Stranger Things Cast Show Us the Last Thing on Their Phones | WIRED

Stranger Things Cast Show Us the Last Thing on Their Phones | WIRED

hi I'm Finn from stranger things and I'm Caleb McLaughlin and this is the last thing I did on my phone the heart the bot and in the hand which I don't I don't even use them but maybe I've used it twice oh that face the laughing and the I don't really know explain like like nervous not really nervous but like I think I did something wrong face I snapshotted uh my friend ja he when he was a little kid cuz I wanted to show him cuz I wanted to roast him look at this face he looks like adorable little baby there's me and Stanley well guys Stanley I was playing Call of Duty with my friend Dane and he lost so he said I could hit him with a golf ball or a ping-pong ball so uh yesterday I did a paintball event I got shot in the thigh twice and like on the ohlet's hip on my ear arrant so much youtube you know I'm the weirdo I don't go straight to YouTube I look up on Google YouTube and then I went to go play the song I was just jamming up on to Jody Seay forever my lady okay to joke here even stranger things I got to get my act together and then a picture of Joe I was actually listening to Bell Biv DeVoe barneby will always have a place in my heart not the army today I love army today but I really really love army from the eighties it just makes me feel good it was Sonic Unleashed goofy rubbery swinging arms by game grumps which is a YouTube channel huge gamer Sonia so I have two alarms I took long showers my last alarm was to get out of the shower so I wouldn't have those little like those what do you call them the like one might when you're fitting the tip of your fingers get soft pruney yes yeah so I had to get out of there this is any key I don't know if that's like a type of it just that's what it says maybe it's because it o is because I had to go into like a lawyer thing I didn't know how to pronounce the name so I just pronounced out like I did say it I don't want to I don't know what that meant but it says I don't want to will ever know what that means I don't

29 thoughts on “Stranger Things Cast Show Us the Last Thing on Their Phones | WIRED”

  1. Everyone is freaking out over Finn not showing his google search history by what about Caleb’s text like wha

  2. This video is so pure tho like oh my god “it’s me and Stan Lee. Cool guy Stan Lee.” UGH😫💕

  3. Hey cast my first name is mariah and I'll tell u more about me I would love to have a spot on Netflix and I love stranger things it's my favorite thing to watch on Netflix I'd love to be in the next season if u need me just text me on email thx—-mariah

  4. I think the last one, he said I don’t want to on the notes cause he was talking to someone but wrote it down somewhere or he had a message there but deleted the rest and didn’t delete that part

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