The Try Guys Hijack a Stranger's Phone | Glamour

The Try Guys Hijack a Stranger's Phone | Glamour

hey we're the try guys today we are going to surprise a fan and then take over her social media she has no idea let's get started [Applause] she had the most wonderful face but you didn't see it only we got to yeah all right so we got for Nina's phone you got a pop socket very responsive very good for selfies we're gonna start with in stuff you follow the try guys just make sure she follows each of us individually yeah what did you do this let's say you go to corn she says she was a try guys I let her follow me and then it'll be up to her she wants to follow the rest of you just gonna go ahead and like all of these Zak photos exactly doing what's important let's uh let's add to her story shall we yeah Fernanda does not follow Keith Eugene or Ned but how follow Zak and does follow the try guys so mostly all of it let's look at Fernando's profile nanda new york city actor writer traveller be brave be kind and love you know rainbow flag nanda you're in water a lot there's a lot of st. Louis why are there so many water photos are you by a beach um I did live in Florida where in Florida Naples like a small town I grew up in Jacksonville wait this is a very seriously I don't have to watch about your about you very stylized we can't hear it but for this being screen capture we just have to fill in the words on our own so I love the water I've been here all my life like I don't know like I don't even know okay but it's just like a real get to know you did you edit this yeah you energy the editing skills do you want to take a photo and we can post it yeah can you come out here come on let's get this selfie going versus damson go normal we have a gift right so I know uh Gary you know what I noticed is that you have a really beautiful rainbow colorful Instagram feed are you ready to post the widest photo you've ever had nice of you and those two guys why right now look that look really white all right perfect Wow I like how Fernanda space went from natural sunshiny to suddenly turn into Kern from HR she was like okay so we're gonna post this photo so I'm gonna I'm gonna caption it's surrounded by whiteness you wrote shut but it did understand what in you from the photo I would of course tell you to tag the other three guys but you don't follow them I guess I'll just tag him alright let's open up her text whose pity itty-bitty I wanna see who that is oh my god I opened up my messages and I scared myself who is Eddie bitty does he know us she does can we call anybody guys do you follow us individually on Instagram dozens your favorite reigai oh I heard Ned alright who wants to do tinder I of course will do tinder because I never got to do tinder no I do I see more pictures don't say anything in the description no I love to paint and draw and play with my friends doing very serious research to find the best chicken wings yes yeah yeah that's a keeper vegans yeah your name now Brittany describes her as a lipstick lesbian Finn's not yeah she's like get yourself a summer house nose rings note rings your name no no this is her controlling your social media or weaken oh this is about love okay this is serious she's gonna actually connect with somebody here this girl's in 420 a weed 420 friendly yeah we are is there submission and attender as well I don't want to make too many choices looks find our new book mmm good natural man looks like you cannot use the books app let's search let's just see if I put it in your want to read section I'm not gonna make you buy it that's your decision yeah now he won't do that I'll make you buy buy purchase so I I have a good idea so we're going to snapchat I couldn't find a date on tinder we'll see which one you like the most out of the four of us I was a lady okay we got Zach yeah Ned nice well you look well exactly pretty good yes you oh wow Eugene is hot yeah Fernando can you review the four photos and let us know who you would date we've got option one would hit Smasher Pass we hitting it or we quitting it a little bit just hair poking out or what's up smash awesome dad the more we say smash so are the deaths looks like a good friend finally yeah yeah I'd spent any good guys it's nice to you know like go back to your seat look at her photos they were looking for him a hand model for a commercial I think you're gonna get it yeah I think your dad will like that post yeah it's a winner I hope I impress your dad is your new girl following us well that was pretty fun I enjoyed playing with Fernandez fun stuff yeah yeah yeah thanks for Allah now it's a fuckup here thank you guys I'll get into some legit dragon take you on a date yes you've been listening to a lot of Jay Cole

44 thoughts on “The Try Guys Hijack a Stranger's Phone | Glamour”

  1. I would love to meet you all 💖👍. 4:20 friendly people. Eugene a handjob that's funny bust a gut laughing. ☺ hugs

  2. i don't see how people think this is awkward
    it's more like they're looking pretty tired after a long day

  3. Let's wear jackets and don't tell Ned
    Lets wear jeans and don't tell Zack
    Lets not wear try guys merch and don't tell Keith
    Lets not be edgy and don't tell Eugene
    * Eugene at a distance *: I don't care

  4. I was just happy to hear them say her name, Fernanda, cause that's my name too and it's funny how they pronounce it

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