TEEN TITANS GO! VS. TEEN TITANS Trailer #1 Official (NEW 2019) Animated Movie HD

TEEN TITANS GO! VS. TEEN TITANS Trailer #1 Official (NEW 2019) Animated Movie HD

欢迎来到我的竞技场哦 (字幕由*I am HeRe *在底部的描述 面对挑战 他们是我们的严肃版本 正是我们需要把我们提升一个档次让我们证明我们是多元宇宙中最好的泰坦 所以,我想我知道这背后是谁 没错,我们将一起征服多元宇宙,你无能为力阻止我们 我们现在处于合作的危险之中。哦 来吧 哦,哇,是的,我们现在都是好朋友 哦,你带走了这么久的圣诞老人 这个好吗 作为英雄沉溺于英雄罗宾的成本是如此英俊 泰坦去了 您

35 thoughts on “TEEN TITANS GO! VS. TEEN TITANS Trailer #1 Official (NEW 2019) Animated Movie HD”

  1. They keep calling them the serious versions, just because they don’t act like their on crack or make fart jokes every few minutes doesn’t make them serious, the originals were normal. The originals could have a joke but have actually emotion if someone made them angry and upset. Plus look at 0:55 the animation for the originals are way off their heads are too big for their body. The sad thinking is they know how much the original fans of the series wanted a season 6 and they abuses the fans loyalty for the original series by putting them in this shit show! They basically don’t even care about quality. If they can go this far to put them in a movie they could have just as easy made a season 6, this is a fucking joke. Plus the people who made this movie are thinking that kids will see it for “teen titans go” and kids or teens of the 00s will see it for the originals teen titans, but what they don’t understand is that’s not how it works. I was alright with kids having teen titans go because it had nothing to do with the originals, but now that they have linked the two it’s make me angry, they should have stayed in their own lane! It’s like their taunting the fans!

  2. Me: yay new teen Titans go movie I can't wait untill I see this in theat-
    Video: 1:52
    Me: im a joke to you?

  3. Wait… This is their plan! They're trying to make this so not only we'll hate teen Titans go, BUT ALL OF TEEN TITANS CONTENT!!!

  4. I hate Teen Titans Go! And I always will, because they make a mockery of the original Teen Titans, but this is an exception and this is the only Teen Titans Go anything that I will ever watch. But regardless I Teen Titans Go

  5. So you're telling me the cartoon network had the budget and the animation crew to be able to make an actual remake of the teen titans but instead they decided to make a Teen Titans Go! Someone explain the logic

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