The Saddest Sibling Rivalry of All Time – Key & Peele

The Saddest Sibling Rivalry of All Time – Key & Peele

– It is so good to see you,
Keith. – Yeah, we usually have to
wait for a special occasion. – Actually, I have a little
surprise. I got engaged. – Oh. (laughs)
– Oh. (laughs) – Son. – (claps) Whoo-hoo, yes, wow. Congratulations, little bro. Engaged, kind of a big deal. More for me, I guess,
that’s what that means. – She got a name? – Stephanie. – Marriage is a wonderful
journey. – 50% end in divorce. Sorry bro, them’s just the
facts. – I will keep that in mind,
thank you. – You got a photo? – Oh yeah. – AKA does she exist? – There you go. – (whistles) Mm, ha-ha. – (gasps) Oh, she’s beautiful. – Let me get eyes on this. Everybody else already has. Great lighting. Airbrush? – No. – She kinda looks like that one
model on The Price is Right. – Yes, that’s her. – The Price is Right? Clive, that’s your show. – Shut up, Ma. No it’s not. Oh yeah, Stephanie. People always underbid on her
showcases. Not the best presenter. – Where’s the wedding? – In Hawaii. – Ooh. – Oh-ho-ho, whoa. (claps) Awesome, hoo-hoo, (speaks
in foreign language). She ever been married before? – No. – So she says. Ex-boyfriend, she got one? – Of course. – Sloppy seconds, at least,
right Dad? – Keith, she sounds wonderful. – Thank you Mom. – Shut up, Ma. Silence from you. You’re cut off from talking. – You know what, Clive? I really don’t appreciate the way that you’re talking to
Mom. (Clive claps and laughs) – Yes, yes. The prodigal son has returned. You know what? You want to go, let’s go. Because I’ve been here
for the last 15 years taking care of Mom and Dad while you’ve been trollopsing
all over the world and why? So you can come back here,
criticize me for how I treat them? – No, I actually came here to ask you if you would do me
the honor of being my Best Man. I know that we have had our
differences, but you’re my older brother. We’ll pay for your room, and we’re also gonna rent you a
car. And we’ll pay to fly you out
there. – First class? – Well, we can’t afford first
class. – Well, (bleep) you. You’re dead to me. – Why? – Shut up, Ma. I’m eating in my room. – Well, that went better than
expected. – I think so. – Yeah.

100 thoughts on “The Saddest Sibling Rivalry of All Time – Key & Peele”

  1. Me in parallel universe with my mom. Shut up! maaaaaa!!

  2. Is it just me or is the skinny one a WAY better actor in all of these skits than the fat one? (idk which is which)

  3. What kind of a bullshit role they got Earnie Hudson playing on here???…He sittin there with his head down while his son is cursing & telling his mother to shut up. Smh

  4. i didn’t watch this video all the way until i scrolled down the trending page and saw it had my complete view. our views are being sold. you’ll notice it after a while too.

  5. Well Mele Kalikimaka 🤣. Yo but on a side note…where can I get that dope Reaper shirt Jordan is wearing? Does anybody recognize that shirt and maybe know what brand it is?

  6. 2:48

    That look on dad’s face when he says he’s supposedly been taking care of them for the past 15 years 😂😂😂

  7. after years of busting all them ghosts…Winston was able to finally settle with a white woman…service well rewarded…

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  9. This fucker reminds me of my damn roommate I'm college. Giant fat douche bag who just feels entitled to be a douche to everyone and talk shit to his mom.

    After watching this I'm gonna have to go beat his ass.

  10. Have you guys seen that one episode of Catfish where they meet the guy in the park and he enters by doing that exact same slow clap! haha i swear that he's an inspo for the character.

  11. I don't buy this. There's no way his parents would know the name of the woman their son was engaged to. Surely he would have mentioned her in the past, he seems pretty tight with his family. 1/10 would not watch again.

  12. Can we all just stop for a moment a figure out what the hell is happening. That's Ernie Hudson… EARNIE HUDSON for Christ sake! What is doing running 4 minute Key & Peele skits? Has the world gone crazy! STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT HUDSON!

  13. If I ever told my mom to shut up both my dad and my step-dad would've made sure that never happened again. I get it's comedy skit but I'm just say'n…

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