The Expert: Progress Meeting (Short Comedy Sketch)

The Expert: Progress Meeting (Short Comedy Sketch)

So I’m happy to report we have succeeded in rerouting our flagships. Way ahead of schedule, yet again. This has allowed us to improve our USPs by 90%. That’s 9 out of every 10! Excellent, thank you Samuel. Timothy, what’s the status with the Linear Solutions? Could you give us the latest on the Square project? The Linear Solutions department has yet again functioned at full capacity. And we have fulfilled a 114% of this month’s objectives. You can read the handouts for a detailed account, but in short, as I reported last week, we’ve decided to use the right angle for the Square project. Now, there’s still some debate as to how big a right angle is, so we’re testing currently at 90, 97, 100 and 101 degrees. As agreed, I’ve ensured Anderson crosschecks the design removing any left angles and doesn’t use them in future. Overall, we have very good progress with the design. Are we on track with the schedule? When are we required to start delivering? I’m happy to report that we are ready to start first deliveries tomorrow which is way ahead of the requested delivery schedule. We’ve only just finished system testing the prototype and are only halfway through performance testing. We haven’t even released an alpha version, yet! As I said earlier, we’ve had very good progress with the design. Yes, we’ve had very good progress; but I’d say the design of the product is only 75% complete. Well exactly! That’s 3 out of every 4 so we’re ready to start shipping tomorrow. What? It… It doesn’t work like that! We’ll produce, say, 4 units, but only ship the first 3! Then when you’re finally a 100% complete with the design — — we can then ship the 4th. Excellent work Timothy, you can proceed with the production! Anderson, send me, please, a revised delivery schedule, so I can share it with the client. Well, thank you everyone, this was very productive. Yet again! FINAL DELIVERY SCHEDULE REVISED DELIVERY SCHEDULE

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    Have you seen the original video? Watch The Expert:

  2. Get blamed for non-existent problems whilst being ignored when pointing out existent problems. Realism 1000%.
    These videos make me cry whilst rocking back and forth and laugh like a lunatic at the same time.
    It is a good thing the Andersons of the world don't resort to violence whilst they're still sane. Wait, is it a good thing?…

  3. So all those papers he has are from what he printed out in the last video, and nobody even so much as glances at them? All that misery for absolutely nothing.

  4. Thanks for every comments here, you saved me from dying from feeling too lonely after watching each episode.
    It's really painful to watch this series.

  5. This is partially why I switched from engineering to sales.

    One time I got called into a big meeting with the CEO and he asked, "How many mg can our pump hold?"

    "Well… it depends on the concentration sir."

    "AGH! That's exactly what Brian said. Why won't you just tell me how many milligrams are in our pump?"

  6. This is one of the best Sketch ever, maybe also because he's relatable with nowadays world with all the technology we have.

  7. This is like ever software release schedule meetings ever , until AI takes over I predict this kind of meetings will continue.

  8. Hope, all managers will study these videos instead of different courses and trainings for managers. Because, I'm really tired to be Mr. Anderson!

  9. If I see one more atkins ad I will straight up cap the next guy who brings it up to me. Whether eight years down the line or even today. It does not matter that I dont own a gun. I will stab him to death with finger guns if I must. Shut the fuck up I dont care.

  10. Hi Lauris! Awesome Thinking!! Eagerly waiting for your next project!! 🙂 May i know when we can expect 🙂

  11. They need to leverage the power of team diversity to achieve synergy, allowing them to architect a robust blue ocean strategy.

  12. It's actually the best Comedy about Experts on projects.

    Actually, it fit really good for alls who get some real moments like that.

  13. The point of this show is that we are all Andersons in the field we excel in and at the same time we are also the rest of the group in alllll the other things that we simply do not give a shit about.

  14. After working at DXC for the last year, I cringe how accurate this is – only instead of 75% done, it's 20%.

  15. I also feel this is the way the real world works, most people are mindless, and there's relatively few real workers doing real work

  16. Your channel has such a high quality content. I think you are professionals using YouTube just to showcase your talent for some higher objectives.
    Anyway, we get to enjoy these for a very little cost. I am sorry your channel has lower subscriptions and lesser views. Please post more

  17. Here's my expert witness comedy sketch. It involves waterproofing made from recycled condoms:

  18. Very well done. A paragon of a progress meeting. We actually train our middle management using your videos in order to streamline our projects. The turnout has increased by 132 percent during the last quarter.

  19. I was expecting the giant pile of papers to be a flipbook. The guy wanted a video added to the printouts, and Anderson always figures out a way.

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