(TAS) Paper Mario any% in 1:30:40.15 by Malleo

(TAS) Paper Mario any% in 1:30:40.15 by Malleo

Hello and welcome to my Paper Mario TAS. Refer to these subtitles throughout the duration of the run for the explanations behind various tricks. The fastest way to scroll through text is to hold down B. Spinning is the fastest method of movement. Jumping at the end cancels a slow animation. It’s fastest to spin towards the right staircase because the Toad NPC at the top gets in the way on the other side. Before Mario begins his crouch animation for jumping, pressing A will cause him to crouch earlier and for a shorter time. This can be used to save several frames each time it is used. I can get spin cancels off the side of the table, which is faster than jumping up top. On the way back, it’s faster to jump on top because I start farther to the right. This upcoming trick is called Jr. Troopa Skip because it skips a battle with Jr. Troopa. It begins with Loading Zone Storage (LZS), where the loading zone is stored and will take Mario whenever he stops doing frame perfect jumps. I use frame perfect jumps until I get to the bush. Once I reach the bush, I press A before landing, causing the bush to shake and the hammer cutscene to start. Because I leave immediately, I enter the next room and skip the hammer cutscene which leads into a battle. This Fire Flower is used for the upcoming Goomba Bros. battle in the Prologue. Jumping at a certain time causes Goompa to jump before Mario reaches the gate. This brings him closer to the gate when Mario activates it, shortening Goompa’s walk before opening it. This is Power Jump, which increases Mario’s jump power. It’ll only be used for the first few chapters until it is replaced by better badges. In addition, Goombario joins the party. Before leaving Goomba Village, I hammer the tree which then drops a Goomnut. This will be used to refill FP later on. Before I grab it, I pause in order to equip Power Jump. If I were to equip it later, Goompapa, who is standing by the yellow block, would waste time explaining to Mario how to equip the badge. Pushing against walls at a specific angle causes the game to register that Mario is colliding with the wall. This causes his spin to cancel. I get Close Call to avoid attacks later on. Quick jumps do not work for Goombario, for some reason. Using the Fire Flower from earlier, the two Goomba Bros go up in flames. I eat the Goomnut to restore FP for the Goomba King fight. Falling off for a frame and then holding up right causes Mario to cancel his spin immediately. I spin slightly left of an optimal angle in order to manipulate RNG. RNG causes the Toad NPC below to stay against the wall. Mario can spin between him and the wall, hammer, and get pushed out of bounds. Mario respawns on top of the Toad House and falls down, skipping a few cutscenes. I get this Fright Jar for a battle later in Chapter 4. By grabbing the POW Block after hammering the tree, the item fanfare of the POW Block begins playing as the blue switch falls from the tree, saving a bit of time. Normally you would take the bottom path to reach Koopa Village and acquire Kooper as your partner, but there is a way to skip him. Using frame perfect jumps, Mario jumps left, past the loading zone. Each time I respawn, I use frame perfect jumps and fall off to move to the right. This skips having to hit a blue switch with Kooper to make a bridge appear. I also grab a Fire Flower for an upcoming Chapter 1 fight. I hit this heart block so I have enough FP for later. I first strike this Koopa Troopa to immediately knock him on his back. Because he’s on his back, I can take him out with one Power Jump. RNG is manipulated to make the key go right instead of left. This trick is called Epic Timesaver. I can fall out of bounds by holding up after falling off the stairs. Once I fall down, I can spin right and fall up and respawn by the door at the very top of the Fortress, skipping part of the chapter. This room leads to the jail cutscene where we will get Bombette. Once we have her, we can actually skip directly to Chapter 2. RNG is manipulated to drop 2 Flower Points from the Jail Fight. 9 coins always appear from this fight though. I need all of these coins in order to afford a Dizzy Dial for a fight after Chapter 4. Now that I have Bombette, there isn’t anything else I need from this chapter. I’ll return to Toad Town and use another skip to advance to Chapter 2. On the way back to Toad Town, I grab two coins which will be used to buy a Dizzy Dial later. When I reach the bottom loading zone, I use Loading Zone Storage and frame perfect jumps to move Say from the loading zone. This causes the loading zone entry to be skewed, meaning that Mario will enter from a wider angle. If the angle is made wide enough, Mario will fall out of bounds upon entering the room. He can then respawn past the logs that would normally block access to Chapter 2. On the way to the Chapter 2 train, I talk to this Bub-Ulb to grab a seed that will allow me to enter Chapter 6 later. Using Bombette next to the Toad NPC causes her animation to begin earlier than normal. On the same frame that Mario talks to the train conductor, I use Bombette. This causes her to move towards Mario for a bit, which will shortening her walk to the train. Similar to Chapter 1, I only go into this chapter for a few reasons. From this Chapter, I will need Parakarry and a seed. Parakarry will be used for a timesaver in Chapter 8 as well as to reach a seed for Chapter 6. I need to enter Chapter 6 in order for Lakilester to join my party, who will be used for a warp glitch to skip a few chapters. In order to have Parakarry join our party, we have to collect the three letters scattered around Mt. Rugged. Moving to the top of this staircase and jumping into the wall causes me to go out of bounds and fall down. Mario can respawn on the bottom seam and spin left. Then he can fall upwards, store the loading zone mid-air, fall back down, and skew the loading zone. By skewing the loading zone, Mario falls out of bounds in this letter room, allowing him to respawn right by the letter. Using the same clip, but facing to the right, Mario can fall out of bounds again, and respawn on the back seam. From there, Mario can fall to the right, respawn underneath the slide. Finally, he can fall again and respawn up by the letter. That was the last required use of Kooper, but because we were able to skip it, there are no more uses for Kooper. Right before grabbing this third letter, I begin storing the up left loading zone as I do frame perfect jumps to reach the letter. This skips having to use a spring to go back up to the loading zone. Now, I will return to Parakarry and give him the three letters that we collected. On the way, I grab a Wacka Bump, which will be used as a source of coins, since it’s worth 50 coins each. Now that I have Parakarry, the only other thing I need from Chapter 2 is the seed for Chapter 6. With the seed, I now leave Mt. Rugged. On the way, I grab another Wacka Bump. With these two Wacka Bumps that I have, I’ll be able to buy two badges later on. Now that I’m back in Toad Town, I head to the item shop to sell my Wacka Bumps for coins. In addition, I also buy a Dizzy Dial. This will be used for an upcoming fight. I’ll also have to get four coins later on to afford two badges. RNG causes the Toad NPC to be close to the wall. This way, Mario can spin between him and the wall, hammer, and get pushed out of bounds. When out of bounds, Mario can fall off to the left and land by the spring that leads into Chapter 4. This chapter segment is really short because I only need to get the calculator. This Maple Syrup will be used in Chapter 8 to replenish in preparation for the Hallway Bowser fight. I encounter this Shy Guy because it will cause the calculator to appear in the middle of the room, no longer being held by a Shy Guy. I use the Fright Jar from Chapter 1 in order to quickly take out these Shy Guys. Using RNG manipulation, I get 3 coins and a Dizzy Dial to drop from the battle. This Dizzy Dial will be used for a later battle. These coins, in addition to one coin later on, will give Mario a total of 100 coins to buy two badges. I re-enter the room and use Loading Zone Storage and frame perfect jumps to grab the calculator, which is faster than spinning back and forth. The calculator will open up the badge shop for us so we can buy Jump Charge and Speedy Spin. This coin block allows Mario to get back up to 100 coins, which I will use to buy both badges from the shop. Similar to the spin cancel that I used on the way to the Shooting Star Summit, I fall off for one frame to cancel my spin and then hold up right. I need Bombette to blow up a wall in a bit. While switching, I waste frames to manipulate RNG. In doing so, Jump Charge and Speedy Spin will appear closest to the badge shop entrance. This badge is called I Spy, which helps in locating Star Pieces. I don’t actually need this badge whatsoever, so I won’t equip it. I equip Jump Charge and Power Bounce in preparation for the Blooper fight. Because the segment from now until the Blooper fight is too short, it is not faster to activate Speedy Spin and then switch to Jump Charge and Power Bounce once reaching Blooper. This trick is called the Blue House Skip. Mario can land on the side of this building for a frame, allowing him on the roof, spin up, and jump directly on top of the pipe inside. I use one of my Dizzy Dials to knock out Blooper for several turns. Throughout the beginning of the battle, I use Jump Charge, which increases Mario’s attack when jumping on enemies. Jump caps are when the game randomly decides that Mario has reached the limit for the amount of Power Bounces he may deal in one turn. This number is randomly determined by RNG but varies also from enemy to enemy. For example, a 10 cap for Blooper is very common, while it is completely unheard of to get it on Bowser. Using RNG manipulation, I get the 18 Power Bounce cap that I need and take out Blooper. I level up FP so that I will have more opportunities to jump charge before Power Bouncing. I un-equip Power Bounce and Jump Charge in order to equip Speedy Spin, which increases Mario’s speed. Unlike Chapters 1, 2, and 4, this time I will actually complete the entire chapter. This trick is called Yoshi Skip. Mario can jump up on the right side of the tree and jump out of bounds. After triggering the cutscene with Kolorado, Mario can then fall off to the right and enter the volcano, skipping 10 minutes of sequences within the game. This trick is called Ultra Hammer Skip. I can use Loading Zone Storage and frame perfect jumps to maneuver down to the block below. Once I stop jumping, Mario begins to walk towards the loading zone above. Because he passes over the loading zone below, the game updates Mario’s state and sends him through the loading zone below instead. Unfortunately, I’m one frame away from passing through this room on the first platform cycle,so instead I mess around to pass the time before the platform comes back. Using Parakarry near this blue block causes Mario to trigger the loading zone beyond the wall. This trick, Footrace with Kolorado the Quick, involves Mario spin cancelling of the wall fast enough that he reaches the loading zone before a Kolorado cutscene starts, saving a few seconds. This trick is called Lava Piranha Skip. Mario can spin between Kolorado and the Spiny Tromp, causing him to get pushed out of bounds and enter the loading zone below. This is the ending sequence for Chapter 5. Keep in mind that this sequence actually isn’t removed after completing Chapter 5. Before I leave Chapter 5, I need to grab the third seed for Chapter 6. In order to get it, I have to give Kolorado the Volcano Vase, which erupted from the volcano along with us. In return, he gives me the seed, and I can leave Chapter 5. I have to go to the Forever Forest in order to get the fourth and final seed to enter Chapter 6. This is Lakilester Early, which allows me to skip many sequences within the chapter because I jump directly to the Lakilester fight. I use Loading Zone Storage and frame perfect jumps from the upper left loading zone, and I jump left in order to skew the loading zone. I respawn on the bottom seam, spin right, and fall up. I can respawn up top and progress left through the room. I grab the Shooting Star for a battle in Chapter 8. In the Tower of the Sun room, I use frame perfect jumps to maneuver around the loading zone, similar to Kooper skip. I fall off and respawn up at the top of the tower. I enter the loading zone immediately after, skipping spinning all the way up and down the tower to get to and from the sun. I pause right before the Lakilester fight in order to unequip Speedy Spin and re-equip Jump Charge and Power Bounce in order to take out Lakilester. With my last Dizzy Dial, I knock Lakilester out for a few rounds, skipping his long attacks. I pause to un-equip Jump Charge and Power Bounce and equip PSpeedy Spin. Since I have Lakilester, I actually don’t need to progress through Chapter 6. This is especially good because the Lakilester Early trick causes the chapter to not be completable normally. Using Lakilester, there is a way to load the Chapter 5 end sequence, since it is never removed after beating Chapter 5. It is always faster to do the Blue House Skip again instead of entering through the door. It is faster to do the Yoshi Skip instead of using the zipline to enter the Volcano post-Chapter 5. The volcano appears to be in its normal post-Chapter 5 state until I reach the room with the Footrace with Kolorado the Quick trick, where I will start to confuse the game. By using Lakilester near certain corners, Mario may be pushed out of the corner and fall out of bounds. This is called a Laki Clip. Because there’s a cutscene below, I have to do another Laki Clip afterwards. After doing so, Mario respawns on the seam of the top room, from which he can jump below and enter the below loading zone. In the next room is a group of invisible walls, causing the final Chapter 5 sequence to be unreachable normally. Trapping Laki far away increases his speed, causing Mario to teleport a bit when landing on Laki. Once here, Mario can spin right, fall, and land past the invisible walls. Since this ending sequence was never removed (and instead blocked by invisible walls) I can trigger it again. Though this is the Chapter 5 end sequence, the game registers me as completing the next chapter. So, when I begin the Peach cutscene, it warps me to Chapter 6’s Peach segment. This is why this trick is called the Peach Warp. Because I’ve now finished Chapter 6, I leave Flower Fields and return to Toad Town. Once again, because the end sequence for Chapter 5 was never removed, I can use it again to warp to Chapter 7’s Peach segment. Because this is the last time I will be passing through the left section of the sewers, there’s one more item I have to get before going back to the volcano. I need Ultra Boots for a timesaver later in Chapter 8, but because I don’t have the Ultra Hammer, I can’t
reach the Boots normally. Using Lakilester and then opening the partner menu after hitting an enemy causes the menu to pop up as I enter the battle. I switch to a different partner right before the battle starts, even though Lakilester still appears as my partner in battle. When I leave, Lakilester is gone, though his hitbox properties are not, so Mario can jump on top of this block and through the doorway, skipping the block that would normally require a hammer upgrade. The same thing is done in the following room. Because the block is a little bit higher up, Mario can’t squeeze between the block and the doorway, so I have to use a Laki Clip to get underneath the doorway. After breaking the block holding the spring, I begin storing the loading zone, so when I open the Ultra Boots chest, I skip playing the fanfare and breaking the block. Now I can re-enter the volcano. The volcano is the exact same as before up until the first Laki clip. Because the cutscene is no longer there below, I only need to do one Laki clip instead of two. The Laki clip to teleport on top of the lava is the same as before. Because I just loaded the end sequence for a chapter, the game now warps me to Chapter 7’s Peach segment. As a side note, if I were to do this an extra time, possibly to skip Chapter 8, the game would softlock as it tries to load a Peach cutscene that does not exist. I now have to go to the Shooting Star Summit in order to enter Chapter 8. I can use a Laki Clip to get inside the wall, fall out of bounds, and respawn at the top of the summit. It’s interesting to note that if you respawn in the very center, which is where the beam would be to take Mario to the Star Haven, the cutscene will not start until Mario moves far enough away. I have to encounter this Koopatrol in order to gain the key to enter the castle’s front doors. I used RNG manipulation to make the key fly left towards the door instead of to the right. I use Laki here to ride on the lava. This will allow me to come out to the front of the castle in order to use a timesaver to skip the basement segment of the castle. I get a weird push from this wall, possibly because the staircase is close by. I also go on the staircase for a bit because Laki’s speed is higher compared to on the lava. Switching to Parakarry when at a certain position on the platform causes Mario’s jump animation when getting off Laki to be cancelled. I can spin jump underneath the red block, causing Mario to unintentionally get on top. Then I use Parakarry to hover over to an invisible wall and enter the castle again. This Hub Room Skip involves spinning at a precise angle to get inside the staircase, falling off, and respawning at the top by the door. I can use a Laki Clip, causing Mario to go out of bounds. He’s now able to walk on the water into the left room. I clip back in and hit the switch. I clip out and back in. Because I clip in from the water level instead of the platform level, the game gets confused on Laki’s position, allowing me to drop down. I spin left, fall off, and respawn at the top, right by the key, while still staying inside the wall. Since I’m inside the wall, I can spin back right, and enter the bottom loading zone by hitting the loading zone from the top, past an invisible wall on the left side. Using a Laki Clip on the edge of this stair, I can clip out of bounds and respawn underneath the staircase. From here, Mario can spin up right and respawn on the room’s seam. By walking far enough on the edge of the seam, I can walk past the cannons without getting hit by them. I grab the Maple Syrup in order to restore FP later on. Though this room is identical to the previous hub room, the staircase skip does not work. For the Dooplighost fight, I manipulate RNG to cause all four enemies to transform into Bombette. Once they are transformed, I can use a Fire Flower to make all four of them explode. I level up BP so that I can equip more badges. I pause to equip Jump Charge and Power Bounce For the Jr. Troopa fight, I manipulate RNG to activate the Close Call badge effect, causing Jr. Troopa to miss Mario when attacking him. I go slightly out of the way to grab Power Rush. This badge will be used to boost Mario’s power in battle. Before entering the Hallway Bowser fight, I use a Maple Syrup to restore Mario’s FP. I use Time Out, causing Bowser to not be able to attack at all. Otherwise, he would use the Star Shield, and Mario would have to remove it, taking an extra turn. I switch to Goombario in preparation of an upcoming trick. Before entering the final cutscene, I eat a Maple Syrup to restore Mario’s FP completely. I use Goombario right before I fall from the platform, triggering both Goombario’s text box and the cutscene. I close Goombario’s text box, causing some interesting side effects. The game registers that a text box just closed during the cutscene, so the cutscene advances, even though Bowser’s text box is still there. Since the text box is still there, I can scroll to the end of it when I normally couldn’t. This way, I can close the text box a bit earlier than normal because the cutscene no longer waits for me to scroll through all the text to advance. Doing it too soon will close the text box without advancing the cutscene, removing the glitch. Interestingly, the text box carries through into the battle. Because of this extra text box, I can scroll it back and forth on certain frames in order to manipulate my Power Bounce cap without wasting any time beforehand. The text box closes out automatically after the Twink fight, so I close it here to manipulate RNG for the Final Bowser fight. Holding down while Mario is on top of the pipe causes the screen to fade out before Luigi enters the pipe, skipping a few dialogue cutscenes. In doing so, Luigi does not appear on the next screen and also does not appear at Peach’s party inside her castle. TAS timing ends at 1:30:40.15 Thank you for watching. I hope these subtitles helped to explain the tricks used within this TAS!

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  1. Results


    S – Started
    E – Ended
    (Note: A chapter ends when the Peach Interlude ends. If there is no Peach Interlude, the chapter ends when the last room is exited.)

    Prolouge – S – 0:00:00 E – 0:17:56
    Chap. 1 – S – 0:19:33 E – 0:26:22
    Chap. 2 – S – 0:26:26 E – 0:30:40
    Chap. 3 – S – 0:31:37 E – 0:31:37
    Chap. 4 – S – 0:31:39 E – 0:32:37
    Chap. 5 – S – 0:35:21 E – 0:41:16
    Chap. 6 – S – 0:45:04 E – 0:54:23
    Chap. 7 – S – 0:59:00 E – 0:59:49
    Chap. 8 – S – 1:04:32 E – 1:24:37


    LV – 3
    HP – 10
    BP – 6
    FP – 10

  2. 37:45 「マリオくーん、ちょ、ちょっと、まってくれたまえーっ!」

  3. I deliberately waited until I'd beaten this game before watching your run so I'd have some context for what was supposed to be happening. I was not disappointed!

  4. Why do Goombas have such large doors? Goompa can't even reach the doorknob to his house but somehow he can still open it

  5. "Game: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door – 2004"

    Youtube somehow got tripped up and assumed the original game as its sequel. Lovely.

  6. Tbh i was just waiting you to say something like ''Now I do a Laki clip to skip the whole Final Bowser Battle sequence.'' xD Very impressive!

  7. when this game came out I thought I was just messing up in the beginning and you weren't supposed to die, I reset the game so many times.

  8. I love how Goombario is just chilling there in the final fight…
    And, also, isn't it strange how when Goombario blocks, even though it's a FREAKING ENERGY WAVE, Goombario blocks it with ease, Partners are really something in this!

  9. I have a question. What do you mean by "I manipulate RNG" did you do it in game or by doing it manually (like in the code)

  10. Why do you trigger the volcano sequence so many times again? I remember seeing a stryder vid on it, but I can't remember the contents.

  11. How is it even possible for him to defeat the Koopas at 1:04:55 with just 2 Items? I mean 8 Damage per Koopa shouldn`t kill them 😀 he is in the last Chapter

  12. Did you know bowser wasn't invincible in the first fight when Mario lost he just boosted his defense power by 1

  13. 23:55 "Now that I have Bombette, there isn't anything else I need from this chapter." (Immediately grabs power bounce) :3

  14. On strider's top 10 most difficalt glitches video he said kooper skip was to difficult to use in a speed run. Malleo begs to differ

  15. All those ラッキー moments against the egg guy and Bowser. How many attempts of the entire run did this Bot do to get those exactly where they were needed? Or can this RNG be manipulated with frame perfect inputs somehow?

    Cool run, great strats 😀

  16. This is a damn good any% Paper Mario speedrun. Why isn't it on the Leaderboards @ speedrun dot com?

    This one beats the current winner there by at least 10 minutes.

  17. very nice. how do you deal with RNG when doing a TAS? My guess is you would just have to run it several times until you get one that works like you wanted it to.

  18. i have the same emulator (Bizhawk) at the same settings, and i still have graphical problems, and it's more pixelized than usual, how do you not get graphical issues?

  19. Parakarry: I'll join your party if you get me three letters.
    (Mario gets them all in about a minute)
    Parakarry: Nothing suspicious about that

  20. IDEA: do whale ealry, and use the peach skip to CHAPTER 8, (you can level up with newer enimes or the rare crazy dazies, beat chapter 8, and done!

  21. I remember a Malleo from the gamefaqs message boards of this game back in the day, wonder if this is the same guy

  22. 80:16
    Peach: Halp Me
    Star: Don't worry I can help
    Peach: sings u spin me right round
    Star: turns p-switch on-and-off
    Star: I'm still doing it!!
    Peach Explodes
    Star: Donkey Kong 64s 1st Word (Ooh!)

  23. 3:12 Why doesn’t Peach take turns in the opening scene? Seriously. Peach is a wuss. Also, game developers, make this fight either a cutscene or make it not rigged.

  24. Brilliant run, brilliant information sidebar! All RPG TAS's should do that.

    41:38 Misstar's milkshakes really do bring all the boys to the yard.

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