The “Stranger Things” Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are

The “Stranger Things” Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are

hi everything will find I play Mike on stranger things I’m really will be brown and I play 11 I’m Noah schnap and I play will buyers hi I’m Natalia dire I play Nancy wheeler hi I’m Charlie heat like by Jonathan buyers hi I’m Denker Montgomery hi I’m David Harbor I play a chief hopper on stranger things clearly I’m also too sweet I’m Caleb and I’m Sadie I’m Cary Elwes and I play mayor Cline hey I’m Kara Bono I play Karen wheeler on stranger things and we’re about to take this which stranger things character are you quiz mm-hmm let’s do it [Music] choose an 80s movie The Goonies back to future dose Busters and The Terminator everybody all right I will choose the Goonies the B team I’m gonna chew [Music] 18 which I do different so I get a typical yes I mean yeah yeah do all do that you can do garlic Saguna okay and I’m gonna straight off to say Indiana Jones rate is the Lost Ark I remember going to the movie theater when that came out and it was such a seminal film for me I mean I feel like I’m already headed down the hopper road with Indiana Jones and whereas the Lost Ark that has to be my choice I’d say back to the future Caleb and I love ya we literally the Terminator I love the term II I mean obviously the Goonies feels really fun Ghostbusters is fun too though alright say I’m going to use both calling Goonies pick a superpower telekinesis flight super strength super speed invisibility and teleportation I’m thinking invisibility because I’ve always wanted to have invisibility because you can really do any prank you’ve ever wanted I would say it feels too teleportation yeah yes I’m a partition I want to get places fast yeah me too I don’t want to fly teleportation I’d like to just be able to you just be in the places I want to be there it can be really convenient for you got so hateful and then you don’t have to miss people I mean I got to choose this just with my heart I know that probably if you’re going for hopper you’re probably gonna go super strength right but I am gonna go invisibility because it clearly is the greatest superpower in the world teleportation because think about how much we travel and how easy would be just to like oh that’s and also like on a weekend be like go to Paris ISM again I would have to say I’d like teleportation I like the idea of being able to teleport myself from one place to another without any stress I think that would be cool flight and I can get away I think flight I feel like everyone wants to fly right super-stretch and New Year edges yeah your friends would describe you as loyal funny charismatic kind relaxed is probably not one and logical I would hope that my friends find me kind I’m not allowed to pick them all I don’t know I would like to think that they would consider me loyal ideally I would describe you as loyal funny charismatic kind relaxed I would just to let you know I would describe you as relaxed yeah I’d say relaxed and I view as charismatic a little spat that’s sometimes I would say I like to think I’m funny I think I but if I did that would make me look like a douche so I’m making you put funny but funny I’ll pull for you okay guys what’s I put you should put I’d say kind actually okay I think okay now you do charismatic or definitely yes Paris matter yeah what do you think my friends would describe me as and then I start to be charismatic I think you’re super loyal like a dog look unless is how you think okay yeah I know you’re my insolent and they’d be kind and they’d say I was charismatic I’m pretty logical very practical I’m your go-to person in an emergency like if the world is falling apart and it buildings falling on your go to person what do you describe man it’s logical logical really yeah okay I’ll take it and for you relaxed well I was either relaxed turmoil but I feel like I feel like relaxed it’s like a big-time big-time choose a place to hang out with your friends you’ve got community pool palace arcade mics basement junkyard Hawkins middle school or star court more Americans Stockholm or better go for that I wanna say the stock quote more I would say the arcade okay not the junkyard don’t kill it could be cool I’m gonna go be basement actually I’m gonna go with the mall I’m gonna hang out at the palace arcade because I love video games especially retro ones I’m a master at Galaga a master star court mall the mall because then you have arcades in the mall I’d go I’m gonna go with Palace arcade junkyard for me yeah so that was like my second rice choose some 80 slang bitchin tubular nollie and wicked Charlie bitchin I’m going for gnarly cuz people still use gnarly rightly well we still use gnarly a lot in our household so I guess we’d have to go with that it’s not really good yeah gnarly I like gnarly a hundred percent nollie I love that saying I still use that gnarly for me I love wicked the musical I’m gonna go with a wicked honky with a wicked wicked I think it’s it’s good the test of time then a crisis you’d be super calm calm cautious nervous strategic responsible or brave if that was not served just dying yeah yeah if there was a giant if there was poop in your pants and crying on the floor whose communist my honesty do you think that you would be good how would you in conscience I think it’d be novice yet nervous I’d be nervous too I’d be responsible I highly doubt of a new comment I’d be strategic I think I’d probably try and be strategic and I think I’d be brave or calm so strategies probably Kings I would say strategic strategic cautious I feel like I would be brave – you would be brave I think I’d be cautious my life had become what do you think you think you’d become a crisis so you think of a crisis though like yeah I think I’d become and maybe sure I think I’m quite strategic or strategic strategic okay is there one that’s like freaking out on Forbes hyperventilating I think I’m nervous nervous mission and finally choose something important from the series so Christmas lights alphabet wall Muse Bob Steve’s bat Eggos or dart it’s not Steve’s back well you’re right my back echoes I would seize bat fun you know I might see the bat one Oh crisis is gonna hit you might want the back oh yeah I’m gonna go through the Steve’s bat sorry music honestly the most tragic death of the entire series look I like dot I would have to say Eggos I was so fascinated by that whole theme of eleven thing into waffles all of them are important but I’m going to go with the one I left behind barb are you kidding me I got well I got eleven I got Mike Uncle Mike I got Mike I’m 11 and I apparently next I got max I would be Lucas I got max I got Mugen that’s so weird it can take you a while to warm up to people and trust them but when you find people you care about you stop at nothing to protect them you have a strong moral code and know how to find joy in the little thing no no one I switched I got well in here I’m like you’re smart optimistic open-minded you’re a leader not a follower and you make decisions with your heart you’re brave trusting and would do anything for the juices yes I got will you’re smart kind and somewhat shot you value honesty and you always put others needs ahead of your own you have a creative mind a big heart and a youthful process pretty true you’re a cautious and level-headed member of your friend group you think carefully before you make decisions and are always realistic you can be defensive at times that you have a good nature and love to have fun I feel like that’s pretty accurate yeah I think that’s so accurate you’re spunky smart and you don’t care what others think of you you aren’t easily trusting but when you find the right group of people to open up to you’re a loyal team player who would do anything friends the irony that I am my sister clearly I’m gonna go buy a red wig and a skateboard

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  1. If it is your dream to meet the cast of stranger things especially Finn and Winona just like me then like or just comment yaassssssss😭❤️☺️😭

  2. if your invisible your pretty much blind because your eyes attract sunlight and you would have to be naked all the time because its only your body that turns invisible

  3. Millie is dressed like a 28 year old librarian

    Finn is dressed like some drag queen

    And Noah is dressed like a normal teenager

    These are really stranger things

  4. i feel like in interviews with millie, finn, and noah, millie and finn always team up against noah. i can’t be the only one that thinks this right?

  5. So the person that plays mikes mom is on this (idk the name) but gaten and Winona ain’t there what?

    Edit:And Steve? (Joe)

  6. It is ironic David Harbour said he should go buy a red wig and a skateboard… Taking over a THIRD ROLE NOW ARE WE?

    (Reference video: )

  7. you know the drill,

    1 – Eleven
    2 – Mike
    3- Hopper
    4 – Nancy
    5 – Lucas
    6 – Max
    7 – Dustin
    8 – Steve
    9 – Will
    10 – Jonathan

  8. 3:41 why you gotta friend zone him like that
    Probably you : but they are already together -_-
    Me:I know!

  9. 5:49 I’d be responsible!

    Millie no- you would definitely no-

    Finn: I highly doubt it you would be-

    Poor noah

  10. Noah trying to get Billie's attention, Billie trying to get Finn's attention and Finn is just chilling 😂😂😂

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