string art RADIACION SOLAR  por jorge de la tierra

string art RADIACION SOLAR por jorge de la tierra

music hey hey hey how are you my friends
welcome to string art tutorial hello how about friends welcome once
more to a tutorial of the string art series for today I bring you a new work that
we have called solar radiation, for carry out this work we will use
a table of dimensions 60 x 60 centimeters which we have previously
lined with black Turin cloth and then having used our bulldozer
nails we have placed 1,169 of 3/4 inch, now we will use the
thread tensioner to finish our work, I remind you that they are available
for sale in addition to the designs or sketches shipments to any part of the
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another video be aware never forget share thanks we will start tensing
our work from the nail that is in the center of it made the
nails that we have in the first girth, let’s tie the thread
on that nail and we will pass through each of them always returning to
point now with the blue thread
we will perform the following procedure tying the thread in the nail that gives us each semicircle in the middle let’s go from that nail a nail to the
right and a nail to the left going through everyone and always returning
the starting point now with the green thread we are going to
perform the following procedure in the semicircles
that go next then tying the thread on the nail that divides
in half that semicircle let’s go as usual
to all nails always returning to point
and going one on one side and one on the other music music music we will perform the same tension for
next eight semicircles remember that we tie the thread in one of the
nails that delimits the semicircle in the half and we will go to each of the
nails of it going from one side to the other music music music we continue with another tension for
next 8 semicircles that make up our figure for it we tie the
thread in the nail that delimits half of said semicircle and let’s go as
forever on the right side and on the left side 1
to 1 always returning to the point of departure let’s make the last tension with the thread
light yellow for it we tie the thread in the nail that
make up half of the semicircles previous and we go 15 nails to the
right and 15 to the left for each of the semicircles
previously made music in this way we terminate with
our box of tensioned threads. if you have liked
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10 thoughts on “string art RADIACION SOLAR por jorge de la tierra”

  1. Hi Jorge. I have discovered your work 3 weeks ago and I really enjoy to watch your videos. Now, I also enjoy to practice this at home. You say in your videos that we can buy tools and draws to you, but where???
    I have found your facebook page and e-mail adress, but no real website…
    Thanks 😉

  2. Hello, i like your string art and i am trying to make one at home. Where did you buy this insttument in your hands please?

  3. Ehh que zarpado que se ve, parece una estrella rodeada de soles o nose… muy llamativo y simple ese efecto, muy bueno

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