26 thoughts on “Suspected arson attack at Japan animation studio KyoAni”

  1. I pray there will come a day when the arsonist falls into the hell of eternal suffering for his crime.

    1 like = 1 Dracarys.

  2. Whoever did this must get hanged, but that's too simple! Just put that garbage in an isolated white room and force it to spend the rest of it's life there.

  3. My God, 33 people are gone just like that. Those poor people….. My condolences to the victims families. This tragedy will definitely impact the anime industry. The piece of shit who did this definitely deserves the death penalty.

  4. This man burn a lotta childhood and life,I swear this man better be dead or the whole internet will do it's worst

  5. Whoever that arson is, he should be sentence to death in exchange for those people who lose their life creating such beautiful masterpiece that i've grown up with.

  6. 「炭の塊」を運び出してる…

  7. This is a 100 times worst than Charlie Hebdo; Kyoani capitalized on making great animation products that have put a smile on millions of people's faces, not writing shitty Gore comics. I hope this accident will get the attention it deserves. My heart goes to the families of the deceased.

  8. Who even does something like this? Why just gasoline, why not a gun or a knife or something? Using fire is just an extra level of fucked up.

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