ladies and gentleman welcome back about another video on YouTube shouldn't be saying that so fast I'm sorry I can't control the speed in which I speak welcome back welcome back ladies and gentlemen hope you guys are having an amazing day it's about to get even better obviously because quality you need quality in your life ladies and gentlemen you need it and I am the highest quality on YouTube so look we we work for each other right highest quality unique quality we were friends today we're gonna be going through the most hilarious kid drawings now quick disclaimer these are gonna get really bad no they're not bad it's just they're bad yeah these kids are crazy these kids are out of control but you know you think your cousin's your nephews you think they're bad no these these kids are bad so sometimes hello can I speak today some signs some signs sometimes sometimes I could hear daddy and and who daddy and who daddy in Biff sometimes I can hear daddy and Biff wrestling I can tell he's winning because of all the sounds she makes oh my god he's happy you can tell he's winning because of this sound she's making okay ladies and gentlemen I am Dan but you're going on the door the text bubble hello the text bubble oh oh is that what you're hearing out of the doors oh and he's cheering he drew himself cheering outside of the door go dad you got this keep up the good work like I don't know what he thinks is happening in that room I can tell he's running because of the sound she makes oh oh oh oh go dad dad is winning uh Timmy I don't think that's what's happening I think there's something else going on yeah I don't think they're wrestling this is what mom looks like in the morning hello but as it roasts your parents day at school all the kids are just literally roasting their parents if that's what your mom looks like in the morning I think we have an exorcism happening here at your house you might want to call somebody you might if you might want to call a priest somebody to come in take a look at your mom because if your mom looks like that in the morning you know we got bigger we've bigger issues here this is what mom looks like when she's going out okay that's not bad look a little bit more put together her eyelashes are on fleek literally her eyelashes are I don't even know what to say they're just they're just there which is there in the end they're big and puffy I don't have any eyelashes you can't even see what you can't even see I have non-existent eyelashes they're gone you know some people can you know that was it called batting your eyelashes when they go like this nothing I'm just air oh well isn't that nice you love your who family for the love of God what are they teaching these kids at school they're not teaching them how to spell anymore how do you miss how do you mess that up it's an L you're able to spell everything else perfectly I love my family you spelled that fine actually wait a second I almost messed that up taking how she wrote family Jackie messed up two words whole and family instead of family right F am e ly right family sure family and whore okay her parents are probably so disappointed in this damn lemon and her mom and dad but just like I'm sorry sweetie what did you call us yeah that's what I thought back up Cindy Lou back up you better fix your grammar I think my mom should do less of this drink wine oh okay we just admitted to your entire classroom that your mom is an alcoholic this is bad this is very bad do kids are smart they know these things they see their parents like you know eating too much or drinking too much like mommy drinks too much mommy drinks mommy why do you drink so much of that red stuff and the moms like what do you what do you mean what do you mean what what are you talking about it I'm drinking any red stuff she drinks it enough that her kid glitter drew this for her school that's and there's a picture a kid drove her there mom fart one person's mom drinks too much one person's mom farts too much I don't know which one I would rather what I rather my mom drinking too much what I rather my mom farting too much you know like kind of hard to decide like on one hand your mom would just be drunk all the time like I don't now what would you ask would you rather your mom drink too much wine would you rather mom farting all day long comment down below wine or farts whiner fucks when I grow up I want to be like mommy ah no you don't if your mommy's shaking it for them dollars I mean you can't you can't do that right obviously freedom you do whatever you want I just don't think it's the best idea you know I don't think that frickin five years old you should be like when I grew up I want to shake it for them doll that's like mommy that's bad the kids shouldn't want this at that age that's like me at five years old be like when I grow up I want to do smoky smoky like daddy like nobody wants their kid to say that imagine your kid telling you I want to shake it for them dollars I'd be like no you better you better go read a book you ready to go study for your math test that's what you better be doing my dad is an employee he likes drinking how many of these kids dad's like drinking how many of the keys kids parents like drink how many parents are drinking that much in front of their kids that their kids are like he loves drinking he really does he loves drinking I love how he had to roast his dad too he had to roast is that my dad is an employee he could have just said like my dad's a hard-working man my dad's a guy who works it just makes it sound so much worse my dad is a guy that works at a place and he drinks a lot okay so that's enough okay keep it down keep it down did you okay quiet my dad loves drinking quiet I'll buy you whatever you want my dad loves drinking what the Freak is this what is this the upper half is fine the upper half is totally fine about to give a present to somebody bring a nice dress maybe just look down BAM what the rank is that is she peeing in a bucket what is happening and why would she draw that like you had to have seen something somewhere you don't just draw your mom peeing in a bucket like what do you mean this has never happened to me I've never seen my mom do anything like this what is this memory in this kid's head of their mom giving someone a gift and peeing in a bucket hello Dan this is something yeah y'all kid need to figure this out I don't know what y'all are doing on your spare time I don't know what your parents are doing on your spare time but Dad yeah bye guys Wall Street make sure you smash the thumbs up on if you enjoyed the video let's get 10,000 likes on this video come on for all the kids out there really good a illustrators draw in their fangs hit the like button if you guys enjoyed the video make sure you subscribe to my notifications on so you never miss it subscribe to my notifications on so you never miss a video comment down below whine or farting which one would you advocate and if you guys want to watch two other brand-new videos of mine you can buy them right there look at that brand new right there look at that brand new okay bye


  1. OMG that was so… I don't know what to say about those pictures. I would rather my mom fart too much than drink too much. Save yourselves money don't drink too much lol!

  2. Actually her mom works at home depot and it was only one shovel left and everyone wanted to buy it.

  3. Did u just say Family as Famely 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️


    If the button isn’t blue u don’t like Christian

  5. 4:33 If you do not know the story about this picture, please allow me to explain what is happening. The story behind it was revealed in a different video by someone else. The child’s mom had written a note to the teacher saying she worked at Home Depot. It was the middle of winter and everyone needed to go get a snow shovel. The picture simply shows the mom with the last shovel while people are fighting over it, offering a lot of money for the shovel.

    PS: I got that information from a video made by SSSniperWolf

  6. The drawing when she was shaking it for the Dallas met actually she was selling a shovel like her mom and men wanted to buy it

  7. I would rather have her fart to much cause she drink wine because of these two girls gave her wine and she almost died how because she was throwing up

  8. For me it's probably fart be cause if it's drink wine then they don't listen as much and sometimes gets abusive

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