The Most Boring Phone in the World!

The Most Boring Phone in the World!

[Applause] hey guys this is patient B Volcom and we take a look at the most powerful phones in the world most innovative phones in the world and some insane phones heck even a hacker force but today we are taking a look at the most boring smartphone in the world which is actually pretty interesting and something you all need anyway before we get started I'd suggest you to hit the bell icon to get notified every time enforced an awesome new video now that you've done that let's take a look at this forum so this is it this is the most boring smartphone in the world in fact this phone is the boring fourth he has that's actually the name I'm not even kidding anyway you might be wondering why is this phone called boring for I mean this looks like your usual phone in fact this is a fairly modern smartphone and to be honest this is just a rebranded me a 1 it looks the same has the same specs and the usual features but this isn't the point of this for the point of this phone is something entirely different you know what I strongly recommend you to watch this video till the very end because I have a really important message for you guys you shouldn't miss out on anyway the boring phone is not boring because of its specs or its looks the twist is it is boring by choice see the boring phone comes boring phone OS a simple a droid based OS that focuses on the bare essentials it only packs in the use of features so with the boarding phone you can make calls texts people use the GPS for navigation listen to music or podcasts take photos check the calendar basically all the basic stuff that we do on a smart phone but that's pretty much it everything else is off the table the boring phone does not have social media apps or even media app so forget Facebook Instagram Twitter whatsapp YouTube Netflix basically any major app there's not even a browser on this phone or an email app or an app store so yeah you are restricted to all the basic stuff anyway like I said this is a boring phone by choice see the boring phone is for a specific set of people people who take their phones everywhere literally everywhere these people take the force of the toilets bathrooms these people use their phones while talking to people driving their car or even the bike these people use the phones even when they're asleep and even when they wake up these people use the force even when they're running for their life yeah these guys use their phones everywhere these are the people who are addicted to smartphones look an average user spends around three hours every single day on their smartphones almost 20 hours a week and that means an average user weighs 43 days using their phones in a year if you go by the stats but that's for an average user hardcore smartphone users use their phone for at least four hours daily and that means we are wasting almost two months every year using a smartphones yes two months in a year just using our phones it's insane and honestly a big concern now now that I look at the boring phone I don't see it as the boring phone I look at it as the most powerful smartphone in the world that can honestly change a life for the better me the phone like the boring phone you get so many benefits you'll get more time to do other things like reading books or exercising or maybe learning something new you'll be able to focus more beat on your work of your next pubsey session oh wait that's not possible we've got a medical anyway you'll be able to also connect with your friends and family better as you'll be talking to them instead of being on your phone all the time lastly with the morning phone your privacy will be intact no apps means no tracking no permissions nothing great but hey let's be honest nobody is going to buy the boring phone you're not going to buy it I'm not going to buy it but we can do something about this this addiction of smartphones see nineties kids like us got access to smart phones social media apps very late so by the time we got access to them we were mature enough to make the right choices the same cannot be said for today today things up pretty bad I've seen kids getting addicted to YouTube they don't play they don't talk all they do is watch YouTube all the time then there are kids who are addicted to pubsey mobile all they do is play pop G mobile all day long then there are kids addicted to apps like Instagram and tick tock they make these short videos on these platforms and all they do is watch their views how many likes they've gotten and that's it if they get the likes and the views it's good they keep making these videos but if it doesn't they go into low self-esteem and that finally leads to depression it's a serious matter and since you're watching this video it's your responsibility to help those around you share this video with your friends and family and people who you think need help make sure to set limits on YouTube and other apps on phones that kids use yeah go ahead and help people that are addicted to smartphones do you think anyway how addicted are you you take your phones everywhere tell us in the comment section below also give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure to share it with your friends who are really addicted to the smartphone now see subscribe your channel for more amazing tech with you last week signing off thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one

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  1. Hah I've used 10 hr 48 min phone today. I'm 16. Tomorrow is my chemistry exam. Still imma get good grades. Thug laif

  2. What should I do without Netflix? Talk to people? Look out of the window? Think of the real world? You think I'm supposed to do all this?

  3. 0:00 Oh man Iam too adicted to your intro music .I just play your video to hear that than tech information..❀❀❀❀❀

  4. Instead turn on monochrome filter on setting and tell me if you're phone is even a bit interesting now…

  5. I waste AVERAGE 7-8 PER DAY ON MY PHONE πŸ™ I even uninstalled Pubg in summer vacations… Installed it after 23 days…but still my average usage was 6-7 hours… Can't help myself.. 😒πŸ”ͺ

  6. Great video, great message. That's why beebom is best, it's sad to see that they have only 1.6M subscribers.

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