Stickers from MOM: cool tips & tricks for iMessage + hidden features

Stickers from MOM: cool tips & tricks for iMessage + hidden features

Hello guys and welcome to IT Danny YouTube channel. Today I would like to share with you great story involving a digital MOM and then bunch of tips & tricks for iOS, especially combination of iMessage and the stickers. As an IT pro, I’ve been contacted by talented MOM and she asked me to help her to publish lovely pictures she created on iPad Pro using Apple Pencil. Well I said “No problem MOM” ๐Ÿ™‚ and today the drawings are available as a sticker pack for iMessage named “From MOM”. You can find it at Apple App Store and the link for download is below the video. Please go ahead and support her as the extra income will be useful for this MOM and her child. And now let’s roll for tips & tricks, where I will show you how to amaze your friends using this iMessage sticker pack. So once you have the sticker pack From MOM installed from App Store, go to the Messages, here on small App Store
icon, four dots and you should to see the sticker pack here. In the case it’s not there just press this “plus” to go to the Store, on the card “Manage” simply switch it on exactly like this, pressing “Down” reveal the sticker pack here. Of course make the MOM even happier by repositioning the applications at the top place and clicking on icon reveal all the stickers. And now let’s see the magic of iMessage stickers. You can be creative when using them. For example you would like to let to your family you’re home. Simply send them the house sticker. There’s a feature of the stickers that you can drag them and attach them to already existing stickers like this. Son saying that he’s coming by car soon. While the husband is out for the business trip. And as you can see here, I can rotate and make the sticker smaller or bigger. Before sending sticker or text you can actually use additional screen effects. Here I want to notify my friends I go for exercise at park. Instead of sending it just like this I press and hold the send button and here I can choose from gentle, loud or slam effect of such a sticker or screen effect. Here the bubbles or my personal favourite confettis. There you go. Sending confettis like this. This is exactly what your friends will see on their screens. And next iMessage feature I love, sharing location. I’m still exercising at the park and my friend wants to join me. I go to the details of the contact and here I got two options to go with. I can send a pin at a map at my current location or more interestingly, I can share my location for desired period of time. Here for an hour she will be able to track me whenever within the park to join me for exercise. Another amazing effect, the invisible ink. Let’s say you want to surprise your friend a bit, so you choose the sticker, press and hold the sending button, choose an invisible ink and sending it. The person has to press the sticker to reveal the content and she can actually reply really fast by pressing and holding the sticker and choosing the like button here. And as I showed before you can attach the stickers to already existing sticker, but you can do that also with the text or with the picture. Let’s see here I going to say to my friend that I’m about to take the exam. Sending the message, she replaying by using a proper sticker, in this case she’s a big believer so “I believe in you”. She will maybe boost me even more so she will attach another sticker ”good luck”. And that’s it. And the same you can do with the pictures. Just press the arrow button here, camera icon, and you can choose from a live camera stream, hello fellows, or from the pictures. She will going to use a lovely picture of Prague and I’m going to find amazing sticker for it. By the way, this picture was taken right next to the Apple museum here in Prague, which is the biggest private exhibition of the Apple devices and I’m strongly recommend you to visit this place. It’s an amazing experience, I love it. And here I found it, let’s enlight the day just like this, awesome. Next is a quick trick how to track whenever the message has been sent or delivered. Just swipe to the left in application and you can see the times. And under the picture you can see the message has been read, but in some cases you don’t want to track this information so you can go to the contact details and here you can adjust the settings. So from this point the contact will not see if you looked at the message or not. Yet another cool feature is that you can express your emotion by touching the screen. Here I’m choosing colour, green one, drawing the circle, so I can actually make the sticker even more attractive. Look at this. Let’s make the Sun nice and big. And talking about fingers, you can use actually multiple fingers to create additional effects. In this case, two fingers will send heart to the contact. Well the contact actually may answer by pressing two fingers in the area and dragging it down, which will send a little bit sadder message, but still awesome. Well and what can be more annoying than receiving call when you shooting a video for your channel. But there’s a simple help. Just press the power button once to silent the incoming call and if you want to hang up the call, just press the power button one more time. That’s it, I hang up the call right now. It’s a simple trick, yet believe me, a lot of people don’t know this. And that’s it for tips and tricks. Don’t forget to support sticker pack MOM and I hope you will love these amazing stickers. Also for you fellows who would like to support this mother even more, there’s a special additional pack called “From MOM Premium” with a few additional stickers for premium price. Link for download is also below the video. That’s it. Don’t miss any upcoming IT Danny videos by subscribing the channel as more cool content is coming soon. Peace in your heart and see you around :-).

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