The Best of Mozart

The Best of Mozart

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  2. Team Halidonmusic, it would be great tribute to include classical music contributions of world composers too. One such legendary composer who may be placed well at par or above the ones we have seen on this channel and most creative, most prolific and multifaceted is Mr. Illayaraja. He has composed background scores for more than 1000 movies, 7000+ songs, bunch of Symphonies with London philormonic, Budapest Radio and Philormonic orchestras and many Indian orchestras. First ever Asian to write full symphony score for London philormonic orchestra. Created a masterpiece of crossover symphony between Western Oratoria and Indian classical music. Has performed concerts across the world and got recognized for his Italian concert for a very emotional piece of work he performed with just 3 notes. He dawns many creative avatars as a film score composer, Lyricist, Music director, Songwriter, Singer, Conductor, Instrumentalist, Arranger, Orchestrator, Film producer, story writer, avid photographer and a great spiritualist. Government of India recently honored him with second highest civilian award "Padma Vibhushan". Has won many National Awards and oscar nominations to his credit. An important musical prodegy this world has seen. A composer whose records no other composer in the world has ever beaten. He is one composer who just watches a movie scenes and immediately writes the score that will elevate the whole scene to the next level. He doesn't need any musical instrument to write scores. He wrot full orchestral score for London Philormonic Orchestra (LPO) just in 13 days without touching a single instrument. He was titled by LPO as "The Maestro". Unlike other composers he never has assistants or consultants for his musical work; all his musical masterpieces are 100% his creative work. Most of the music shops in Southern India have his huge portraits as a mark of respect. He is a gold medalist from Trinity on Classical Guitar. He plays Guitar Keyboard, Harmonium, Flute, Piano, Violin, Cello, Bangos etc. Please refer to Wikipedia link to wonder more about him.

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