The Incredibles: The Art of Supervillain Monologues

The Incredibles: The Art of Supervillain Monologues

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  2. I'll always defend monologues. Are they the SMARTEST thing to do? Rarely ever, but they're equally as rarely out of character

  3. This is a weird one but the movie Rise of the Guardians has my favourite monologue. It sounds weird but listen to this;

    I'm not afraid of you!

    Maybe not. But you are afraid of

    Jack steadily approaches, cautious and alert.

    You think so, huh?
    Guardians Screening Script 9/6/12 Avid 89.

    I know so. It's the one thing I
    always know.

    Pitch finally turns to face Jack.

    People's greatest fears. Yours is
    that no one will ever believe in

    Panic flashes in Jack's eyes. As he backs away, the chamber
    fills with shadows, and Jack is spun around. He's
    disoriented as he thuds into a wall, which flips to reveal
    that it's actually the ground.

    Pitch, unseen now, chuckles.

    Jack's unsure of where he is. He looks back to see the
    cavern entrance — he's right back where he started.

    PITCH (O.S.)
    And worst of all, you're afraid
    you'll never know why. Why you?
    Why were you chosen…to be like
    ~~~~~~~~~~ later:

    Why did you end up like this?
    Unseen. Unable to reach out to
    You want the answers so badly. You
    want to grab them, and fly off with
    them. But you're afraid of what
    the Guardians will think.

    Jack's breath quickens. He's been pushed into a corner.

    You're afraid of disappointing
    Well let me ease your mind about
    one thing. They'll never accept
    you. Not really.

    The shadows have overcome Jack.

    (trying to scramble away)
    Stop it! Stop it!

    Almost reluctantly, the shadows back away and Pitch appears
    before Jack.

    After all, you're not one of them.

    Jack aims his staff at Pitch.

    You don't know what I am!
    Guardians Screening Script 9/6/12 Avid 91.

    Of course I do. You're Jack Frost.
    You make a mess wherever you go.
    Why, you're doing it right now.

    ~~~ end
    I mean? Thats a pretty amazing monologue for what people call a “kids movie.”

    But the way he says it is how it gets to me. How he slowly cracks at Jacks barriers, until he’s reduced to a scrambling, crying teenager. It really gets to you.

  4. You can also use a villain monologue to suddenly turn the tables on the audience. That guy you thought was the hero the whole time, saving people and doing the good stuff? Nah, gets to the 'main baddy' and starts monologuing himself, then you realize that he's the bad guy all along.

  5. Joke's on you, Scott. While you were monologing, I escaped from your channel and stole the plans to your doomsday widget.

  6. The Cape: "Now that you've caught me, what's your evil plan?"
    The Threat: "Evil? You jump to some conclusions there."
    The Cape: "Huh?"
    The Threat: "Have you ever asked yourself why the 'villian' monologues? Why they tell you everything they're doing?"
    The Cape: "Because you're arrogant, right?"
    The Threat: "There is that sometimes… but… it's because WE are actually the good guys. Think about it. You come in, swinging fists, beating people down, smashing people around like some kind of street thug. You beat them in submission in the ultimate display of 'might makes right', a world that strongarms people into obeying, and after you've beaten them to a pulp, you throw them to an oligarchial system that doesn't care about making the world better; only that the status quo isn't disrupted. Do you know how much strength of personality, and internal drive it takes to pull yourself out of the norm, to stand up, and do something, even if people will hate you for it? And then, on top of that, when we've sacrificed so much already, rebuilt ourselves from the ground up, we find someone is actually attacking our place of operations, a home invader if you will, rather than just pull out our shotgun and shoot, instead, we care. We try to peacefully capture instead of kill the intruder. And we explain what we're doing; to prove that things don't have to be solved with violence, that we can talk things out. You never see it, but we 'Villians' have one thing you don't: Moral superiority. You really should take some time to think about who the Villian is here. And that's exactly why I'm going to walk away right now… to leave you with your thoughts. To give you a chance to think it over. Sure, you might try to break out, but that's the risk I take for trying for a more peaceful route. And if I can't lead by example, then I'm no better than you."

  7. heroes and villains walk the same thin line… if you are the victor, you are the hero, if you are the loser, you are the villain… history is written by those who win

  8. Hey, i know im really behind the wave on this one, but while I agree in part with your point on respect – I feel that another reason monologues work in a logical sense is that to be a villan, or supervillan depending on the story; A large reason they are able to BE that character would he a huge personal ego. I mean, to go out every day with the goal to be publicly demonised if you are successful would indicate a large internal belief in theirselves, predictably devolving into a large personal ego – and a monologue to prove their own intelligence or overwhelming strength would totally fall in line to stroke their ego at the same time to finally get acknowledgement from their biggest 'foe'.
    I still think they are stupid, as Fro-Zone said "had them on a silver platter and just yammers", sometimes objectively viewing it I'd prefer someone who just gets the job done at least once haha but its justifiable in my opinion and not really a story breaker.

  9. Harsh on Thor 2 there. Malekeith was not an interesting villain, but was probably the most dangerous other than thanos and maybe ego that the MCU has yet shown.

  10. This is why 8mile is so good. It doesn't try to fit in all the most important moments of Eminem's career…. just concentrates on one interesting point in his life… his struggle at the beginning of his career

  11. Fate Zero. All of the dialogues between Caster and his master. It isn't really fit for the monologue category, but both of these sick twisted minds I just mentioned are soo amazed by each others goals and motivations, soo happy and greatfull for this mutual understanding that quickly builds up between them, that they bring everything you mentioned about monologues to the next level. And at the same time they create a very strong sense of urgency for the viewer. When i watched the show for the first time, i was desperate to see someone stop thei'r cruelties.

  12. Awesome vid, just need to let this out:
    >Superman is the worst character of them all. You can say that the concept of a perfect man or the concept of such a cliche superhero it brilliant, but that's not what I'm talking about. HE AS A CHARACTER SUCKS.

  13. Dr who spoilers up to season 10 ahead

    I think the first time I realized villains really are flattered/honored by the presence of the hero an really respect them was with the Master/Missy storyline of Dr. Who. When Missy turns over her army of cybermen she created to the doctor, so that he finally has the army he never had, I really felt bad for her. She admired him. She wanted to watch him rise to unimaginable power levels. She wants him to see that he can go her way as well. She clears the way for him to swap sides and get the affirmation that her way is right,, too. She wants him to thank her. The master really is a chaotic psychopath, but it isn’t his fault. And Deep inside he/she wants to be admired by him the same way he/she admires him. But he got so messed up by the time lords so this can never work.

    And the doctor really cares about him/her, too. They are antagonists, they mistrust each other and they trap and outsmart each other. But there is never any hatred between them. And you can always see the respect between them.

    She tries to force him to do something bad so they can be the same. He tries to make her see that she isn’t beyond salvation and that she can still do good instead of evil. Their fight is like an argument between two people who both know they will never agree but never the less try arguing every day.

  14. There is another reason you forgot to include; villain speeches are really fun to write! (I originally had my own monologue here: You sly dog, you had me monologuing!)

  15. I think the monologue joke that Frozone tells is meant less to point out that monologuing is dumb, and more to make the superhero life kind of like a day job. The way he talks, Frozone has dealt with some dumbass going on a monologue so often that he's almost tired of the fantastic life of being a superhuman. It makes the movie more relatable, and establishes Frozone as a grounded, down-to-earth guy who's just trying to do his own thing.

  16. Kirby has solo writing credits on the original Eternals and EVERYONE delivers long winded monologues, even the useless human tagalong female… though her monologues usually centered around how confused and useless she was. Now that’s some FINE writing.

  17. Terry Pratchett goes into it in Nightwatch.

    An evil person has to explain what they do in order to justify it.

    A good person will just do it because they already feel justified to do it.

    If a person has a gun to your head hope they're evil instead of good.

  18. Not a superhero thing per se, but Senator Armstrong's speech remained with me since the moment I heard it. He says some interesting things, though I suspect its mostly memorable because of his voice actor's magnificent performance.

  19. I would say the answer is simple: We can relate to the motivation of a superhero – but we don't always know what is driving the villain to do what they are doing.

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  21. A monologue is amazing if done right but quite a few monologues are just filler and will never be more than that

  22. There isn't anything inherently wrong in gloating over a defeated enemy. Just, sometime, the enemy isn't all that defeated.
    It doesn't require a full monologue either, think about how Sauron lost the Ring (in the movie version). His enemes layed broken and defeated, and he wanted to SAVOR THE MOMENT. That's all there is to it.

  23. The best villain monologue is Shylock's speech from The Merchant of Venice. The reason is because this same speech was also used by the Good Guys in a later film To be or not to Be.

  24. For those who say "why doesn't the villan just kill the hero" watch mega mind which explores this eventually.

  25. The first movie is a masterpiece but I wasn't feeling it with the 2nd one. I especially love Syndrome's voice acting.

  26. Okay, Thor: The Dark World was a Pyrrhic Victory. It was also badly paced, and shot, the lighting… Okay, sorry. Thor wasn't supposed to Win, he was supposed to lose so much that he could finally start some sort of Story Arc, because he's been stuck in the Hero's Journey loop for millenia. Also, you know, stop Meliketh from using the Reality Stone to blot out the Light of the Universe. It was kind of a draw, but he survived, and actually moved on for a change. Notice that after this, Thor was a bit reborn, and took himself a lot less seriously? I know, blink, and you miss it. Everyone wants to forget this, Iron Man III, and Age of Ultron, but they do still fit into the narrative. It's just that the rest of the MCU is so incredibly good, we're jaded, and it makes the mediocre look bad. Forgettable.

  27. there is even a part in the comics for batman where the joker states that he does not want to know who batman really is, because that would ruin "the fun", a level of respect for the Joker. another pure example is Megamind, when the villain finally actually (thinks he) kills the hero… then is bored and goes into a depression

  28. I think they can be super cool. XD My favorites are probably all from Slade in Teen Titans (2003). I don't know if it's long enough to count, but in the episode Haunted, where Robin starts seeing Slade everywhere, he's got this great set of lines he says when he's got Robin backed into a corner.

    I think this link'll bring you to the part I'm thinking of:

  29. Best villain monologue in film history. End of watchmen movie. Villain initiated plan by the time the heroes had arrived. His monologue was just to explain his reasoning, and by the end of it, they had accepted his viewpoint and conceded to go along with his plan.

  30. Wait the Joker is a special case. It is not like other monologues that spoil the villain and hurt them. Joker's is planned it is necessary and part of the plan its self. Without implanting ideas and telling the Batman false information he could never have destroyed Gotham's white knight. This is in contrast to Loki where his monologues always lead to his fall and is a character flaw rather than a strength.

  31. My personal favorite mention of the silliness of monologues is that of a book called Villains Don't Date Heroes. In the the main char is a villainess, who admits the idea of a monologue is stupid, but she does it anyway because not only does it make her look in control, but it gives her time to think of a way out of a bad situation.

  32. Monologues only bother me when the hero is just standing there, letting them tell their story, when they could easily use the opportunity to just knock 'em on the spot.

  33. My favorite monologue will always be syndrome because I can relate to it a lot. Well not really but he's by far the most relatable of all villains

  34. One thing I found interesting about syndrome is that he claims to have done everything he's done without any super powers. But he does a have a super power. He is super intelligent/tecnomancer. He has invented technology far surpassing anything you see in the movie. And what keeps him from realizing this is he is doing what he does out of spite and revenge as opposed to the greater good of society.

  35. "I guess, this is where you put me in some convoluted death trap and i find some equally convoluted way to escape."
    "This is not that kind of story."

  36. I am working in one story where the villain is trope savvy and spends several sleepless nights writing his speech to monologue to the hero, for when he catches him. He rehearses his monologues with his henchmen as audience for feedback and, when asked, states the importance of the monologue, that a nemesis is worth the fort to write and present the perfect speech.

    I am going to have him put the hero in a convoluted death trap just to give the monologue and then release the hero because either "he is going to escape from it anyways. No need to waste his time." or "killing him is pedestrian. I don't just want to kill him, I want to destroy him. How much more humiliating would it be to let him go when I could just press a button and be done with him."

    The villain is focused on giving the hero the full villain experience because a nemesis is worth the effort. Anything less would be disrespectful. So, more because he respects the hero, not so much because he demands respect from the hero.

  37. It's like actually giving it your all for this one 5 page report you spent weeks on about a subject you like; gathering all the sources and attaching the details from each one perfectly to your main topic that it makes you proud, only to find out on the due date the Teacher isn't going to read it or have you present it and everyone gets A's regardless. It wasn't even about the grade at that point that was your pride and work being deemed as worthless.

    Villains do a lot of prep work and expectantly want praise for it.

  38. i love villain monologues! but when writers use them as a shortcut to an instant defeat it feels like a cop out. that and not all villains would necessarily monologue, like ones who dont have as much personal stakes with the hero, or are incredibly practical. but when done well theyre super cool. syndromes monologues are some of the best

  39. I wish the original Incredibles gets remastered. It deserves it, no other superhero film comes close.

  40. The "No strings on me" monologue from Ultron is pretty good:
    Given some more thought, I might replace that…but it's still a pretty good one.

  41. 4:20 miniutes n and I already love him, he’s funny not like annoying funny more like happy funny that’s not common in a YouTube channel

  42. I just think monologues are fun and can suspend my disbelief for them, as you have to do for many things in fictional stories.

  43. damn (round 15:00). IDWs new run on sonic actually captures this pretty amazingly when Eggman's sidekick attempts to kill Sonic and Eggman scolds him for it.
    another scene like this that sticks out is in Transformers Armada where after Optimus Prime is killed Megatron is devastated
    wow these names sound silly out loud. But yeah, I actually love monologues when done right.

  44. I want screensoaver's Monolouge nexto to the frozone Monolouge thing SPOILERS:

    I mean the one where Ms incredible is in the cold chair

  45. Since The Incredibles became a brilliant satirical non-comic book superhero franchise for Pixar, I thought of doing that for Disney Animation. I have thought of a movie called "Evil Heroes." Dove Cameron, Dylan O'Brien and Andrea Libman play a trio of kids living in Missouri (yes pun intended) who have to stop a corrupt group of evil superheroes that the sister of Andrea Libman's character, voiced by Ashleigh Ball, joins without knowing that the superheroes are evil. The heroes appear good on the outside, but they are corrupt and selfish on the inside and express severe apathy for the citizens they save. June 25, 2019, 10:02pm

  46. I have to say, My favourite Monologues (Plural) are from Agent Smith. Almost all his interactions are his thoughts.

    P.s Perhaps a future video on Agent Smith?

  47. Good video, but at the 5 minute mark you could have just spit out your point instead of opting to double the watch minutes. a 6 minute quality video will make more revenue then a 22 minute video unwatched.
    P.S. I thought you were Wil Wheaton for the first minute.

  48. The obvious Master of Monologuing is the Mysterious, the Mystifying, The Menacing MYSTERIO!

    In ASM #1 by Nick Spencer, he literally admits that he monologues.

  49. I gotta give a shoutout to the many villain monologues of the old Hardy Boys books, bc that series was my jam in grade school

  50. There’s a great quote from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 that I think really sums up the rationale villains have for monologuing.

    “A true victory is to make your enemies realize they were wrong to oppose you in the first place. To force them to acknowledge your greatness!”

  51. The story is how a writer shows character, not a monologue as it's just a lazy info dump. Show don't tell and naturalistic dialogue
    are always fundamentally better for showing character then the story stopping for a monologue or for that character to act stupidly by Monologuing. But it's not the worst thing ever.

  52. I do think villains monologues are important. It helps grab attention from the viewer/reader/listener and get them more invested in the story and outcome.

  53. Monologging derives from Shakespeare's characters and their monologues, soliloquies and most importantly the use of the ASIDE.
    See Richard III or Iago of Othello for more on this.

  54. Most villains think of themselves as the heroes of their own stories rather than the antagonist of the heroes and if someone truly and strongly believes their right they are almost always willing to stop and explain why that applies to bot heroes and villains.

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