Hi Again Its Me Its me Its me Hi Today we are doing the special card draft what is that you ask? i have to pick a special card every single time unless there obviously isn’t one but this is the order i chose them team of the season or team of the year legend hero or orange inform normal if there are the fut-ties which are pink then they go before all of them i definitely forgotten some thing but anyway here we go formation 5-2-2-1 Captain time and legend is led- i said legend before orange i think i’ve already forgotten but George Best is like the episode of the very best striker time and come on and give me a team of the seeeeason is before all of them we got a team of the season aw sh*t i don’t think anyones gonna link unle- ooooh noo team of the year oh no, I also forgot international man of the match is all those card at the end they go with fantas so very cool neymar team of the year is above them, but nani is above them we got nani in the futties god what am i gunna do? alright fanta ooh i get a choice i mean i may as well go muller coz’ the same leauge pleas- ok that doesnt even matter team off the year right wing back- okaaaaaayyyyy- OHH NOOO I could really use lahm right now but we have to take a team of the year this is not going weeeeeeel oh for fu- come on, give me at least some link…. ok he might link with someone not yet but he may like cheeleeny fu- im so screwed the team looks colorful thats wha- thats what matters. theres nothing i can do hes rare ive gotta choose him I didnt point that out but thats kinda obvious it goes rare, non-rare, silver blah blah blah but OOOOOOOHHHH buffon or fahrmann- buuuuuuffon just beacuse ive got bozagli may as well use layun coz’ hes got sick stats- COME ON give me someone- ohhhhh noooo hes i said hes is fantas- we cant use him we have to use one of these two yeah, we got nothing. AAARHH come oooooooon rrr- OOH i didnt even clock thats a futtie! I think thats a futtie anyway But Luiz Gustavo over Diarra Cmon give me someone… OH! Pirlo

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  1. I'm gonna challenge my brother to read my mind on FIFA 19 Demo , I'm gonna choose a player and he has to guess what it is by choosing

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