Study Hall: Drawing Memories

Study Hall: Drawing Memories

Hi Koosje. Hey. How are you? Good Thanks. Hey
so I just finished my homework for Mattias and I want to talk to you about
it. You’ve done it too, right? I’ve done it too and I was kind of surprised
actually by what I did. Tt was fun! Yeah. Do you
want to show yours or do you first want to – Well you know, I I found I mean I think
it was interesting this experience of going back to your first day in school
because that’s first of all a long long time ago in another century
far far away but you know I don’t remember that clearly. I remember
generally how I was feeling you know about the world in those days but I I didn’t have any particularly traumatic events I remember. Did you? Same
here. The same. I was thinking about the first day of school I
have no recollection of that, but I do know that I was always with my very best
friend that I know from when we were about two years old or something, so I
thought I do remember how the both of us always stuck together in situations that
were kind of scary or kind of exciting so I thought maybe I can do drawing
around that and the feeling of not knowing what school actually really is
and that first day, you know you’re kind of scared about – because you don’t know
what’s going to happen maybe it’s fun maybe it’s horrible. So and then doing
that together, that makes it better so I thought that that would be how to start
with my drawing. What is your friend, who – are you still in touch with your friend from
when you were that young? Yeah yeah I am NOT not that much but I mean when we
were kids we went together like almost every day but now, but our mom became
really good friends so we always hear everything from each other through our moms
and we see each other every now and then and then we just catch up and yeah it’s
great to me to have a friend like that yeah. Yeah I moved so much when I was a
kid so you know I went to so many different
schools in so many different places that you know I remember some kids from when
I was that age but God knows where they are.
I tried looking them up on Facebook at one point but who knows, I mean it’s been 800
years and I don’t know just where they are with you know and unless they have like a
really unique name. One was going to Howard Penny Roland Taylor and Phillip something or other, so if you’re out there and you see this you can friend me on
Facebook I’d like to catch up. One of the things I remember most about
going to school at that age was the wait for a bus. The bus was like a big source
of trauma for me because when I was around that age mainly I was living
Australia and we would take this bus and my mother just took me to the bus, put me
on the bus, and then I went there and then after a week or so of her taking me
or maybe even less it was kind of like alright go to the bus and I would go to
the bus stop and wait for the bus and I remember every time I would be waiting
for the bus and I certainly had to go to the bathroom really badly and I’d be
standing there waiting waiting at the bus stop and like that – I can remember
that exact feeling and like thinking like why didn’t I go before I left the
house and oh I didn’t have to. It was like It’s nerves! I don’t know what it was. So
anyway. Here’s, I brought a couple pictures to show you of me in those
days like this is this is me, see me side by side that’s me when I was
probably seven. I’m wearing my school uniform you know, this school that I went
to had a uniform that was you know a camp and we had to a tie and we always
wore shorts year-round but they were wooling shorts in the winter and you
know. That was that was not the look. Wow. Here’s me also. This is me outside of
this little house that my stepfather’s father built for me. It was a cubby house and
I had a little mailbox and there I am wearing my shorts, I look
like a little business man. yes you look like a business man it’s true.
and then is this yeah this is me holding my pencil box.
a lot of pictures like this of me where I look like I’m like a refugee or an
orphan. Maybe it’s a little bit how you felt because you moved so much. It’s true I was
sort of running from the law. So show me your stuff. What did you do?
show me. Well I’ll first show you because I have a picture
of me and my friend I told you about we are actually sitting in the bus I
don’t have a print. You still have the bangs.
I think my mom cut those so yeah and I am very cool glasses
that fit very different. So hipster now. You look cool way
back. I was so cool. well that’s the thing because I when I
watched Mattias’ class he was talking about the cool kids and how he wanted to
be a cowboy and he wasn’t cool at all because he was wearing too flowery of
a shirt. I thinking I didn’t even think about being cool or not, I just it
was just frightful I guess. so um somehow I reverted into a sort of
children’s book type of illustration so there’s me. Got that haircut perfectly.
There’s me and my friend and we’re holding on to each other and he used to
have a dog who was funnily enough called Bunny and in those days you could
actually take your dog with you in school. Wow. Yeah it was also because his
mom was volunteering in the school library so she took the dog and then kept
kept the dog with her, but sometimes the dog could actually attend class. That was
really nice so I thought I will draw the dog as well and to go into school there
was this dark door or I don’t know Gateway. Gateway
and it was a bit dark ish and it wasn’t scary at all but I thought that would be
a nice you know nice way to put it like if you’ve never been there it’s scary.
So i drew a small pair of eyes there as well. I didn’t know what to expect and of course I came
on my bike I guess and then in the thought of Mattias I also drew an extra
bit of a weird bike. So that’s that’s kind of how my thoughts went and I just
I was really surprised to do drawing that was so cutsie and I don’t know. Hold it
up because I want to comment on some of the art parts of it because I really
it’s got such a nice composition too you know and you know it’s interesting that
like to me some of the technical things like the way you did the dog,
the dog’s looking away, that shape of him, how he’s pulling into the
gateway is really cool and I like that that kind of white outline
that you have around him that makes them kind of you know gives you that sense of
dimension and also the fact that the black isn’t just black but you have
those lines, it somehow makes it scarier and I think if it was all pure black it
would have been just so overwhelming it would have been too much whereas that
texture is really nice and uh I like your lettering with a drop
shadow that’s really cool too it’s really cool it’s really a nice page. I
really enjoyed it. I took my time for it as well because I was just really
thinking about how Mattias works you know. I actually first started it in
pencil and then outlined it with pen so it took quite it was quite a process. But it was fun. That’s cool. That’s good. Let me show you. How about yours? yeah? Mine is not
um same level of artistic expression really because I was kind of more
thinking about just memories so anyway so here’s mine.
There you go. So it’s really more of this like a description of who I was at that
time, so it sort of like calling out some of the things I remembered about me. So
to see if I can explain them. So here is yeah so like you I had my mother cut my
hair. mm-hmm. She still cuts it actually so this is home haircut, I’m wearing that
that’s kind of wool cap thing, I have terror in my eyes. That is excellent
the lines there. It’s sort of like a strange Tintin / Charlie Brown kind of looking
creature. it says here hate my uniform. This
uniform had like I had these big pockets and then here it says, my mom
can’t tie my tie. And it’s true like these day it really bugs me when you have a
tie and like the the fat part is shorter than the thin part. That is really not done.
My mother would never get that right though, and then that was quick, good
motivation to know how to tie a tie. here I had my first watch in those days.
You know, I was very proud of that like six seven years old like my first watch. So
you’d be on time for the bus right? Right exactly although my fly is open
oh and afraid to ask were to go to the bathroom so my legs are kind of crossed
because going to bathroom seems like a real preoccupation with me. Anyway and
then this is the thing is I ate my lunch on the bus going to school. You know my
mother just gave me here’s a bag of lunch and then I guess I didn’t really
understand it so I ate my lunch on the way to school and got the school didn’t
have it. Aw. Forgot how to tie my shoelaces so shoelaces are undone.
This school that I went to they were pretty strict about the uniform and like
you would get demerits or even punishments for like if your socks
weren’t pulled up you’d have to pick up 50 bits of trash in the you’d like be
sent out go to the playground and pick up 50 bits of trash and the school was
always really clean because a lot of kids didn’t have their socks pulled up so
you’d find like one piece of trash you rip it up into individual pieces and you
have to go to teach and say here here’s all my pieces. And what did you draw
or write? I went to twenty schools on four continents so I repeated this experience
a lot, because a lot of times I’d be in in a new school and
you know it’s like a new language and you culture all that kind of stuff. That
happened to me fairly often but anyway I made it seem like it was really tragic. It
wasn’t particularly, but those are the things you remember right? You tend to
remember bad things more than good things I think. I think so yes I mean I
also I have very good memories of school actually with especially with my friend
so it’s it’s kind of strange to draw something about it that is really scary
but I think that’s just the first time for everything
it’s kind of scary so I think that that’s what we both sort of depicted in
our in your drawings and yeah it’s interesting. It was a cool assignment.
Thank You Mattias for taking me back down memory lane and it was fun to share our
homework. It was a fun fun idea. Very cool yeah! Back to work

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  1. i enjoy this so much! I have lately become a sketchbook addict of sorts, and i know i have to join sketchbook skool! I just have to! Waiting for Exploring to start. Soon? Can i enroll even if the date is not announced yet? In the meantime, i have been watching Study Hall, but silly me, i was really just watching. What? It didn't even occur to me to do the Study Hall series in my sketchbook. Oh gosh, crazy me. lol!

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