46 thoughts on “The Crown's Claire Foy Needs an Image Change | Vogue”

  1. Does anyone know where was this shot? All i was able to notice is the sign behind claire that reads london borough of candem, and post code NW3, but i cant tell the area, or street

  2. So funny…Love this….!!! And not stuff like Kendall and Gigi telling scary stories..come on vogue you can do better.

  3. That' hilarious but also eerily close to how a lot of people actually think and see themselves. But yes, this made it look really funny and ridiculous, as it is. I'm mean, I don't own a smartphone for that exact reason. It makes you narcissistic and creepy and almost unnatural (but that's just my opinion)

  4. Oh and as always every single model tv star youtuber movie actress or actor anyone is absolutely beautiful

  5. Delightfully hilarious. Very well-written, very well-shot, and beautifully played by Claire. I can't wait to see her in Lisbeth Salander's role.

  6. Can we all just state how bubbly and chill she is, really SMOKING hot and well cute and THOSE EYES WOAH there like the sun

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