The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene
We’ll be looking at The Seductive Process part of the book right from the start.
1. Choose the Right Victim Know who to seduce & who not to waste your
time on. Preparing for the Hunt The Vicomte de Valmont
was notorious for his subtle & serpent-like seductive traits. Leaving behind his conquests
in Paris he went for a calm visit to the provinces. At his aunts chateau he took on a challenge
worthy of his skills, the seduction of a beautiful, but prude, devoted wife.
Attraction is not a choice. The vicomte discovered a new type of woman he wasn’t used to seeing.
She was unique. He decided to conquer her heart, however, she had already seduced him.
It was her natural, confident, noble and innocent character that drew him in. He then tested
the waters, appeared where she would be, invited her to spend time with him and his aunt. When
he sensed that she was receptive of his advances, he knew – the process could carry on.
Now before we move on, I can already feel a bunch of you getting uncomfortable with
the terminology Greene uses and he’s gotten some hate for it. Seduction is a kind of manipulation,
there’s no way around it. Persuasion, sales, influencing people, you can call it whatever
you want, we’re essentualy talking about manipulation. Manipulation can be used for both good and
bad. My mother for example told me to eat my spinach 15 years ago so I could get lots
of muscle like my back-then-hero Popeye knowing fully well that way I was more likely to eat
my vegetables. Does that make her an evil Machiavellian mastermind? No, it doesn’t.
And when we use the word victim here, it simply means, that person, regardless of gender,
is on the receiving end of seduction. They’re the ones being seduced. And I dare you to
make this a man vs woman thing, I’ll gladly destroy any biased arguments. I’ll say a few
more words about that at the end. -continuing Keys to Seduction / what are the most important
lessons we should take away from this chapter? Get a sense of who you’re dealing with / Be
that through observation or direct confrontation. Determine weather you genuinely like the person.
What are they like, what are their interests, who are they with, are they currently in a
relationship, where do they live and so on. In, I hate to say it, pickup terms, this is
called screening, you get to know your victim on a superficial level, you find out the logistics
and that’s enough for you to see wheater or not they’re worth your time and the continuance
of the seductive process. Test the waters for biting fish / See if you
can build up a tension, a sign for erotic potential, between you and your victim. If
they’re not open to your influence, there’s nothing to be gained. Your advances are better
saved for another target. Especially when you’re in a venue full of potential victims.
Look for the ones who are hungry for your attention. It’s more than okay to be chosen
by someone. They will allow your advances, because they genuinely like it.
Don’t settle for less / Here’s one of the greatest lies imposed on men, ready? She’s
out of your league. You’re not good enough for her. That is nothing more than a limiting
belief disguised as a societal standard. Don’t get a partner in your league, just because
you’ve been told you have to, this bullshit makes me angry. There is no leagues, there
is only superficially more attractive people. The sense of entitlement people get, because
they resemble magazine models is insane. Beauty fades, the person you are 20 years from now,
what will your worth be once your beauty’s gone? That’s a legitimate question. Ask yourself,
is that all
I am? Pretty? The value of a person is not solely determined by how goodlooking they
are and what their bank account looks like. This notion that people who’ve been told that
they’re ugly are less important is sad. Don’t settle for less, ever.
And just to make this clear, no one said stop going to the gym, eat whatever you want, stop
taking care of your hygiene, and play video games all day – you can get with someone either
way. Actually I’d advise you to do quite the opposite of that. No word twisting allowed
here. Also, go to the gym for your physical and mental health and the person you’ll become
by constant, tough and disciplined workouts, not because a sixpack will help to get you
laid. That’s a positive side effect, but it shouldn’t necessarily be your main motivator.
Don’t rush into a relationship / Whatever you do, don’t rush into a relationship just
to be in one. It’s a scarcitiy mindset, we’re all afraid of being alone and we’re seen as
losers if we can’t get with another person. Being single is freaking awesome and nothing
to be ashamed for. Look, in my opinion, there’s nothing better than being with the love of
your life, if that exists for you, but take it slowly, see where the relationship goes
before you make big plans. Next thing you know you got kids with a person you hate and
you’re getting a divorce. Not even gonna talk about the fiasco that then ensues. I wish
people were more concerned about the children. It sucks big time to have young parents who
don’t have any fucking idea what they’re doing, it sucks even more to be raised by divorced
parents. Choose carefully who you decide to settle down with.
“It is a stroke of good fortune to find one who is worth seducing … Most people rush
ahead, become engaged or do other stupid things, and in a turn of the hand everything is over,
and they know neither what they have won nor what they have lost.” – SØREN KIERKEGAARD,
one of the most influental philosophers in history
That is such a profound statement. They know neither what they have won nor what they have
lost. (The wrong victim can destroy your life. Like the Vicomte you may think you’re seducing
your victim, when in reality, you’re the one being seduced. In that kind of situation you
may very well end up a slave in the hands of your new master, your sole task being to
provide for them for the rest of your life.) Realize when the tables are turnt / From time
to time, the hunter gets hunted, but then again ladies and gentlemen, being seduced
by a master is almost always a great pleasure. We secretly want to be deceived and if done
right we have the time of our lives, but on the other hand – waiting for a promised call,
usually women and losing a shitload of money, usually men, is not that much fun. Even way
worse is ending up a single parent, so be careful who you give in to, it’s your responsibility,
yours alone. Reversal There is none. No logical argument
in the world would state that you rather waste your time and resources by pursuing an unsuitable
victim. Forget what you’ve been shown in the media. Romance movies are not real life. Hitch
– The Date Doctor is great entertainment, sure Kevin James is amazing, netflix and chill,
but do not, by the love of god, take it seriously. Hollywood is not a portrayal of reality, stand
infront of a chicks window in her garden with a boombox, a love song so loud the neighbours
are complaining or even worse, you wrote your own poem. You will creep them out. They’ll
either be scared or embarrassed for life. Worst case scenario she calls the cops and
you get a sexual offense charge. That’s the world we live in. Act accordingly. Someone
treats you horribly, ignore them, leave, have a walk and don’t come back to them. Take on
an abundance mentality, walk away if your terms aren’t met. I’m not saying don’t try
hard, I’m saying know the difference between a worthy challenge and a fruitless, conceited
leech who will suck you dry, and not in a good way.
I was hesitant with taking on the Art of Seduction, because I was and still am convinced the majority
of the requests came from people desperate to learn how to get laid, now there is nothing
wrong with that in particular. But only picturing what kind of questions I’d get thrown at me
I felt the sense of frustration. As I’ve seen with the 48 laws series, I spent
a ridiculous amount of time explaining each chapter and I still get some very basic questions,
that I thought I wouldn’t need to address in the first place like ‘Wait a minute, I’m
confused, doesn’t that law contradict this law?’ Yes, it does, it will be the same with
the Art of Seduction. Imagine each law, and it’s a law by the way,
not a rule, not a trick, not a pickup routine, it’s a law. Imagine each of them as a recipe
for different delicious meals. Some food goes together fairly well and some just don’t mix.
First of all, you need the right ingredients, then, there is still the risk you’ll overcook
it, you’ll put too much salt, it will take fire, you burn yourself preparing the sauce
or even, that the person you’re cooking the meal for simply doesn’t like the dish, because
believe it or not, they might have a different taste. You’re not supposed to be applying
every law at every instance at the same time. No one ever said that.
Some of the laws are simply there to be aware of them. Just like I don’t want you to start
a cult, I don’t want you to destroy a 20 year old marriage, but it’s not my responsibility
if you choose to or not. If I showed you how to defend yourself against a powerful knife
attack, and you chose to take away from it, what a powerful knife strike looks like and
how you can attack people with it, that’s you. I personally have morals, principles
and I live by them as best I can, which by the way is the contrary of what Machiavelli
would’ve taught me, but I’m not going to take the moral highground and judge people I barely
know on social media as it has become the norm now. I’d like this to be a judge-free-zone
just as much as I want the girl I’m flirting with to know I’m not judgemental. The stories
girls have revealed to me starting with ‘Well, I really shouldn’t tell you this, buut…’
were horrifying at times, in my mind I was like what the fuck, but I don’t say that to
the girl. It ruins the mood. I’m simply taking a look at Robert Greene’s
books and bringing it to you in my original, unique and entertaining way. I got a little
bit to bring to the table on this topic as well and this series will be very red pill,
meaning, we all choose reality over comfortable lies, we don’t choose to live in the matrix.
There’s no safe spaces here, we’re living right now and want to see everything for what
it is, because in order to prosper in your environment you have to know the environment,
you have to be as close to the truth of what’s going on, what’s working, what’s achieving
positive results and the present moment as you possibly can, putting aside your ego and
wishful thinking. So, if you’re against that the illacertus community is not the place
for you. If you want to be played to your fantasies
instead, go buy 6 min ab workout programs for 100$, spend 500 bucks on supplements,
buy Tai Lopez’s program and read The Game by Neil Strauss. My point is, maybe this isn’t
for you, maybe you’re not that kind of person. The illacerti, as I like to call the badasses
following this channel closely, don’t just mindlessly consume self-development videos
on YouTube to feel good about themselves and they actually do try to implement the things
that make sense to them, not because they’re absolutely going to work 100% all of the time,
no, but because they understand at a fundamental, core level, that they will grow as a person
from the experience by taking bold action. It’s not what you do, it’s who you become.
If you are that person, I’m happy you’ve found this content and I hope you stick around,
because you’re more than welcome. You are the guys I’m doing this for, when creating
I ask myself what would’ve been of great value to me at the age of 18, maybe younger. What
lessons did I learn through painful trial and error, through rejection, through getting
my ass handed to me in social dynamics, business and overall life, that I can share with people
who then don’t have to make the same mistakes I made in order to learn. Of course, I also
learned from my successes and I’ll be sharing it all with you. -continuing.
When I refer to a certain law within this series I will be talking about the, in total,
24 laws of seduction. Yes, we’ll be looking at the seducer types as well. No, we probably
won’t cover the victim types, I think it’s overkill and counterproductive in the way
that it’s only going to get you in your head even more while talking to people. Categorizing
others into boxes is exactly the opposite of what you want to do. See each individual
as a new island to explore. There might be some buried treasures you’d overlook otherwise.
Greene saw this book as the logical follow-up to the 48 Laws of Power since seduction is,
quote, ‘about power and manipulation as much as it is about romance, about how to make
someone fall under your spell.’ Without a doubt I will be contributing much of my own
thoughts aside from summarizing Greene’s texts and I think it is needless to say that I am
a heterosexual white male, the worst thing feminists can think of nowadays, and that
my observations are through my own lense. I do think, however, that if you’re female,
statistically 10% of my viewers are women, you can learn just as much, if not more from
this quote on quote seduction program. Matter of fact I encourage women to approach men
more, make that first step. If a guy strikes you as very attractive, chances are other
women see that as well and he most likely has a higher abundance of women, than other
men. Maybe you’re not that special on the surface that he will notice you or even talk
to you and nothing ends up happening. Inner values count more with quality men and that’s
the men you’re after. That’s the guys who will call you back, to the contrary of what
some Facebook statuses want to make you believe, they are in the majority. And what better
way to show you’re a confident, strong woman, than by taking your love life into your own
hands. Alright. If you’re not already watching this
in the official playlist, then be sure to click this box right here. It will guide you
through the laws in perfect, chronological order, no tedious searching for more necessary.
As always thanks for watching. Don’t subscribe, if you’re not ready. Some
reverse psychology seduction for you.


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