than halfway through Mermay now and I’ve
not got bored of drawing mermaids yet I’m drawing a mermaid every day for the
month of May over on my Instagram if you want go check that out but yeah not
bored yet some days don’t go as well as others but that doesn’t stop me from
trying the next day you know okay up near the top I’m definitely gonna have
to erase some pencil because the watercolors are going to be lighter so
you’re going to see through them a bit more and that graphite is gonna look bleh – near the bottom I’m not as worried about it but it’s
probably also still a good idea to refine these lines before adding in the
color all right I think that irons it out a little bit more – how many… one
two three four five six there’s six tentacles that’s not exactly
accurate… I have to really clean up the pencils inside this before I add the
color too because it’s going to be so light there we go I think I got
something closer to accurate it also looks kind of interesting and it’ll
give me that look I’m going for not too mention, there should be some [tentacles]
coming out through the back so I mean it doesn’t have to be perfect – I think I’m
ready to add a little bit of color here I’m gonna use the round brush and go in
with just solid black mixed with a little blue and a little bit of water
all right and then you just color in the areas over here starting on the left so
that I don’t put my hand in it, is the goal here this is tricky eee – try not to
go inside any of the lines because those are going to be a lot lighter like
almost white so I’ve got to be careful here remember to paint through the breathe
now I do have to say there is a benefit to the fact that these lift and
reactivate so easily if you accidentally get like a straight line you can quite
easily blend that out so there’s a plus maybe add a little green up here when we
need to start getting a little lighter because we’re getting very close to that Ink Hair – do this by adding a little bit more water to the brush maybe I love the
way that Black to blue to green looks, oh! I did not figure out what this hand
looked like before I started in color what was I like thinking? move down here
a little – I’m holding my breath trying not to messes up I really
kind of like the way it’s headed already don’t want to take any harsh left turns
you know yeah things make a little bit more sense on this hand see that’s more
what I’m looking for switch to the flat brush because I have a little
bit more ground to cover up here Switch back, actually, the round brush also holds water longer
which is really helpful already I’m having a little bit of trouble with
blending I do actually want to layer a little bit over here this looks a little
too gray when I would rather it be more black it’s okay if it’s kind of a harsh
change from like the really dark to the lighter because then it kind of like
gives it that inky look I think all right I think it’s very important that I
let this dry before I touch it any more see you then!! all right so it’s dry and
I’ve actually never seen this before but it was buckling a little bit when it was
wet but now that it’s dry it feels flat again I’ve never seen that before
in my life but I’ll take it I’m just gonna fix up this hand here and um
finalize any of the bits on the inside of the character and since I want the
character to be very light we don’t want too many of these lines here because
they will show through underneath the water color probably erase most of
it and then we can use the white-well those do bleed a little bit don’t they
maybe I can just wait for them to dry like a long time and then I don’t have
to worry about that okay I’m just going to erase most of the pencil here so we
can start with a nice clean layer, and also figure out the way I want
things to look it is looking like I might have to do a final background layer
after I get everything figured out here cuz there’s some just white spaces here
and there leave a few lines that I think are just necessary I think it’ll be
worth it lets use the liner no no I’m too nervous to do that I don’t want it to smudge with the
black where I want it to be very light so the right decision might be just
watercolor over pencil then use the liner on top of the watercolor once it’s
dry but let me just lighten up the face maybe instead of erasing it completely
no cuz that’s going to still be very obvious isn’t it hmm
I’m just darkening some lines that I definitely don’t want to mess with and
then just lightening all the lines that I do want so that I can go over them
with the liners hopefully and give it a cleaner look — the hair is obviously going
to be solid black hopefully and inky whereas her body I wanted it to look
kind of translucent make sure the brush is clean first start up at the top near
her face maybe make sure the color is light enough there are some nice blushies –
oh and then I wanted the eyes to be like much brighter red didn’t I can’t forget
that now that is kind of how I generally shade a face but for the rest of the
body I kind of going to try and concentrate the color to the center bit
so they look a little bit more maybe bioluminescent so the outside of her
body looks like it’s glowing hopefully and then this other arm too — what if it has
like the rib shape inside that color? that could be kind of cool so it’s
almost like you’re seeing through her not sure I’m doing this right but does
look kind of interesting and then I can color in this like under
bit of the tentacle darker it is a little bit octopus a little less
squid but I’m obviously taking some liberties here then when that dries
hopefully I can add some of those circle shapes — lets add some fun shapes
inspired by my friend Dina, she’s been doing some awesome mermaids I did that
collab with her last week if you missed it just go check out her channel you’re
missing out now someplace that I’m doing patterns in some places I’m not — not a
lot of consistency but it is an organic character so maybe that makes sense
maybe idunnoknow grasping at straws I was trying to draw shapes of the skeleton
almost kind of in a fun cartoony way as I can with like this brush oh I could
use the dip pen though that would have been helpful well now you know that
could be really fun like give a Skeleton sort of texture here, a skull, that’s the
word hehe kind of simple just give it the illusion of the skull instead of
like a completely detailed shape you know what if I could lift where the nose is? do you have a faith in my abilities here now for squiddy here in the background I
wonder if I can mix a little bit of blue to the pink that way he looks like he’s
a little further in the distance he is so small this is really tricky I like
that color I might add it some other places here all right it is dry up here so I think I’m gonna go in and with the solid black
and try and do the hair wish me luck I don’t want to rub too much around
where the background is because I don’t want to lift any of that
I need a couple layers of this one it’s looking a little patchy that’s
definitely something we can work on, the goal with the hair is to kind of make it look
like a liquid and not just weird shaped hair — it is actually turning out a little
trickier than I expected another bloop up there I could probably even go crazy
and add a bloop here — get that nice solid color can’t decide if I want that shine
or not for the bra I think I’m gonna go with the ink as well
I only just came up with that idea just now but I’m gonna go for it and maybe
even blotch it around a little bit make it look even inkier – oh my hand is
not like skinny brushes trying to follow the flow of the water but something went wrong not
exactly what I pictured but I didn’t sketch it first so that’s my fault draw some shapes in the illusion of some kind of bone or maybe just continue like
the spinal cord shape and then that breaks up into the tentacle shapes or
something its definitely creative…? add some more texture wherever I can
hopefully add a little bit of interest I’m not sure how my squid evolved into
this idea but I like it and it reminds me of um something I drew a couple of
years ago actually let’s draw a pretend skull over our Blubfish here it’s a little something now I believe
the next step is let that dry and then go in with the lineart another flash whoo-hoo okay now everything is dry it’s finally time to do the lineart now
usually when I do line art I like to turn the paper a lot [tape peeling action] pull away from the art I
think is something someone said once tada okay piece of paper did buckle a
little not as Extreme as it could have definitely and now I feel a lot more
comfortable doing these eyeballs because I have a lot more control now I did just
realize I forgot to color the pupils pink but my old idea was a lot paler so
the pink I stood out a little bit more whereas this one there’s a lot of pink
going on in the face so I might just color in the pupils black because
that’ll be more contrast yeah I think I can even use this to add extra little
dots of ink goo stuff yeah because I’m making a pretty good difference I’m
gonna go back to the point for and outline the character all right not the
best let’s do the other hand though all right this illustration does not show
case my abilities to draw hands but this is like one of the first time I am very
happy with the way the colors look so it’s a trade-off I’m willing to make and
then it’s just about outlining everything that’s it I’m actually really
happy with this I like the layout I like the colors. the hands on the blubfish are a
little bit of a fail yeah so here’s my finished illustration what do you guys
think I really like the colors I think that’s my favorite part and that it’s
not something I say very often so I’m very happy about that anyway I do want
to thank you guys for watching I hope you enjoyed watching me unbox the May
Paletteful Premier Packs box (that’s not how you say it) I will have a link in the
description if you want to find out more information about Paletteful packs
and I have to thank Paletteful packs for sending me this box for free to try out
and to share with you guys I will be passing these art supplies on to one of
you I’ll just wrap them up and ship um’ out! so if you’re interested in
entering that giveaway I will have a link in the description as well thank
you for watching I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a
delicious evening full waffles, bye!! ♪

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