Stranger Things Season 3: David Harbour Reacts to THAT Finale!

Stranger Things Season 3: David Harbour Reacts to THAT Finale!

I hope you're entertained I hope you're moved and I hope you just loved it like I did I want you to feel like this can still be your home I love the season so much Thanks and one of the things I think that fans are going to freak out about is dad hopper I know he's full dad mode like I never thought I'd be Bob Saget in full house watching you go red in the face so many times how are you approaching this new layer of dad hopper mic at one point calls it a fat tomato which is a really lovely thing for handsome young man like him to say how many children are you friends with so in the first season he really had like a different thing like he had a ruggedness and kind of a toughness to him you know going into season two he's sort of opening himself up and he's becoming a little softer in a certain way so season three like you know he can't pop the to Anne dolls anymore and he can't really smoke as many cigarettes or drink as much as he used to so he's got to do something with all that weird anger and rage so it's he's decided it's chips and salsa like in front of the TV like copious amounts and the occasional like Snickers bar not the occasional the very many circus bar I measure you know he's getting bigger and he's also getting a little softer and in his demeanor and but he still got that beating heroic heart of Jim Hoppa that we've known and loved but it's great to see him change and to see how he's growing I really like the fact that the duffer's are letting him go through I can fight I need you safe when you read the finale script for season three what was your initial reaction I thought it was stunning I mean I don't know how these guys can outdo themselves because I remember thinking season 1 was so extraordinary soon dude was over here and then I was like you'll never be able to have the payoffs that you had especially the season 1 payoff but then even that season to pay off with closing the gate you'll never be able to do it and they did it like tenfold I mean I've never been so impressed with the script there's not a lagging moment the entire I think it's an hour in 10 minutes the last episode it's a long episode and there's not a moment where I'm I wasn't glued and like yelling at the characters on the screen you when I watch it all put together even though I know what's gonna happen I sit there and I cry and I laugh and I go like no don't do that what are you doing like so it's like to get that response out of me like these guys are just brilliant brilliant writers brilliant directors and I'm just it is such an honor to work on this show really well lastly what's your message to the fans after they've watched it what do you want to say to them as they're reaching for their tissues it's all gonna be okay no it's like um I don't know I mean I hope you're entertained I hope you're moved and I hope you just loved it like I did and it is you know it's been a true honor it's true what they're saying every day that's gonna lose you

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  1. the director said in stranger things only one main character died which was billy. Also, if he weren’t to jump into the upside down (there’s a theory about him jumping into the upside down) at the end the Russian said “no not the American” when they were opening cells to punish someone. The American can be hopper.

  2. #1 Rule in any TV show as popular as this one and created like this one is if you don’t see their body their not dead

  3. I fake my death I know I know……..just had to give her some space… grow to thrive you know ‘pause’ I was trapped in Russian prison for 3 months and now that I escaped I’m coming back to end the monster and to come home to my daughter I’ll see you soon – hopper

  4. Hoppers growing is beard probably cause he is a prisoner in the Russian facility . Maybe 'not the American' did refer to him. Maybe he is not dead and will return!!!

  5. Since Hopper is standing so close to the blast when the “key” is destroyed, and we don’t see what happens to him, its possible that he could have actually been pulled into the gateway, while all the Russians we saw get disintegrated were merely hit by the excess energy from the portal. Since three months later we see the Russians with their own Demogorgon, I think its possible they could have found another way into the Upside Down (maybe in… Chernobyl?), and not only captured the creature, but Hop as well, and as such, he’s the “American” in their captivity.

  6. I believe hopper is alive 🙂

    If you call (618)625-8313, Murray Bauman's voicemail will instantly answer the phone. At first, Murray is yelling at his mom (incase it's her trying to call him) but then he says "If this is Joyce, Joyce, thank you for calling, I have been trying to reach you. I have an update. It's about, well, it's probably best if we speak in person. It's not good or bad, but it's something.".. The phone number is an Easter Egg during Season 3 Episode 6. Could Murray possibly want to get ahold of Joyce to tell her that Hopper is alive? Call the number to listen for yourself and comment below to give your opinions on what you think 🙂

    "No. Not the American"

  7. When the device exploded Hopper was no longer standing where he previously was. There's a fade to black and then the first shot you see is the device they were trying to destroy beginning to explode. On the platform were hopper was standing is completely empty. This was at least 3 to 4 seconds before the explosion if not more. I believe hes alive

  8. You know hes coming back in season 4 when the interviewer asked whats your message for the fans and he said "its all gonna be ok"

  9. Watch the last few minutes past the characters. If you already know about this don’t go bitchin’ in the comments.

  10. I think that if the creators wanted us to believe he was dead, they would’ve given us evidence that he was dead. He’s either in the upside down, or he got kidnapped by the Russians. Hoppers “death” just doesn’t add up.

  11. Reasons why I definitely know he isn’t dead:

    1. There is a ladder beside the machine, which he could’ve used to go down just before the explosion

    2. You don’t see him die. In fact, he isn’t even seen during the explosion

    3. He’s too much of a loved character. Killing him off will result in less viewers for upcoming seasons. In other words, less money will be made.

    4. End of the credits, one of the Russians say “not the American”, implying that an American is in a Russian cell and its most likely Hopper.

    This could be due to him entering the door way to the upside down or when he used the ladders, Russians captured him and took him to the Russian base.

    During thisinterview, you see him with a beard (indicating for the next season. I.e trapped in a cell)

    El doesn’t have a powers. If she had them, she could find him. Clearly want to give a big shock reveal.

  12. Detective Hopper and Detective Byers (Wheelbarrow), and Bald Eagle need their own series! I’d watch the hell out of it!

  13. Harbour is still contracted says google.. I guess he will come back in season 3 with a twist on it I guess

  14. HOPPER IS ALIVE. Maybe before the machine exploded in season 3 he jumped into the upside down, and while down there the russians found him from there other layer in russia in the upside down, and they captured Hopper as a prisoner. Also in the credit sence the russians were gonna feed the demogorgan they said no not the AMERICAN SO IDK WHAT ELSE IS HES PROOF HES STILL ALIVE!

  15. I am so sad! I'm actually upset about the ending. This was the hardest I have ever cried! Hopper season 4!!!

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