The Drawing Game (Back to School Themed)

The Drawing Game (Back to School Themed)

hey guys so welcome shoe it is a shoe it is back-to-school edition up so if you're new to this serie that you don't know what the drawing game is basically what we do is we draw something school-related on these note cards and we have to draw that on this piece of paper that's it on they have to guess put it on a note card draw it that that's again it just goes on so crazy right so let's just get started hmm okay all right so right now I'm problem is I care of my paper okay so everyone have their thing down not good slide then hi hi any of them all right I'm here how you gonna dry I don't know already my timer I feel so claustrophobic and I'm from tomato boys where's one enough foster wait is there a red summer Kwanzaa so I've read the rest would you like right where ended the red to put in the cup there's also an orange so it's pretty close to right yeah not for what I need uh better not be doing the same thing all right I'm putting a minute on the clock let's do this me no okay dude I'm chillin yeah thanks dad alright schedule this inside thing is dad ok this down okay this is way too big one thing I take to Jeru saying myself is super long sentence she's gonna be taken the wrong way time I'm not even committed oh my god this is so bad it's really all right oh my goodness okay this is scary laughter oh my god I'm sorry Suzanne adjusting one in one second fly 2030 what yeah I should've done this Oh oh yeah this is so scary oh my gosh I'm sorry seven six five four okay okay great two one oh my god no one is gonna get there really no I know what this is so yeah Wow people are gonna day uh this is all right enough horrible uh pass okay I'm gonna get real uh you know is are you do oh oh oh I know the aisle I think I know this is violent what this isn't me oh he fell you can't see in the camera can't don't know they don't get a space is torso okay wait I need to right now and tell us what time they're run I don't see you red we don't know where red is thank you uh-huh oh this one's I feel bad drawing this one yeah this was really bad I don't want you drew this one no I don't want this one all right I they're not gonna know what this is they're gonna think something really oh thank god the aah five four three two one oh yeah pencils down hi I'm good night to get a good job feels really tight on this one I did not I don't know what this one is like really me to back to school is really fun I like all this I would really mean but oh my gosh this is what my god I don't want to school to starve I was saying now the picture I start with not violin man was can mine wasn't I didn't know the reviews oh good we're starting it off I think a long hair I think it bushy eyebrows oh my gosh oh my goodness um okay it's to this I don't even know I think you had one of these things you know because Italy that um who sees this is so mean oh my god okay oh gosh this looks nothing like what I'm supposed to be drawing oh boy um it looks I don't know what else to add to this oh no so that just makes it look more Sun done then of quite make funds I know try my Harley I tried to make mine look like it doesn't look like the one I was supposed to make like really hard maybe you'll get changed um this one is oh okay I thought it was something else wait not good no we have one more to go I get it this isn't my respond no okay this one isn't as scary as I thought it was okay this is music this is good one I can do this one and think about this one in my mind again my last mountain that's one that I just did but oh wow no girl huh ah know what judge me I'm just driving with their services a no judging invite guys I can't triple now we're gonna join you really hard but it's okay boy yes course hi oh yeah I'm sorry okay look at this um okay we got this here oh my gosh oh my gosh what even in that oh my gosh even know what I just wear what no oh my gosh this really sad okay um I feel uncomfortable drawing oh I thought I need to read I need a road things involve an angry person okay I think this is all I can do um oh yeah I can we can do one a Dean I guess this is I'm pretty sure in school but I don't know because I'm home all these things are alright boom alright okay I'm done okay I don't even quite sure I'm good I think this should be okay hi here we go you're so loud okay alright alright these are original ones bad yay Hey ha ha I think mine didn't I I don't understand this is going on this is really good in it this one's real what is happening okay oh my go for sure alright so my original picture was a teacher who doesn't want to go back to school so there was a teacher hiding under his and then all the children and hit their desks go to the Apple in the grannies paper this somehow got turn a teacher locking up her speaking oh they're all I can head slots oh yeah hi I'm a dad doesn't know and then the next one was back to school more like to prison and then Coles gas was detention Sanjay oh of course sounds good those are ridiculous they would be very present I gotta go now take this lemon a lot so clearly these were their debts to eat in I started off with a teacher about teeny Apple C so worm and throw but sit or scream oh oh girl scared up in half I didn't have nowhere oh that's just to see your hand yeah I couldn't say a word and then cold truth wait Shakespeare yeah an apple what Shakespeare's are you guys that is how the picture I would definitely mistake that a Chicago dog dry and get out into the earth day of school a dog girl what no forget like a liquid screw oh yeah we like shakes traffic flow I got a shirt alright so I started off with this picture and it was an evil teacher with the big nose oh oh oh you lately changed ed both said Bert teacher hitting a student with the ruler like they were even waiting it in the first picture with with you oh the second one you get Allah just avoid getting clogged with the room oh my gosh give us is so graphic and then you just the kid give me a clogging yeah okay so I think is that cool and check up out of the decimal and the teachers diagram so I did getting a swirly what's that it's where you six own space in the toilet that's so I can wash you that oh hey guys it's back to school freshmen get that it was flies okay your freshmen really because was someone getting a swirly awesome yeah great sister joy absolutely buddy with the boil fast racing what happened stereotypical love me then I'll go get a train alright a kid getting ejected in the toilet that's a good out of a smile it's like drowning I don't leave the hot dog I thought of someone dropping them in a pool Saturday like idiots really awesome means oh and I didn't notice really much much good alright good awesome guys interesting episode of the drawing gamma don't guys don't worry this isn't good happen to you when you go back to school you're not gonna get locked up by your teachers or have a dog teacher you know you don't have the ruler not for leisurely house for Allah no okay it does roll is everything okay so thanks so much watching this last episode of the drawing game we really hope you guys enjoyed this series if you guys possibly want to see us do it again leave a comment down below or other series ideas who knows alright thank you guys so much – see you next time bye whoa don't we need those all right Diane during a nap at night what was fun too there we go right now I can it looks like a cat and sleeping like

45 thoughts on “The Drawing Game (Back to School Themed)”

  1. Is it weird that after Cole said homeschooled that I then noticed the Hogwarts T-shirt?

  2. I like how cole says its Shakespeare then says "he's going like Four Score and Seven Years Ago." I'm like "did you you never go to history class. Thats the Gettysburg Address. And ABE LINCOLN"

  3. For Cole's it wasn't really fair for Eden, cuz she asked "What's a swirly?" so she doesn't know what a swirly is. So yeah, it's not really fair

  4. people who are homeschooled are soooooo freakin lucky because they don't have homework so cole is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭he is homeschooled

  5. im a 7 year old girl but I know some of u are sefish and mean but some people might hurt other people's feelings who agrees with me,,,,,,,,,…………

  6. Cole said I'm home but i know for sure he was going to say I don't know I'm homeschooled

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