The Try Guys Try Virtual Reality

The Try Guys Try Virtual Reality

– [Ned] I’m an artist. I can’t be constrained to two dimensions. I have to paint in three dimensions. Ow! Ow, ow, ow! Virtual Reality! – [Keith] Today we are
at the YouTube Space in San Francisco, and
we are going to be doing virtual stuff, in a virtual world. – [Eugene] I already
have enough of a problem keeping up with actual reality, you know what I’m saying? – [Keith] Google is allowing
us to experience some V.R. and to debut a new piece of technology. – [Zach] Oh my god! – Never before seen, V.R. technology. – I don’t know why they trusted us. We’re a bunch of idiots
and they’re going to let us show the world how smart they are. What a choice! (electronic music) – [Zach] So I know that
virtual reality is… I actually don’t really
understand virtual reality. – [Tom] Virtual Reality is, for now, it’s when you put on a headset and it feels as though you
are now somewhere else, able to do thing you weren’t
able to do moments before. – [Eugene] No! Whoa! Oh my god. Oh my god. – It returns us to this more intuitive way of interacting with an environment, except that now we have magic powers. – Oh my god, I’m flying through Paris. Wow! I feel like Spiderman right now. – We can do things that
make life much more fun, but in a much more intuitive way. – Whee! – You ready to paint? – I’m ready to paint. – We’re going to show you, Tilt Brush. – Tilt Brush, virtual reality painting. It allows you to paint in
three dimensional space. So you can paint and then walk around it. It’s a new type of like creation medium. We’re in this green screen area. – Then we can composite you so that everyone can see what
it’s like to be where you are. – Whoa. – Enter the virtual world. Whoa. – How many things have you drawn on this? – Thousands, thousands. – How many things did you draw, before you drew a penis? – This Vive that you guys
are going to be using, it’s a room scale tracking technology. – [Ned] Wow! – [Keith] I don’t see you anymore. – It allows you to wander
around your entire room and so you actually feel
like you’re walking around in a virtual space. – [Ned] What! This is Crazy. It’s like I’m a ribbon dancer. – [Zach] First thing I’ve
always wanted to this, Hi I’m Zach, and thanks for
watching Disney Channel. (Zach giggles) And it didn’t look like that at all. – There’s a lot of “Wows”. – Wow. I think I’m making a really
beautiful drag queen. – “Holy craps.” – Arooga! – Hey! – “I’ve never seen this before.” – [Zach] This is already like
the weirdest acid trip ever. – [Keith] How is this Eugene, fabulous? I’ll take the silence as a resounding yes. – [Patrick] It brings
you back to a little bit of like a childlike state. – [Eugene] Hey, have you been
to this virtual club before? – [Ned] Awww! Oh my god, there’s still
a lot of stars in my face. – [Patrick] You’re going
to be painting with lights, with stars.. – [Keith] Aww guys, it’s beautiful! Ned is this how you proposed? – [Zach] Now I’m like in Stranger Things. Where’s my son? – [Patrick] You’re probably
going to be transported to different types of
environments to paint in. – [Keith] Oh my god, it’s cold now. – [Eugene] Whoa. Whoa, this one’s crazy,
I can just live in this. Does this exist in the real world? – [Patrick] I’m actually pretty sure that, that is a night sky capture. – Shut up Patrick. Shut up. – I’m pretty sorry. – [Keith] All right,
it’s time to go to work. – [Zach] Are we matching? – [Keith] Look at all we’ve got snowman. – [Zach] Now he’s hugging me. Woah, god! Ahhhh! Snowman! Don’t do that! I’m drawing
a wall, you can’t get to me. You betrayed me, snowman. – [Patrick] Alright, you want
to learn some advanced tools? – [Ned] Oh yes I do! – Click that on both controls. – No way. – And now pinch and zoom, move your hands and spin
them around and stuff. (The Try Guys making funny noises) – [Patrick] You’ll notice
that when you do that, little animals pop up so you can go from squirrel
size to dinosaur size. – [Eugene] This must be how Zach feels. – [Zach] You ever go to a rave and like there’s that weird girl who’s just like spinning lights in your face, and like “What are your doing lady! “But keep doing it.” – [Keith] The music and
the beats are in the air! – [Zach] So Patrick this is
basically what you pictured when you invented this, huh? – [Patrick] Yeah that’s how you art. – [Eugene] I’m gonna try to
paint something in actual 3D. – [Tom] Renaissance painting
comes along and we learn about the laws of perspective, and how to translate our
perception of the world into a two dimensional rectangle. – [Eugene] You guys see what I’m doing? You guys see that? Free. – [Tom] With virtual reality,
that rectangle is broken open and now we are re-experiencing the world the way we naturally do
with our own human bodies. – [Eugene] Do you guys see that? Do you guys see that? I know you saw that. I just, (giggles to himself) I don’t know if you’re seeing this! This is crazy, no? I almost cried. You’re a genius Patrick. – [Patrick] I’m over here. – [Eugene] You’re a genius Patrick. – [Patrick] The creation
experience is so powerful that it tricks your brain into thinking the objects you create are
actually right in front of you. – [Eugene] There, it’s a tree! – [Ned] Oh god that is terrifying. – [Keith] I keep walking
around that pedestal like it’s there. – [Zach] There we go. – [Eugene] The end. (Zach screams) – [Zach] Get away. Back, demon. – [Tom] So there is one more
challenge that’s presented even when we can all see
you in virtual reality, you still have a headset on. – So you’re gonna scan my face, and it will make a
digital version of my face to put where the mask covers my face. I had to say face a lot in that sentence. So now we’re gonna do a challenge where we are each going
to draw, the four of us, minus one’s self, and
see who can do the best real life replication of The Try Guys. Ned likes red. – [Avneesh] We are looking at exciting new ways of
making V.R. more engaging. – [Keith] Now let’s give
these boys some faces. I don’t know how to not
accidentally be racist. I don’t know. I don’t know. So that’s it, you’ve
scanned my whole face? – [Avneesh] Yes, we’ve
scanned your whole face. Now we are processing, applying our machine
perception, and algorithms. – Math is magic, who knew. I did. I’m going to start with Keith. Here are the squares. – [Avneesh] Just be calm, relax. – I’ma be the most calm. – The eyes are the windows to the soul, and so we want to restore that connection, we don’t want a headset to be blocking the audience from the youtuber. – [Zach] My eyes look
beautiful in that reflection, I’m not wearing glasses
today, so you can see em. (awkward music) – [Zach] Everyone knows about
Ned is that he’s married. Just one giant wedding ring. – [Avneesh] And that’s good, okay. – [Patrick] We’ve seen a
lot of advanced artists come into Tilt Brush and
they have to tear down all of these rules that they’ve learned. Whereas a seven year old
might go in there and be like, “Yeah, no this is exactly how it works.” – [Zach] He actually looks like Goku who just went Super Saiyan. – Will I be better at
this because I’m asian? I will be better at this because I am used to sitting
very still with no emotion. – [Tom] The headset that we have, it has eye tracking cameras inside it. So ideally, as your eyes move, the virtual eyes move as well. – They blink? – [Tom] They blink. – [Eugene] You must be so smart. I just appreciate you for that. – [Avneesh] Thank you, thank you. – I know Kung fu now. – Woah, oh my god! – [Avneesh] And that, is
the 3D model of your face. Your eyes will track the cursor, so we have actually gotten your blinks. (everyone laughing) – [Ned] I look a little high. – [Zach] Oh, oh, oh. Oh, I’m ugly. I’m so ugly. I have resting sad face, really it’s not your fault. It’s my parents. – [Avneesh] It’s perfect. It’s actually perfect. The representation of Eugene’s
face came out the best. – [Keith] We’re done! – [Avneesh] We are done
with the face scanning. – How many other things
are you going to scan? – Right now we’re just scanning your face. – Okay, but the technology soon… Everything. (giggling in background) – [Tom] You are the first to reveal the face replacement. – [Zach] We’re the first? – [Keith] We’re like Nicholas Cage? – [Zach] So is my face already my face? Oh my god. So I’m digital Zach now. Am I ugly or handsome? – What I was trying to show, is that my friends are all shining stars. – Hey! Friends! – What up what up, I’m
Zach, these are my buds. – Uh, that’s it. (laughing) I think we already know who won. (laughing) – Wow, that was incredible. – I was in the painting, and I thought that the
paintings that I made, were as tangible as things
that I would make in real life. Oh let me kiss that neck. – [Eugene] No, no, don’t do that Keith. Stop kissing virtual Eugene’s neck. – [Ned] I felt this surge
of childlike creativity and expression that I
haven’t really felt before. Ow! I stepped on my cord. I did it again. – You can paint, you can draw,
you can fly through the sky, but then from there you
start to think about, what the applications can
be for this technology in the future, and the
possibilities are endless really, and so… (Ned screams) Oh God! Fuck! Stop it! Stop it! – My biggest lesson is
that virtual reality may not take you away from reality, it might just bring you closer to it. – [Tom] One thing that
they found is that V.R., because of the way that
it places the viewer inside the scene, it has
the potential to create a lot more empathy, a lot more connection. When they say, “Now we’re
going to go see, say, the “Great Wall of China.” And all of the students
suddenly can be looking around at the Great Wall of China, it makes a much stronger impact than just reading text off a
page or looking at a slide. – [Keith] This world is changing so fast, technology is just like
evolving so quickly. It’s very cool to live in this time, and to be able to
experience a virtual reality and sort of see it’s growth. – [Zach] And I think that headset removal is the first step in really
humanizing this technology. I can’t even wrap my mind around how many ways that this can be used. Can we see your face, or
should you borrow one of ours? – I think I’m going to
need one of your faces. Use Keith’s face. – [Patrick] So by the time
that you see this video, Tilt Brush will have been
released for the Oculus Rift. (oohs and ahhs) – I guess virtual reality
does have a place because it felt really new, but it
also felt really natural. – [Tom] Virtual reality
means that you are there instead of, you are looking
from a comfortable distance. So, we are still finding out
about all the powerful effects that it can have on human emotion. – Ned the cock (rooster crowing noise), Keith the horse (neighing noise), and Zach the turtle (moaning). It’s The Try Guys, right
here on Disney Channel. (laughter) Alright, that’s fun. Man this was the best
day ever, I’m so happy.

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