Super Hero Theme All Cards Confirmed! - South Park Phone Destroyer

Super Hero Theme All Cards Confirmed! – South Park Phone Destroyer

welcome guys Faro TV here ready to present you the last seven cards of the new superhero theme if you haven't seen the first three just go back on my channel I have a video about the human kite Fast Pass and the super fart already out there but now we're just gonna look at the next and last seven cards also if this video is life it's possible that the patch is already life as well so you may check out Europe check out your phone and download or try downloading South Park I guess it will take a little bit once it's all over the place but well I don't want to keep you waiting try out so we're gonna make our way through and starting with the comment which is Tupperware Tupperware is actually immune to abilities status effects and spells now that is pretty interesting for me especially regarding complex you guys say so I think we could see some fun superhero sci-fi theme that plays the alien drone and Tupperware at the beginning using already ate manna and then the opponent has to use her mana ooh magic whatever he played is now chickens also of course immune to fireball so you can put him together with another unit maybe even beta fireball because someone forgets it you know whenever there is a plethora of baby for example and I wait for something to spawn near I don't even look what it is you know I don't even look what it is I just I have all it together with another baby well if it's a Tupperware and now the fireball had no effect that's only one of the ways we can pay to people who have tougher where it's that's a pretty pretty low tone like his attackers abysmal and his helps I was pretty good he's kind of a tanky fighter alright the next one is the Chomper that is the next spell or rather trap card from the superhero theme only two mana again that means you can cycle it through fast damages and freezes enemies on contact now I don't know that which numbers and how long it freezes and that's obviously what it makes or breaks though one thing we like to talk about Doug is here because you know my pain if you look the string about your stream and I know your pain because I would read the comments I mean if this guy is able to be placed in front of your new kids that should be a dagi counter whenever all might look I'm disappearing the creepiness might be too strong um yeah dougie counter might be really really awesome like I think if the jumper countess dougie that Wayne yes I would hope too then dougie is absolutely unplayable against superhero teams and that's something you'd look forward to now let's move forward to the only rare champions and that is mosquito you guys know I really really like mosquito and fractured battle game so that's pretty cool he summons a flying mosquito from that heals mosquito when it attacks so he himself is not healing himself by attacking but his warmest his stats are pretty much the same as Tupperware however he's a rare card but he summons that additional mosquito flying so it depends on how strong they are of course but three cost spawns a flying unit already pretty good in my book and he would probably the card that is very interesting to request so make sure to talk in your team who gets the rights to make a request mosquito now we're already in the ethnic area with the Coon the Coon has a new unique ability that is called up so far unique ability that is called teamwork he has plus attack for each superhero le ally on the field and being 16 on level one is pretty strong his face attack is obviously really low because he gotta get his attack from his teammates and the health is pretty good now he's a five cost like awesome also does not get out trade about holy combustion that's pretty cool obviously he will get stronger once more cards are released and more people play or you have more viable units in your superhero death heart superhero themed tech and then you might get stronger now it will be very interesting that's the mosquitoes one cow I don't think so I doubt it and well some people thought that it's about superhero cards in your deck as you can see it's not it's about superhero cards on the field the next epoch is toolshed stand coming in he actually has a charge ability that is interacting with the traps so so far only the Chomper but he can either when his charge is ready disable the trap so then you can play your buggy or he places a new trend a new Chomper which is pretty cool depending on his um depending on his charge time it would be interesting if you can place it in front of your new kid by placing two shed behind the new kid he's only three cost donut 60 HP 57 attack in my book pretty solid fighter and he is currently I guess and auto include and the soup if you play superheroes and now let's come to the legendaries a lot of people already knew it it's going to be mysterion death bridge revives himself that means you've gotta spend those five energy once and then you have infinite mysterion unless he can spread smoke gets transmogrifier however let's think transmogrify costs five so at least trivia interesting is that he will be a little shiny ghost and travel back to your new case then revived that means that depending where he died is gonna travel longer now that we got to do the math on how many mysterion's we can get but it seems to be the case that if you play him in the defense if you were getting attacked pretty hard right now he might appear a few more times because his travel distance from his point of death to to here new kid is way shorter so that's definitely something to take in consideration he is in my opinion pretty cool high energy is big investment though i though would really like to play him i must say though it will take some time to get him a level three and now the unconfirmed but unconfirmed but legendary no one expected so far i think and that is call girl conquer is a legendary war cry summons superhero ally from your hands that means so far we can use this call girl to get mysterion out or the coup note they cost five each now her stats are currently honestly abysmal but she's a ranged character so maybe maybe her tech speed does something we'll see her stats aren't very good but the ability is pretty cool so I guess maybe investing into core girl to someone the cool makes the most sense because core girl immediately busted however you always add risk because it is I guess random so it might just be a mosquito but at the end of the day I think it's a pretty cool mechanic sadly you cannot bring other things then super hero tax you can bring severe cards and not like primera who brings Pope Timmy who then responds that member pick it just lost it would be pretty sick but now that's not happening now now I really want but I really want honestly now is falling there is in each thing because I still want I still want butters to be the legendary and I want been very crunch to be a legendary what do you think about those cards you can probably play them right now when the spirit videos finished download go over to the apps on download also after this video hits I am probably streaming the campaign so why not join me I would appreciate you stopping by and chatting a little bit about it life and another another thing to mention in four hours from the time the video hits red links will be life itself on Twitch check that their check them out because today we'll be giving away eternity gems and eternity gems and you know I use to open packs for free superhero cards I will be there I will be trying to get my hands on some so maybe it's better than advertised it but I don't want to withhold it from you thank you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed a new thing with me I will be making individual videos about single cards this was just a quick overview about the cards for my thoughts I hope you enjoyed it I see you next time maybe I see you like right now say hello bye they're out

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  1. Hmm the PVE is lazy.. i mean really.. just revisit old levels? even if you completed them 15 times before.. you get no rewards from them anymore, they should have added a whole new story, with new levels etc. this is just very lazy on their side

  2. Does your opponent see, that you spawn chomper? If yes, then he will evade by summoning his units on the other side

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