Stop Phone Addiction: How To Fight Digital Distractions

Stop Phone Addiction: How To Fight Digital Distractions

hey there's Prince John and Livie here you might be wondering why the heck am i all laid out in a Cabana near the beach in this video well in this video I'm going to talk to you about one of the most important things and that is relaxation how am I going to do that by talking about digital distractions alright now before we get started I will say I realized the irony and the hypocrisy of playing around the camera and recording a video for you guys while I'm talking about eliminating digital distractions I know it's ridiculous it's ironic but the inspiration hit me at the end of the day that's what vacation is all about relaxing so that you can come back with inspiration charge and energy now I want say your story which is I'm sitting here in a rather fancy resort in a rather fancy part of the world and all around me I'm sitting at the pool and I'm seeing people who are not enjoying their vacations not to the fullest extent at least now you might ask why is the Sun too hot or the drinks too expensive probably both of those things but the reason why these people are not enjoying their vacations to the fullest extent possible is very simple these things every few minutes I hear a ding of being a buzz going off and even if it's not your own phone it's someone else's that's interrupting you now first off I wanna say I've been a really outspoken critic recently of these little devices they're amazing and they are wonderful and they open up worlds possibility and they're the only reason that I can afford to travel and live like this and work remotely but here's the thing they're not your friends ok they are tools first and foremost and they are also designed to be as addictive as possible both the device itself and the content in it all those apps they are all designed to be as addictive as possible now recently in our private mastermind group the becoming super human mastermind we heard from Benjamin Hardy who's a psychologist and an expert in all things self-improvement whether it be willpower or his latest look I'm just gonna be all about how to actually improve yourself okay I'll admit it in all of my trying to avoid my devices I forgot to charge my camera battery and it died where was I digital devices are not your friends and they can interrupt not just your relaxation time but also most importantly your productive time I mean we've all heard it if you've listed in my podcast more than once you have heard it even if you've listened to it once actually that to get into flow you need hours of uninterrupted time and even just a quick interruption distraction notification banner buzz in your pocket can y'all cue out of flow and it takes five to 15 minutes to get back in the flow now as you know if you're getting a notification every five minutes that means that you are never getting into flow and I know I know you think that well I don't even get into the notification I meet doesn't distract yes okay even that little buzz in your pocket even if you don't know what it is in the back of your mind is distracting you and keeping you from getting your productive work done not to mention at the end of the day relaxing so I want you to remember that your device is a tool that is in your control not the other way around okay you choose how your device gets used it doesn't choose how you use it now I want to give you guys some really really powerful tips that I've gathered from some of the world's top thought leaders and thinkers on this subject and on other subjects first and foremost comes from my podcast with Noah Kagan where he challenged me to do this live on the air and push me to do it and I'm gonna push you to do it right now and that is turn off all unnecessary notifications I know you're thinking oh my god well I do but the fact is you don't need to know every single email that comes in you don't need to know every single like or comment that you get on Instagram or on Twitter the vast majority of the applications that are sending you notifications you do not need to know about every single notification you can go in and you can check it on your time there is no reason why you should be notified or bothered every single time so do it now stop right now what you're doing pause this video and go ahead and disable notifications for every single application that you can think of but you don't need to know right away and guess what I bet you there are some applications that you think you need to know right away but you don't for example I disabled notifications for messenger Facebook messenger which you might think oh my god you're gonna miss so much important stuff you know what I've missed almost no important stuff and I just tell people I don't check this thing I check it once a day if that usually it's once every few days the only reason I've actually kept notifications on on things like whatsapp is because that's what my wife uses to message me otherwise I would disable notifications for everything but two apps phone and messages and in fact I'm probably gonna have to end up in disabling notifications for slack as well because that's how my team reaches me and guess what outside of specific hours I don't need them to be able to reach me all the time in fact I've actually set it up so that only within specific hours of the day does it actually send me notifications and if you're only able to do part way well that's a great way to doing so stop and do it now okay are you back awesome the next thing is what about for the things that you do need notifications okay well I wanna teach you guys about the most important feature of your iPhone or Android device and that is the Do Not Disturb function you might be wondering well Jonathan if you don't want to be bothered why are you wearing this easy easy answer I'm wearing this because I view it as a quick Do Not Disturb button just go like this hit a button GZ Do Not Disturb don't have to pull out my phone which has all kinds of notifications and I usually get distracted on my way to hit the Do Not Disturb button yes these devices are addictive so Do Not Disturb I want you guys to consider consider every time you want to get something productive done go in turn on Do Not Disturb on your computer and on your phone and on your iPad and on your tablet or on your Kindle and I don't know whatever else your BlackBerry turn on Do Not Disturb so you can get focused productive work done okay if you miss something not the end of the world by the way if there's an emergency and someone calls you more than once it'll ring through so you have no excuse like well you know my wife's pregnant she may go into labor cool she'll probably call twice on the way to the hospital and it will ring through and you will be just fine you'll be just fine okay especially if she knows that she needs to ring through twice to get to you okay so those are some really really important tips but I want you to consider because these have effects not only like I said on your relaxation like but on the trajectory of your life the more time you spend in flow the happier you're going to be the happier you are the more you're going to succeed I don't need to tell you that there are a lot a lot a lot a lot of ramifications of not getting what you need done and never having relaxation from mental breakdowns to getting to the end of your life and realizing oh my god I spent my whole life on whatsapp don't let that happen hey thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it I want to encourage you to check out a list of my top 75 superhuman hacks which will help you get to the next level in your life career health and beyond and stay tuned because pretty soon I'm gonna have a digital declutter course coming out so you want to make sure that you're on my mailing list

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  1. Great advice. I was one of those people who thought I couldn't do this. Honestly, my girlfriend talked me into trying Do Not Disturb with very select apps/contacts allowed through. Now, I get annoyed by every buzz, beep, and ding my phone and computer make. The only things I let through are Todoist (my productivity app of choice, gives reminders), Engross (pomodoro timer), and Calendar (for event reminders).

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