The Mesmerizing Art of Turkish Marbling | Nice Content | Tatered

The Mesmerizing Art of Turkish Marbling | Nice Content | Tatered

[MUSIC] Marbling is the centuries-old art form of
floating paint on a thickened water bath, creating designs and
unique patterns, using special tools. You dip your whisk into the paint,
and then you tap it on your hand and you sprinkle it across
the surface of the bath. And that pattern is a traditional
pattern called stone. [MUSIC] And then transferring that image
onto paper or fabric, or wood, or anything that’s porous. I fell in love with marbling,
and I fell in love with it hard. I realized as I had never been
exposed to this art form before, and I couldn’t believe it. It became my sort of passion, my mission
to bring marbling to the masses. [MUSIC] The second you put that piece of paper
down and that image is transferred, that’s it,
you are never gonna create that again. So every single time you create something
unique, intricate, one of a kind. [MUSIC] There are a lot of things that
affect the pattern or design, one of those things is the weather. So as the temperature in
the studio starts to warm up and humidity levels start to drop,
that’s gonna affect the way my pattern, or my design, or the way my paints are gonna
spread across the surface of the bath. [MUSIC] Marbling is a game of surface tension. It’s making sure that the bath is
thick enough to hold my paints up. And my paints are thin enough to
float across the surface of the bath. [MUSIC] Its influence, its reflection has
been shaped by all the people and all the countries that have nurtured and fostered this art form
over thousands of years. [MUSIC] I always encourage my students
that when we step into the studio, we are striving for
purpose, not perfection. And our job as marblers is to
simply observe and adjust. [MUSIC]>>So what did you think? Tell us in the comments. Click here to subscribe and live forever. Click here for more stuff from us. And tune in every Sunday to watch
more videos that calm the soul, bye! [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on “The Mesmerizing Art of Turkish Marbling | Nice Content | Tatered”

  1. she RUINED the paper oh my goddddd youre supposed to pick it up from the corners and pull while its scraping the corner of the tray to get the excess out im losing my mind

  2. Imagine what you could make if you put this on top of a speaker playing loud music, and the vibrations caused fractals out the ass

  3. I've been doing this for years to alliviate stress and everyone should try because it is always ALWAYS a beautiful outcome!!
    Origami too 😉
    Saved my sanity!

  4. This was so beautiful it made my heart ache <3
    4:17 Just look at that LP 💜

    Also, @SuperDeluxe, can we please have the name of that first song? It's so chill…

  5. Holy shit the actual marbling, what with all those amazing colours and the patterns changing, is r/woahdude material

  6. Seeing as it's turkish, I wonder if this originated with artists in parts of the muslim world being restricted from depicting living things (God's creation) and having a pseudo-arms race of "who can get the best form/pattern art".

  7. Its okay I guess. But its a bit too random, I have seen similar artworks with a lot more order and structure to it.
    This is merely chaotic.

  8. She is a really insightful and amazing artist. I know another artist a lot like her. I bet she is a fantastic teacher.

  9. I love marbled paper, don't get me wrong, but I think calling it art is a bit much, it's really more of a craft.

  10. Well, you have to use a specific kind of fluid and marbling paint in order to achieve those round drops or the paint will get mixed in the water.

  11. Super cool video! Informative, concise, and pretty colors? That's a recipe for success if I ever saw one 👍y'all are on my list of people whose vids I like before I watch, keep up the great work!

  12. Hi! my latest album cd covers were all water marbled! in this videoclip you can see the process 🙂

  13. Artform… Bitch please, trying to sound superior and shit, anybody can do this, something she deliberately left out of her little speech, she's no artist, she's a wanna be that found an easy way to make patterns that look pretty. Moving on.

  14. Ebru Starter Set, Ebru Paints ..

  15. Can you tell me how to thicken the water and what type of paint you use? I have been trying to swirl a guitar but having trouble. I am wondering if thickening the water will help and using something other than enamel paint will do the trick.

  16. I am looking for a workshop in my area, pout pout no one is teaching it here. Beautiful work, breathtaking, thank you for sharing

  17. sooooo i watched this whole video and still dont know what the ratios are for the mixtures… when were you going to say there was corn starch in the water… you made this shit for yourself selfish ass..

  18. Wow, this is cool! I got this link from a lady that makes soap and I'm glad I watched, thank you for sharing!

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