The Child Who’s Made Of ‘Glass’

The Child Who’s Made Of ‘Glass’

ZOE: Meow! Meow! CHELSEA LUSH: She can have both of her legs broken and still look like a total boss in
her sunglasses. CHELSEA LUSH: Zoe has broken countless bones. CURTIS LUSH: We stopped counting
because it’s pointless. INTERVIEWER: Does it hurt when you break a bone? ZOE: Yeah! CHELSEA LUSH: Zoe’s condition is osteogenesis imperfecta which means brittle bones and it
has nothing to do with calcium deficiency, which is the most common suggestion I hear
from strangers, “Have you tried her giving her calcium supplements?”
CURTIS LUSH: “You want to give her some milk?” CHELSEA LUSH: Thanks, she is going to be seven yeas old, I haven’t tried that?
ZOE: This shade of pink. CHELSEA LUSH: We were told it was a one in
50,000 chance for it to happen to her. She has mutation in her DNA which causes her OI
and we were told that it was nothing that either of us did or have ever done. COMM: Parents Chelsea and Curtis were first told that there was something seriously wrong
during pregnancy. CHELSEA LUSH: We were doing a 4D ultrasound and they were able to see her multiple fractures
that were fresh and healing already. She had broken ribs, her arms and legs were about
6 weeks behind what they should have been. So they told us that she had a really severe
condition and that she possibly wouldn’t make it until her birthday. ZOE: I’m going to get some toys to play with. CHELSEA LUSH: The specialist recommended or suggested that we could just terminate the
pregnancy but it was more than that to us. It was our first child together.
CURTIS LUSH: We actually did contemplate the abortion that she was telling us that was the
only thing that was humane and then we were in a paniced state.
CHELSEA LUSH: There are a couple different types of OI with different severities and
so Zoe was misdiagnosed with a Type 2, the most severe. And ended up her genetic results
told us that she had Type 3 OI which is still very severe. COMM: Born in October 2010 with multiple healing fractures, Zoe was in hospital for a week
before she was able to come home, and her parents started to adjust the caring for their little girl. CURTIS LUSH: When we were changing Zoe’s diaper, in the beginning it took three of
us. One person to lift up her pelvis, one person to slide the diaper in and out and
then another person to hold her arms because babies have a startle reflex and I was on
arms duty. I gave her just a little bit of room it was a quarter inch to an half a inch
and she startled into my hand, it sounded like a broken chicken bone. He radius and
ulna just snapped. COMM: Zoe has endured a number of painful surgeries, including one to stop her spine
collapsing due to a condition called surgical kyphosis, which would cause internal decapitation. CHELSEA LUSH: A really interesting series of X-rays and scans for Zoe. Here in the first
picture was one of the first scans that we got for her. You can really see that the spinal
cord is completely compressed back there. Zoe has been in her neck brace from the time
she was diagnosed with her cervical kyphosis at about two and a half years old, and is
still currently in it. COMM: Now at six years old, things are getting a bit easier for the family. CHELSEA LUSH: Her being able to tell us, “I just broke” or “No, you didn’t break
me” or “Hold on, please don’t move me”. Oh! You’re using your elbow. Good job. CURTIS LUSH: It’s so much easier. I mean it’s day and night.
CHELSEA LUSH: Nice job! ZOE: I did it.
CHELSEA LUSH: That was a really good job. CHELSEA LUSH: Today we came to Tewinkle Park to have fun at the wheelchair accessible playground.
Are you excited? ZOE: Yeah.
CHELSEA LUSH: It’s one of the only ones in Orange County that Zoe is able to play on,
because the ground is made out of foam instead of wood chips or sand. She, especially this
playground, is able to do everything that the other kids are, other than run on their feet, but she can race them just as fast in her wheelchair. CHELSEA LUSH: Sometimes I worry about her getting hurt if other kids don’t know the
extent of her condition. Zoe has a big enough voice where she will tell someone, “Please
don’t touch my wheelchair. Please don’t touch my wheelchair”, and that’s very helpful. CHELSEA LUSH: We have prescription valium, prescription hydrocodone, just in case she
does fracture and all of the splinting supplies to do it ourselves. We’ve had that since
she was an infant. We carry it with us in our bag everywhere we go. COMM: As well as regular physio to help improve her quality of life, Zoe also has speech therapy. VANESSA LARA: She has some little bit of like some structural issues with her mouth. She
is working to increase her clarity in her speech and also some of her language, some
of her word orders and things like that, so that she has more clarity when she is speaking
and talking to her friends and family. VANESSA LARA: Is Bailey gonna do speech with us today? ZOE LUSH: Yeah. VANESSA LARA: Okay. Show me your ’S’.
You remembered it right away, I like it. Zoe is amazing. She is so fun and she makes everything positive. ZOE LUSH: I see the soup. VANESSA LARA: Yup. What kind of soup? CURTIS LUSH: OI does not give you a shortened life expectancy.
CHELSEA LUSH: There is no cure for osteogenesis imperfecta. For now, I’m very grateful that
there is at least treatments, because even 20 years ago, there wasn’t as many. COMM: Despite the challenges she faces, Zoe’s parents are confident that her tenacity and
charm will guarantee her a bright future. CHELSEA LUSH: I would not change Zoe if I could take her away back, I would never ever
take it back. In the future, I hope that Zoe has just as well of an opportunity as everybody else.

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